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    It took 5 weeks, but I finally did a whole feeding (both sides) without having to use the nipple shield!! I am so excited, I’ve been waiting for this day to come so I just wanted to share my happiness! Keep up the good work ladies!


    Wish Ollie would nap the same time as James. I have a constant headache from him not sleeping well on a night and could do with a nap myself. They both go to bed at 8pm but then if I went to bed then I’d never see my husband much. I’m honestly so tired feel like crying. Sorry for feeling sorry for myself and ranting.


    wow! I have to say that most of you gals are SO much nicer than I am. Now I’m starting to think I’m a big B for being so strict. My MIL is a very nice lady and Alyssa does well with her. We will leave Alyssa in her care when she’s at OUR place. Her husband however is a big grouch, who oddly enough, LOVES children. I don’t care for him, though and neither does my DH. He always undermines us and whenver we’ve left Alyssa at their house they don’t follow our instructions on how to care for her (i.e. nap times, bedtime, appropriate language, etc.). He’s very rude to us whenever we’re over and I finally had enough. The last time we left Alyssa there she cried and cried so much we had to come and get her. I think she senses how much we don’t like this guy and isn’t used to their enviornment. So as much as I want my MIL to spend time with Alyssa it’ll have to be on MY terms. I never want Alyssa to go through that again. It broke my heart seeing how upset she was. No reason to put her through that. IF my MIL and her husband cared so much about seeing her and being a bigger part of her life, they’d meet us halfway and compromise. Unfortunately, her husband is set in his ways and it’s HIS way or no way… so guess what… you don’t get to see your granddaughter now. Sad, but oh well. I’d rather know that Alyssa is safe and being cared for the right way than to subject her to any more stress and fear just for the sake of them having a little time with her. hrmmm… I guess I’m still not over a lot of what’s happened. hehe



    Dbas: My question is how do you know you aren’t keeping up? It is completely normal for a newborn to want to nurse every hour. Many times they’ll nurse, fall asleep just to wake fifteen minutes later to want to feed again. If you feed on demand then you will build a supply along with your baby’s tummy. When they are born their tummies are the size of a marble, within the first few weeks it grows to the size of a plastic egg. By feeding all day and night means you are doing it right. It helps build supply. Ditch the bottle and do a nursing marathon. You can also start drinking mother’s milk tea which you can get at the grocery. This contains blessed thistle and fenugreek. Both herbs are great for supply. I would try and relax. Continue healing from birth and just feed baby. As long as your baby continues to grow and has several wet diapers during the day then you are fine.


    I breastfed my first for 15 months and currently feeding Ollie for 16 weeks. I’ll try to help as best as I can.



    mamadear04, since you’ve been having your period consistently for the last 9 months, BF should have no bearing on it. You may notice a dip in supply after you conceive though.



    lilasmommy10 ft- they get formula , and can eat baby food and juice . i dont think they are suppose to have cows milk until after a year.


    Well all is going better. Dustin is going through a growth spurt right now. He gets up twice to nurse. I am figuring out when he unlatches himself and gets mad it because he doesn’t want to eat anymore he is full. I thought he had thrush but no white spots and going to bath normally. I am trying increase my milk more than 4ozs after he eats but no luck yet. Going to start drinking more water to see if that works. Hope everyone is doing great!!1



    my son is 16 months old and im still breastfeeding him. When i try and stop he gets upset, and starts to tug at my shirt. In the end he ends up winning. Part of me wants to stop b/c he’s starting daycare for the very 1st time(hopefully in a month!) and i dont want to continue nursing him. The other part of me doesnt. I love the time we spend; even if its for 3 mins. I like how he looks into my eyes and tries to pick ’em out..*sigh* i dont know what to do. Advice anyone?



    Sarah M – So I’m not a doctor but from what I’ve read weaning can be as hard on your body as PPD. Seriously, the hormones are all out of sorts right now. My answer would be yes, totally possible. I haven’t started to wean yet but from the books I’ve been reading say to watch out for depression. Especially if you don’t want to stop. I love breastfeeding. My son is 13 months and I plan on weaning at 18. It’s scary that it’s only five months away. I never want that time to come and already feel a little depressed about it. I’m sure I’m going to be a wreck when the time comes. I’m sorry you couldn’t continue. I’m sure you will be fine but if you start to feel like it is out of control please call your doctor.



    My son now has six teeth, four on top and two on the bottom. I absolutely love breastfeeding but I am finding that now that he has teeth that I am getting a lot of clogged nipple pores. I don’t know why this is, has anyone else experienced this? I find it extremely painful and I don’t know how to get rid of them.



    In Australia we are advised to have no alcohol at all while pregnant and breastfeeding. I guess it is different everywhere. The strips sound like a good idea though.



    Ok so I have a question…a few weeks ago I seem to have bruised my nipple I think…I started the pump on the really high setting by accident and it pulled like 3 times before I was able to turn it down…but I’m still in pain when I pump on that side, and even when he feeds off that side. I try to have him feed off that side mostly since it’s not as painful as the pump, but seriously shouldn’t this have gotten better by now…I think it has something to do with my boobs mostly, don’t think I’m making as much milk so with smaller boobs it’s able to pull more the them in but I don’t know. I use cream every single time I pump. I have been having to pump a lot the last few weeks cause of the shift I’m working, nights so pumping all night and all day while E is in daycare and I’m supposed to be sleeping. I’ll be borrowing a hospital grade pump from my hospital when I get off in the morning so maybe this will help…any one with any suggestions is greatly appreciated!



    I commented in this forum a few weeks ago when I was still pregnant. I was seeking advice on breastfeeding this child after being unsuccessful with my 7 year old. I just wanted to thank u all again for all your great advice and let you know that this road has definetly been tough, however baby Natalie is gonna be 1 week old tomorrow and breastfeeding is going great. ( of course my nipples are sore still, but not cracked and bleeding like last time) We were worried because she had not peed at all on here 3rd and 4th days of life. The doctor said she looked very hydrated and to keep it up, he willl check her again Friday(today). Well she showed us. Yesterday she peedabout 7 times and last night pooed 5 times. She ‘s a lil pee-pooer. I never thought I would enjoy breastfeeding so much. She moans after every swallow, I am in awww. Thank You.


    Participant ……….. You can buy at this website.. I was also debating whether or not to order some. I’m tired of taking a million fenugreek, drinking tea, more milk plus, drinking gallons of water, etc etc.. lol. It’s about $30 for 30 tablets which seems like alot. My brother and his wife live in London so maybe I’ll ask them to pick some up for me.. It’s over the counter in the UK right?

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