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    lisseth82 – The milk does not need to be heated up but some babies won’t take it cold. I heated my sons up until around 8 months when I started giving it to him at room temp and then at fridge temp. It worked great while he was in school cause they didn’t have to worry about a bottle warmer. Just gave it to him out of the fridge. But, if you are just going to the doctor I wouldn’t see any problem with nursing there. I know in the beginning it’s hard to get things right and public breastfeeding is just uncomfortable. In my experience with my ped office, they don’t like little ones waiting long. I understand sometimes it can’t be helped but our office is huge and they get the kids back to their room ASAP. I guess they figure less meltdowns. Once you are in your room then I’d think you’d feel more comfortable feeding there. I always did. I always fed after shots. I did it before dressing Kekoa. He would settle down right away then I would change him and take him home. Our office would allow us all the time we needed to get dressed and finish nursing. Congrats on your new little one. I love little little ones. Well my son was never really little. He was almost 9lbs. This next one is measuring a week early. I’m sure I’m in for another 9-10lbs baby. We evicted Kekoa early and he was still 9lbs so we’ll see.



    Can someone tell me about mastitis(?SP) I have this sore rather big lump in my breast and it feels like my breast is full of milk but when I pump or feed her it isnt releaved completely, plus sometimes it feels like little jabs are going thru my breast when she is eating! My milk production has also gone down considerably on that side. I was wondering if it could be mastitis or a plugged duct! Thanks!!



    Maree-Do you have a breast pump?



    Remember every womans breasts & baby are unique & different. It totally worked for me to start pumping right away. My baby also took a bottle & a pacifier starting at 2 days old. We have never experienced any ‘nipple confusion’ whatsoever. So remember to go with your gut instinct & do what feels right for your unique baby & body! And it does hurt in the begining, it took me 2 months to get comfortable breastfeeding. The begining is horrible, it is SO painful but it pays off a thousand times over. Keep at it & don’t give up.



    Apparently I dont’ have much going on at work, but I came accross this article that you nursing moms may appreciate about a ‘nurse-in’:



    Have any of you had trouble with your baby taking to solid food. My son is 7 months old and really doesn’t want anything to do with it. It’s so frustrating b/c he seems so interested in eating until you try to put a spoon to his mouth. Then he clamps it shut and will have nothing to do with it. I’ll trick him into opening up sometimes and he seems to enjoy it when I put it in his mouth. He doesn’t gag and he acts like he is chewing, but the very next bite he clamps shut again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him more interested?



    nikki – I’m sorry I can’t give you any advice because I have never (yet) nursed that long. I hope you find the answer u are looking for



    lmgibson – You’re not doing anything wrong. Technically, if you haven’t gotten back by 6 weeks you’re normal (some women *do* get it earlier but not normally) and since you are 6.5 weeks pp it’s pretty normal. You can drink protein shakes while breastfeeding but dieting isn’t something that should be considered. While your body will make healthy milk no matter how well fed or malnourished you are (not saying those who diet are malnourished, just giving an example. hehe) YOU need the calories to keep up with the process of making it.



    While I’m out or at work Travis gets expressed bm our of a breastflow bottle. He loves them and he has never had any nipple confusion. He wont eat from any other bottles.



    HannahKay-I started out planning to breastfeed to 6 months, and here we are at 15 months and we are still breastfeeding. I think if you had told me when I was pregnant that I would be breastfeeding a toddler, I would have not believed it. I just knew when my son was 3-4 months old, and breastfeeding started becoming easier, that we were in it for the long haul!



    I just realized there is a breastfeeding forum on here. I’ve been out of it for about a week. My baby girl, Piper, is 1wk 3days old. Does anyone know when is a good time to start to pump and introduce a bottle of breast milk? I don’t want to disrupt the building of my supply and I’m afraid that if I pump milk out then there won’t be enough in there for the next feeding. The pumping and giving bottle thing is new to me. I over achieved a little with the breast feeding with my second son and he NEVER would take a bottle. I was told I waited too long to introduce it (he was about 3 months old when I tried). He also nursed to sleep every time for naps and all, so I really couldn’t be away from him for a year! It was really hard on me. I don’t want it to be like that again, so I want to be able to store milk and give my little girl a bottle of breast milk so that I have the opportunity to be away from her when I need to be. I only want to give breast milk (no formula) so I want to make sure not to disrupt my supply. An over supply would be fine with me, since I am a SAHM I can pump at anytime during the day. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVISE?



    Lawsons Mom – I had my own office when I was working. I would put a note on the door saying DND. You’d think that would mean…don’t come in. I’m very vocal about breastfeeding so everyone in the office knew what i was doing. Well, one of the days I was pumping and I got a knock. I shouted, BUSY! Of course our install manager still opens the door to give me a check!! I dove under my desk! We all got a good laugh about it. He was so embarrassed. He thought I was just on the phone and he just wanted to give me money. From that day forward if my door was closed he put money under the door. HAHA! Honestly, you think that when someone says busy you’d leave the door shut. Whatever! I guess you could put a bigger note on the door with the words pumping breastmilk might keep them away! HAHA! Can you face your chair away from the door too? That could help with modesty if someone does open the door?



    em2 stewarts wife – Good luck with birth. I’m sure I’ll be here. I’m all about self weaning so I’ll be feeding Alexander for another 2 yrs probably.



    Oh how I loathe my pump. Zoey is nursing right now though, and taking breaks between gulps to talk to my boob (she’s 11 weeks and just discovered her voice!!). This is soooo much more enjoyable than pumping. Even if she does pinch and hit me. lol!



    on the pesticide issue…we used a ‘green’ company before that was fda safe and cleared for use by daycares…im still wary though…i feel like just using vinegar lol they say vinegar helps with everythign perhaps it might help with this too lol. as for solids, i know each has their goals but the more i am researching the more they are saying waiting till after 7 months can be just as harmful as feeding before 4 months. just something to think about. mine is ready as anything to eat, he is desperate to get ahold of what we are eating and gets so excited to see us eat. hes only 5 months though so im doing my best to hold out till 6 months. i knwo if i put peas or something infront of him he’d go for it

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