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    lilymae – Congrats! That’s awesome! It’s so amazing, isn’t it!


    what does it mean to ‘let down’ ? i dont ever feel anything different when i breastfeed… 🙁



    Sun- I used a hair dryer. It drove me nuts, so i hung them up and used a hair dryer (on low heat) to blow the air out. It kinda worked, it stopped the annoying noise!!!



    Im a mom of a 5 month old child and Im nursing, so what would my symptoms if I was pregnant again? My last period was 31 days ago and I have been feeling nauseous and tired. No breast tenderness. I have a feeling I’m pregnant but a test I took on monday was neg any thoughts?



    Hi ladies, I just started drinking mother’s milk tea and taking fenugreek capsules. My supply is fine for what my son needs but I need to store some milk cause Im going back to work soon and I don’t get enough out to freeze and feed him. I was just wondering if any of you were using either of these or both and if they are working or not for any of you.



    icjm just make sure your little one is getting the whole nipple and some of the areola. You don’t want him to be sucking on just the tip.



    So….my hubby has finally fessed up….he says the reason we’re not having sex as much is cause the whole bfing thing and he couldn’t just straight up tell me to give it up cause he wanted his own booby time again! Men I tell ya!



    ggfirsttime It is very very rare that a baby will wean before 12-18 months. My guess is that there is a lot going on and he is too distracted to nurse. Have you tried going to the same place he will nurse before bed or in a dark quiet room to nurse? He could also be teething and just nursing when he feels he really needs to. There are many reasons a baby will skip nursing sessions and even have a nursing strike but it usually only lasts about a week or so. I would keep offering and trying new tricks to get him to nurse. Maybe even lower his solids and see what happens. One thing that seems to help is lots of skin to skin contact. Maybe take a bath with him or a nap and sleep with your top off and him in his diaper.



    oz-congrats! that’s so wonderful!!!



    I wasn’t annoyed either. But I did feel that the comment was a little heartless. Most of the women search for breastfeeding support groups have had problems. To say that it is completely natural is saying those with troubles aren’t natural or complete idiots. Since only 30% of American breastfeed there has to be a reason why. It’s damn hard! Many give up within weeks of trying if not less. It takes time comittment and hard work.



    Regarding the issue of formula, I felt very strongly that I never wanted him to have formula. But my babies 2 and 3 had to have a little, because they wee premmie and I couldn’t pump or express enough. Baby #4 was 3 weeks overdue and SO hungry at birth that I gave her a couple of bottles of formula, too. Bab #5 was small-for-dates so the hospital wanted me to supplement with formula but I didn’t and now with Penny, I’ve never bought any formula whatsoever, and she’s nearly 8 months old. But even those that had some formula in their early days, they went on to EBF. So it can be done; if you look after yourself, your supply should adjust.



    a-mum2b – That’s normal. Lots of babies cluster feed around that time.

    try going here :

    They have LOTS of info on EVERYTHING breastfeeding.



    Good morning ladies… looking for alittle advice. My twins are almost 9 months old and completely refuse to take a bottle or a cup. Mommy is getting tired and wishes for them to take an alternative. They do eat baby food at least three times a day, but with the weather finally getting warmer (we live in North Dakota) I am afraid they are not getting enough liquids. We have tried every bottle and sippy cup around. I am so happy and proud I have nursed them this far, and don’t plan on stopping yet, but really need them to take something so I can be away from them…. any suggestions??


    Annamarie- From day one my midwifes and doctors whilst carrying him and after i had him where telling me that my son was not feeding enough and he didnt weigh the right amount! They also told me to offer bottles after feeding but like you i disagreed! In the end i decided to ignore what the doctors had told me and started to listen to friends and family who had experience with babys and knew what they were talking about. I decided to put my son onto whole milk at around 8-9 months and he was fine on it!

    Do what you think is right & good luck x



    Just a quick thanks to the ladies that posted on my page about my suddenly low supply… thanks for the support! It seems to be coming back up to normal again, and I didn’t have to suppliment with formula after nursing today for the first time all week. My illness seems to be totally gone, and he isn’t cranky after nursing anymore. I am so, so glad… I plan to bf for at least a year, and was really worried this week that my bubbies would shrivel up and retire!!! Ah yes, just in time for my in-laws to decend upon my house in a cloud of finger-wagging and advice-giving. Super.

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