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    hey girls i was wondering is it normal durring brest feeding to get a really depressed feeling that takes about 20 min after to go away its really bothering me i thought i should feel happy well feeding her but as soon as she latches on i get really depressed


    MiamiMom he hates the nuk, absoluyly refuses to take one, and I tried about 6 different types, he just doesn’t like them. One thing I forgot to mention is he co-sleeps which is how the comfort nursing got started. I am not willing to put him in a crib or playpen, I love our sleeping arrangement, I just hate how often he wakes me. I am way too tired and lazy to get up during the night to rock, have tried singing and patting his butt, etc. Most of the time at bedtime he is still awake after he nurses then I rock or bounce him to sleep and it works fine. But this happened with my older sons also and I just suffered through until we stopped nursing at 18 months. Griffin turned 7 months today, I just don’t want to keep doing this part, it makes me so crabby and tired all the time. I had the no-cry sleep solution and maybe I should get it again. I don’t know, very frustrating, I don’t know what it is that I do that makes my kids do this.



    Mama2B 01-10-10 – You also want a wide mouth when trying to feed. Try to use your thumb to pull the chin down. Don’t worry about being too forceful, baby will open up for you. Then use the other hand to bring baby onto the nipple. Use compression feeding while doing this. Hold your breast at the base and squeeze a bit. This will get the milk flowing. Baby will naturally suck and gulp. When the gulping starts release the pressure but when the gulping stops do it again. It works best when I have a pillow under baby, I hold the head with the opposite hand and the same hand as breast with the hand under the breast. I know it sounds complicated and it can be. My LC actually suggested that my husband help with the first few. I would hold the breast and baby and he would help encourage baby to open the mouth with his finger/thumb. Now I’ve got it down in one fluid motion. Compression nursing helps build supply too because more milk is coming out. It makes it easier for baby to suck it out. After a while you shouldn’t have to but in the beginning many babies get so darn tired really fast.


    Anyone use The First Years Breastflow Bottles? I’m looking at getting those as my LO won’t take a regular nipple bottle. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!



    I did call and they said Zoloft would be the safest thing. thanks


    seuban: and to add to my last post! something that i found helped me was that i rewarded myself…at first it was something I did daily i would say to myself: if i can make it to the end of the day I will: take a 10 minute walk, or take a shower, or eat those cookies i really want, or read a chapter in a book, or get on facebook for 20 minutes without interruption…and i set goals for a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks a month…when i made it through 2 weeks i had my husband get me some ice cream i really wanted (rocky road!) and ate it without feeling bad…3 weeks was pizza from pizza hut, when i made it a month i bought myself a new nursing bra that i liked, at 3 months my husband i went out on a date! …we are on a tight budget since i quit my job…but i find doing the little things for YOURSELF makes breastfeeding easier…after a month you won’t think twice about it…



    Explo – I have never felt the let down! Not sure if that is good or bad but I have plenty of milk! I bet yours is OK if you haven’t been sick.



    Lawsons- It will regulate, unfortunately in the meantime you just have to deal with it. So happy to see all of the cosleepers! My experience has been the same, everyone is like, you’ve got to get her in the crib! Whatever, LOVE sleeping with her. She slept in the twin bed with me in the hospital. The yucky pediatrician gave me a bunch of $hit about it, but I told her It’s my decision and she is staying in the bed!



    Yeah I even co-slept in the hospital. He was basically latched on the entire time I was there. As soon as you can, get the baby latched on! Even with a c-section you should be able to get the baby latched on within an hour.



    Also I did not plan on co sleeping but unfortunately I had a c section and was unable to climb the stairs where the bassinet was and it did not fit in the guest room downstairs. Further if you wait unti six mos to stop co sleeping its more difficult and will be harder on your lo. Lastly it is not wise to judge people. Different things work for different babies,



    babybean3 – In Attachment Parenting we call those types of people ‘baby trainers’. It’s not something that needs to be ‘taken care of’. Babies breastfeed at night for several reasons, for comfort, for food, for love, for soothing back to sleep, for boosting supply, etc. I know it gets frustrating but I wouldn’t worry about it right now. I’ve always breastfed to sleep and my older son now goes to bed without a fuss.



    Okay, so this I know this is a common concern, but… my son is 7mons and I just started work 3wks ago. Only 3 6hr days and one 6hr night. But my frozen milk supply is down to 20oz! I thought I had a lot, but I guess not. QUESTIONS ARE: I have Mother’s Milk, how long will it take to kick in? Also if I wake in the middle of the night and pump, how long will it take to make more at the at time? I have random family memebers watching him at different times and I don’t think some of them are understanding my breastfeeding and are ‘abusing my supply’. It is Soooo hard to say something, because I’m just greatful for they’re help! *SIGH!!!



    Babes79 and LANNiE – You don’t have to NIP if you don’t want to. You can feed at home and either take a pumped bottle out or just use a cover. In the beginning it is a little weird because you have a few people in the room helping you learn to latch on. But honestly after birth you really don’t care who sees your breasts. HAHA! Just be sure to read everything you can about it and ask for help in the hospital. Afterwards there are LC and us here to help with any problems that arise. It’s the best thing you can do for your baby and you.


    Styx~ thanks, since he is only 8 days yesterday I was painfully engorged, today i feel deflated and now have the burning, sharp pains thru my nipples. I had a c-section so had anti-biotics and because he was born tongue tied and I nursed for 2.5 days before having his tongue clipped my nipples were already cracked, they were just healing but I think the previous damage and antibiotics were the cause of this outbreak. Now I am just waiting for the base hospital to open so I can make an apt, they better get me in today, I don’t have the strength to go thru another couple days without treatment, though refusing to have any ‘back-up’ formula in the house helps me get thru the bad moments and get back in a good state of mind.



    styx-since dh is already supportive he probably will remain that way. my lo just turned one on saturday and he’s still a baby…just with teeth. he’s already starting to wean though and it makes me so sad. he started a couple of weeks ago by taking less of his bottles at daycare and yesterday he only nursed once before bed. i’m thinking at this rate my nurser might be weaned in a month or so 🙁

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