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    My first drink was on my birthday after Kekoa was born. It was a small martini and I didn’t get buzzed or even finish the drink. Once in a blue moon is fine to have a drink but I would avoid drinking and then nursing right away.



    My LO is almost 3 months, and I’ve been back to work for 5 weeks now. I am gone for eight hours, and he used to have three bottles of breast milk (3-4 oz) in that time. Now he rarely will drink his third. He will go 3 1/2 to 4 hours without eating before I get home (refuse the bottle) but nurses great when I get home (he is also nurses usually once during the night, too). Is this ok? He is gaining weight and has plenty of dirty diapers, but I feel so bad if he is ‘waiting’ for me.
    He’s not fussy or anything, just won’t take the bottle.



    Angie, I was worried about the same things when I was heading back to work. I wanted to get as much milk frozen as possible because you just never know. I would pump every morning about an hour before she would wake up (for me it was 5am-but I would go right to bed after) and I would get about 2 oz and then stop and then I would fed her normally for the rest of the day. I did this a couple of weeks before going back and I had about 10 or 12 frozen bags in the freezer my first day at work. I calculated that she would need at least 10-12oz a day to keep up with her every two hour feeding schedule. Boy was I wrong! Her first week or so without ‘me’ all day, she only ate about 3-4 oz a day. I only pump about 5-7 oz a day and she eats about 5-6 plus two feedings of solids, so we still have a good supply one month later…



    You can tell when you are having a letdown when the baby starts swallowing consistently. I can never feel when I am having one, can just tell by the baby or by when I start pumping loads all of a sudden.



    I’m starting using baby food. Does anyone know if I should still be giving milk with the food or will this just be overfeeding?



    i would give it another week if no AF then talk to ob and ask for a blood test that a definate yes or no



    Thanks Bri – and CONGRATULATIONS on your new home and your new status as SAHM!!



    the best reason so far I’ve heard for breastfeeding baby is the Oxytocin hormone surge that comes from it that helps..heck makes you bond with your baby. I don’t know why they don’t mention this when encouraging moms to nurse..I just read about it in a build a better brain book..sorry forget the title. But it taked about the hormone made by mothers while breastfeeding is the strongest hormone for non-sexual attachment. Men make a just tad of this hormone after figure:)



    Forgive me if this sounds stupid but how will adding solids put that much weight on your baby? It’s not like you’re feeding him a hamburger or something…LOL!! Would strained carrots and peas add that much weight?!?! I’m sure it’s stressful for you but I think if it were me, I would not add the solids yet. He will probably be a tiny kid or he might just go through a huge growth spurt all of a sudden. It’s only 2 months before he will be 6 months…I don’t think it will do much harm to wait until then to start solids. Of course, I’m not a doctor so what do I know!! Just seems to make sense to me :-)…



    ~angelag3girls–It’s been a constant battle with him lately..thank you for the suggestions, I will try them and see what happens..



    way to go ozbaby!!!



    Hi ladies-
    New some advice. I’m getting a pump tomorrow, sadie will be 1 month old. My question is, she will nurse every two hours, sometimes every hour. At night she will go three hours at a time. What is the best way to start pumping? I am a sahm for the summer, but would like to get her drinking breast milk from a bottle so she is comfortable, and hubby can feed her. Any input is appreciated, I’m a newby mom. We’ve had no issues thus far, and i am worried about rocking the boat.



    I would wake a newborn b/c they have immature systems and allowing their blood sugar to get too low will induce sleep and if left alone could result in a coma. Or so I’ve been told. An older baby that has an established routine will wake when hungry.



    AmoInfans – Congrats on the new pregnancy; I’m not quite sure. I know it is possible since many women will still produce years after they’ve weaned. When things like this happen I say what’s normal for you is normal. HAHA! You can definately relactate if that is your desire. Start pumping and eating your herbs and it should start up again. I would consult your OB first though. For a normal pregnancy breastfeeding throughout is very normal and even healthy but if you’ve had preterm labor then breastfeeding can sometimes bring on labor later on. Relactating can be difficult which is why I’d say to talk to your caregiver first. She might think it would be too hard on the body. Good Luck!



    I am having so much anxiety about the formula thing (choosing the wrong one) and I think my LO is having boobie withdrawl. She was up at 12am, 4am and 5:30am. I feel so terrible. This feeding this in consuming my mind and I haven’t been able to sleep much. Lord please grant me peace and serenity!

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