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    Last week I spent Â66 on food shopping, in dollars that is $102. That was a cheap week its normally about Â85 – $132. I did the food shopping online, always spend less. I’ll probably pick up milk, bread and bananas during the week.



    Does anyone know if it is possible to start producing milk without having had a baby? I mean if there are things a person can do to produce milk when they have not physically had a baby. Kind of like that one movie with Rebecca Demorne (sp?) where she plays the nanny and she is secretly nursing the baby. I have read/heard somewhere that some adoptive Mom’s can go through certain measures to produce milk and breast feed. Is there any plausibility to this?


    jenniewren- *high five*



    Laura I know. My boys FINALLY take their naps together which helps when it a bad night. I understand not wanting to go to bed at 8 as well. Then you just don’t get any alone time. You need that time to wind down. Plus if I went to bed at 8 I’d be awake at 3am twiddling my thumbs!


    Oh and we’ve suggested all 4 of us taking about this situation. My MIL will not allow it because she KNOWS that her hubby will get so P/O that it’ll ruin everything. We would never be welcome back into his home. Then she asks us ‘why can’t we just accept him for who he is?’ You mean accept the fact that he’s a prick to us every chance he gets and undermines us and disrespects us in front of Alyssa? hrmmm… how about no? ugh.. I need a punching bag.



    Alex is going to be 8 months here shorly and never had a bottle. We’re starting to work with sippy cups but that’s rare. He does like to nurse holding his blanket. This means it’s hanging over the edge. Sometimes he brings his hand up which takes the blanket along with it. I try and tuck his blanket around the side of me. But for the most part a nursing baby looks like a baby sleeping. I’ve had several people come up to me while I’m feeding and not realize it. I think a nursing cover just draws more attention to you. If you like them then that’s fine but I just don’t even both.



    I was dying to make it to 12 months as that landmark, but I just couldn’t go on another day. I had a lot of social occasions in the evening to go to over the summer, and it just wasn’t practical anymore. it was a real shame but it’s only a number after all, I shouldn’t have got bothered about it. Maybe I could have gone on to feed her longer had I still nursed her at night, but she slept through the night from 4 months and has never woken since unless she is ill, and before I stopped I used to nurse her at night when she was ill if she would take it. I was so thrilled to have such a happy baby that was sleeping through the night that it was a good swap. Anybody experiencing problems should seek help from a professional. By the time I went to the hospital to talk to an expert, I told them all the problems I was having, coupled with the fact that they could see my milk spraying half way across the room! It was a huge relief when somebody actually said you poor thing, you’ve coped so wall, you must be exhausted. I burst into tears, and from that moment on I knew I was on the right road to improving things. My family and friends had been great, but they don’t always have the right solution to your particular problem, forums like this are good as long as they are used regularly. Wish I had found access to such a useful site when I was pregnant and bfing. I am currently posting in ttc, and the support is wonderful. I am only in my second cycle of trying for our second after conceiving our daughter first attempt , so ovulation charting etc is all new to me!



    mama-i’m going to say no. isaac is 16 months, had my first period 15 months pp and i’m now pregnant. I used ovulation strips to see when i was ovulating a bam! we made a baby first try. your supply will more than likely dip and if you’re like me you’ll be drinking gallons of water and still feeling thirsty.



    i used a breast pump to see how much milk i was producing as i felt like my son wasn’y getting enough from me. turns out he was lucky to get 2oz!! so i let him feed from me more often but i also gave him formula in between to keep him topped up. i eventually stuck to just formula after 9 wks and i gave him hungry baby formula since he was a big baby. i hope this helps 🙂


    Anyone know what I can take as far as allergy medicine is concerned while I’m nursing?



    Milerka – my advice is to keep nursing him right now because it sounds like you are not really sure about weaning. Once he starts daycare I would just send a sippy cup with him to daycare and nurse him at home as usual.



    My baby is 8 and a half months old, I stopped breastfeeding about 3 weeks ago, before that though I was only nursing in the morning at the weekend and expressing morning and night to provide ebm when I was at work. I didn’t want to stop but I just couldn’t express enough (I got about 1-2oz each time) and he didn’t get enough when feeding (he lost interest too and would be more worried about things he could see to play with even when i minimised distraction). The thing is this last couple of weeks I have been really irritable – is this anything to do with stopping? I feel really emotional and am crying lots and have been really snappy towards my dh. Is this normal? I have had a stressful couple of weeks at work aswell but not sure if this is a hormonal thing or a stressful job thing – please help before I drive my husband crazy!!!



    Hey Ladies! So, I’ve been out of town and when I got back my computer was having issues logging me on….so…I’ve missed this whole debate.

    I don’t think anyone would ever put someone down for trying and not being able to continue. If Mom is needing to stop because of medical reasons then of course formula is better then health problems. But, for those moms that choose not to even try is another thing. I think a lot of people get the wrong information, like formula is better for the baby. You know how many times I’ve heard that one! Anyways, if you truly want to breastfeed it is an awesome experience. I have never felt as close to anyone in my whole life. It is handy like someone else said but it can also be tiring. But then again, so can parenthood all together. I would never put anyone down that quit because they just couldn’t produce or whatnot but for the moms that give other reasons like wanting their body back just kills me. The benefits to breastfeeding outweighs the look of my body. As for being tired…I know tired! My son wouldn’t latch and I had troubles producing. I used every method and finally got him to latch by 3months. I now pump every day at work and have been for over a year. My son is 13months now and I’m proud to survive the first few months of breastfeeding. Now, I can’t imagine not doing it. Kekoa and I are better for it. It was hard at first but if we can get through it then any other healthy mother and child can too.



    I need some words of encouragement. My son is almost 7 months old, and I have been back to work since he was 6 weeks old. I don’t want him to have formula so I pump before work, nurse before work, pump and nurse on my break (I work at a daycare so he’s just down the hall from me most days and the days he’s not I drive to him), and then do the same when I get home. Well it’s been working out beautifully thus far. I am producing more than enough milk for him and I absolutely love nursing. I have no intention of weening him any time soon…but I am so tired of pumping. He just got his first tooth, so it’s starting to hurt..which I will deal with. But I am so annoyed with pumping atleast three times a day. I work 9 hours a day. I’m a young, single mom. I’m exhausted. I’m not going to stop, so I guess I just came on here to vent. Any words of encouragement?? I’m actually going to go pump now! Blah!



    hey ladies. I have a wierd question. I’ve been breasfeeding for 4 months and I’m just now starting AF. 2 months ago I had light spotting, but nothing came of it. My question is…has anyone else whose started menstruating again had issues with getting a tampon in? I’ve used them since I was in junior high, but now everytime I put one in, it is SO uncomfortable and feels crooked or like it’s slipping out. I try a few times, before I just give up and use pads. But I hate pads and really only used them at the end of my pregnancy. Anyone else having tampon issues? I googled it and found a little info, but nothing about whether or not this is temporary, permanent, normal, and WHY! Anyone know?

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