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    I have some questions! (1) I pump and while I do my nipples turn purple and the pain is back. What can I do? (2) My baby is preemie and has only been home a few days the hospital says she must take 30 ccs (before discharge it was 20ccs). I can barely get her to take that on most feedings and when I get her to take her minimum it is like 31-34 ccs. She is gaining weight good but I am concerned. Dr is following her but still I am concerned…what can I do to get her to eat more?



    1Byfaith- thanks for the advice, my midwife has told me to feed initially by breast then top up demand with formula, bc my supply is low. So far over the last 12 or so hours he has been demanding about 100ml of formula every 3-4 hours, altho i have had to wake him a few times. He must have been pretty dehydrated bc he is so much more content. For him to be wanting so much formula my supply must be low. Does anyone know if i could over feed with formula?? Im desperatelt trying t oget my supply back or established…



    Congrats on boy #2 Bri!!!



    It sounds like a plugged duct but I would go to your OBGYN to be sure. I had that quite a few time and it is very painful.



    We’ve all been there! Don’t worry, he won’t starve from spitting up. I’d try to continue with breastfeeding and just try to feed more frequently with smaller amounts. Your nipples will heal quickly, try the Lansinoh cream. If you have a pump you can store milk so you can get a break here and there and someone else can do the night feedings. You can do it girl, hang in there!



    Remember every womans breasts & baby are unique & different. It totally worked for me to start pumping right away. My baby also took a bottle & a pacifier starting at 2 days old. We have never experienced any ‘nipple confusion’ whatsoever. So remember to go with your gut instinct & do what feels right for your unique baby & body! And it does hurt in the begining, it took me 2 months to get comfortable breastfeeding. The begining is horrible, it is SO painful but it pays off a thousand times over. Keep at it & don’t give up.



    jellybeanapril6th – Most hospitals and lactation consultants have this great visual aide. It shows the size of a newborn’s tummy by things we can relate to. Starts off with like a ping pong ball and goes up to the size of a plastic Easter egg. I remember both of them being in the aide but I can’t remember if they are really the smallest and largest. Anyways, the point is, in the beginning they have tiny tiny tummies. Colostrom is all they need for a few days and then they start to grow and man do they grow fast. Each week their tummies get bigger and bigger. It’s why feeding on demand is so important. They feed and it lasts them only a little bit so you’re feeding an hour later. Meanwhile they are growing. The first month is definately the hardest when it comes to breastfeeding but after the third month everything become second nature.



    Hi, My baby is 6 weeks old and for the last 2 weeks has been extremely gassy. He squirms and groans, and his stomach is rock hard. He sucks in so much air when he drinks from me, I just don’t know what to do. I thought that with breastfeeding you would minimize that, but I think mine is worse that all my other kids with a bottle.Advise anyone??



    nikki37 – My little man is 13 months and I TOTALLY understand what you mean. My best advice is to stay strong! Don’t just give in. If you do, then they learn that if they cry long enough – they’ll get their way.


    m.e.a.. My daughter is the same way. She doesn’t nurse real long and only takes one side per feeding except during the night she’ll take both sides. I agree with them just being efficient feeders. She gets right down to business when shes on the boob. My son was the same way and I EBF him until he self weened at 10 mos. I’ve never taken anything to help my supply, heck I don’t even drink the recommended amount of water, and I’ve never had an issue with supply. 🙂 Good luck to you!



    I love breastfeeding! I am just so glad that I decided to go this way. It was so stressful in the beginning and hard, and now I just adore it. It gets better everyday. I love how she plays with my hair while she eats and how she is just so happy. It is so awesome. Go BF! =]


    my goal is a year…but i love it so much i’ll probably go longer! it’s handy, easy, and so healthy!!!



    I have a medela pump….LOVE IT! I was using a smaller size on my pump as well and I couldn’t figure out why it was so painful lol, made me feel like an idiot. I figured it out, and started to use the larger attachment. I love my pump, I can’t wait until he is here to start all over.



    Isn’t that a wonderful feeling, babybellybliss? Knowing it’s all from YOU! Lawsons_Mom, yes there has to be a better way! Can’t you bring the issue to the attention of someone at work? That’s totally unfair.



    Well my LO just doesnt like the bottle, and will take cereal (with lots of BM) off a spoon, but about 1/2 of it ends up EVERYWHERE! LOL so we only do that at dinner time. I guess as long as he is still peeing 4-5 big pee’s a day while im gone hes okay.. he does nurse every 1-2 hours at night.. (AHHHH!!!) so it shouldn’t hurt him to only have four onces in 8 hours.. right? cause doc is just shrugging this all off!

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