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    I really don’t think we’d care if she were three and still wanted to sleep with us. We’d prob. need a bigger bed though. Sooner than we know it we will be begging for the days when we were their whole world. We full on subscribe to attachment parenting, that is, following your infants lead as much as possible. What is strange to me is that I wake up at least three times a night to nurse, well half awake, and I’m still not tired at all the next day. I def. sleep in on the weekends, but I’m up at 5am during the week and feel fine all day.


    judi, Your eyesight is impacted by hormones. Since hormones produce your milk, you’ll go through some highs and lows until they even out again once you wean. It’s important for your hormones to be even so that they can get a true measure of your eyesight when correcting it through Lasik.



    hchina – better yet READ a book to ur LO when nursing 🙂 My LO loves it



    caybaby-Honestly…lose the bottle. A fussy baby is normal. A baby that hits, pushes, pinches..basically messes with breast is normal. You will be fine but its a fight you want to fight. Be more stubborn than baby.


    klara812 – you are welcome! hopefully you will never have to use it! 🙂



    m.e.a – If that is how much your baby demands that is ok. Since it is supply and demand – your body will make as much as your baby needs. SO if you baby only nurses for a bit, your body will know how much milk to make. Sounds like your baby could just be a efficient nurser!



    oh and i think danny has thrush 🙁 its burning on my left side when he nurses and he is getting the white spots on his cheeks



    i have a ? for everyone…how long does everyone plan on breastfeeding their babies? i havent quite decided



    Thank you guys so much for the helpful hints. I wrote them down, going to see a lactation consultant today. I am going to speak to her about this. I know I have aways to go, but I want to be super prepared for it this time around.



    my little Buddha belly will be 3 months in 3 days and is 18lbs, EBF! she was 8lb 13 onz 21.5 inch at birth, she wears 6m or 9m clothes, a lot of the 0-3m stuff i have for her was never worn. she isnt chubby just really solid!



    seuban0 – Glad you are ok!



    I intend on doing self weaning, but I pump b/c I work full time. I plan on tossing the pump or at least not worrying about how much I’m getting after he turns 12 months. I love, LOVE to nurse, but I hate to pump. Oh and 9 months may feel like eternity, but I promise when the time comes you’ll feel like it was just a blink away.



    im near frisco!



    Ok, kind of a weird question. Calvin’s poop has always been the normal yellow but the last two days I noticed it’s more brown than yellow. Is this normal? He’s still had only BM…



    hey,I got a question. I did something a little drastic to ensure the hospital would release my son. they kept over testing due to a condition he ‘might’ have and do to the testing and lack of being around mommy feedings were lost and jaundice was developed. …my doc said to drink tomatoe/berry juice, a little beer, cherrys and such(high protien, barley in beer helped milk come in,etc). and to nurse through the night …we pumped and nursed pretty much around the clock to ensure the jaundice levels would come down ….THEY DID and we were released. AS A RESULT I am engorged like you wouldn’t believe. I’d do it again in a heartbeat to get him released but am now very uncomfortable. He’s a good nurser and only nurses every 3 hours for 20-30 mins. I’m compressing them w/ cold water when we arent nursing, ideas or is it just a waiting game?

    I nursed my first for 10 months but she was a snacker so engorgement never happened like this …I’m sure some is due to the abuse we did to make sure he was getting enough and some is just my milk coming in. I’m not a pumping mommy usually but I needed numbers to show he docs. I’m expecting it to go down on its own but its quit painful at the moment.

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