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    My daughter is now 14 months old and I stopped breastfeeding when she was 9.5 months old. That is four and a half months ago, and I still have milk! I am not engorged but sometimes at night I stil leak a little if I am lying on my stomach, and if I express to see if it is still there I still have quite a bit! Does anyone else have this problem! I am wondering when it will dry up completely.



    ozbaby-Since babies get vitamin D from being exposed to sun, there was no need (think thousands and millions of years ago) to get it through breastmilk. It is only in relatively recent times that humans have started sheltering their babies so much that they may not get enough through sun exposure.



    I am so frustrated about pumping right now! I think something is wrong with the motor of my medela pump in style. It sounds like it is struggling and I am barely getting any milk (maybe 2 oz after feeding 4 hours ago) during a pumping session from both breasts and I still feel some what full afterwards I just wrote to medela but I am so frustrated and worried that my milk supply is going to go down. ANyone els have ever had this problem?



    cosmomama – I had a section so I don’t have a problem but I can see it being normal for some people. Especially early on. My doctor recommends waiting until Kekoa is 18months or older to get pregnant again because it takes that long for your body to completely heal from the last time around. I could see it taking six months or longer for your cervix to go back to normal, depending on your size and the size of your baby. I can see if you had a rough labor and had a big baby with a small cervix that it could get stretched and pulled in all directions. I’m sorry you are going through this. I hate pads too. I only used them after pregnancy when I couldn’t use tampons. Even way back when, when I first started I was in gymnastics, swimming and diving….pads just don’t work with those sports. HAHA! Good Luck. I hope you heal soon.



    Bri – I had a cavity when i was pregnant and was able to get the local and get all my dental work done. I would just let your dentist office know that you are still breastfeeding and ask them what drugs they are gong to use. then either call Kekoa’s ped or your doc and confirm that those drugs are safe and will not be passed in the milk. Good Luck!



    december08babyboy – Letdown is just when the glands let the milk go. Some women say it hurts to tingly to nothing. I have never in the 14months of breastfeeding ever felt letdown. I know my son is getting milk because he is swollowing and the ‘fullness’ starts to go away. Also, I pump so I see the milk and then it slows. If I keep pumping after the stream has stopped I sometimes get a second or third letdown.



    m.m.masi- do you mean milk in like rice cereal?



    anyone see dr phil today? it talked about facebook banning pics of breastfeeding



    I took fenugreek and tried the tea, but didn’t like the tea. I almost lost my supply so that is why I started. Between taking those and nursing and pumping after done my supply came up a little more. I now make enough to feed my son but I don’t get any extra. I also tried something called more milk plus. They are pills like fenugreek but they are liquid. (we have motherhood express in KY that sells them) These pills seemed to work better for me, but they are a little higher in price. I went to a lactaction consultant and they told me to try both so I would try contacting one in your area for any help.



    Yea I think he is… I squeeze then he latches and feeds. I have to make an indent where his nose is so he can breathe. It’s just towards the end of his feed when he really gums on my nipple. Well maybe hes a really hard sucker because my nipple is elongated and flat by time he is done. I don’t know, I think I really threw him off when I threw a bottle in the mix. Or maybe my nipples just need to toughen up. I think maybe I’ll make an appt for a lactation consultation. I really want to do this but it’s so hard and frustrating at times. Thanks for listening 🙂



    Actually research has been, as of the last parenting magazine issue, that it’s ok to start foods early even honey and not be paranoid when they are toddlers about waiting till they are six for peanut butter ect. because it helps them to not have allergies in the long run. I wouldn’t give a 4 month old honey or peanut butter but I sure would start on rice cereal with your milk. When Logan was a few months old I would give him a tiny bit, like a teaspoon full mixed with breast milk and he started to sleep through the night and I got much needed rest too. He’s almost 10 months, he’s not afraid to try anything and hasn’t had any allergies and he is 100% healthy, not to mention one of the most adorable and intelligent babies I have ever seen. He is starting to talk, and communicates very well already with the words he knows: Kitty-cat, Brother, Daddy, Mom, Mommy, Up, Down, bite ect. along with the words he makes up and baby babble. He will crawl or coast holding on to furniture over to you and say up if he wants to be picked up. My first son who is now 12 never did those things and I am thinking it’s because I listened to a ton of paranoid people who lumped every baby into a category, the same one. Your baby is unique when he/she is ready to eat they give you cues, watch you taking bites and make the same motions with their mouth or stare, like ‘hey I want some’. If they are not sleeping at least 5 hours or more through the night and need a bottle/breast in the middle that is a BIG clue they more in their belly. I will be doing the same with my twins as I did with Logan when they are ready, and they may or may not be at 2 months, 4 months or 6, I will have to wait and see.



    kimberly~ if your little one seems to be content after feedings, I would not worry much about what others say. I haven’t read your earlier post but if his growth chart has a curve (still gaing weight even at a slower pace), I don’t think you should worry. I had the opposite problem…my son gets expressed milk when I am at work and he’d get anywhere from 12-15oz when he was six months (now it’s more like 8 oz in 12 hrs but he’s 8 months old) ..he became a chubby baby 68-70% with his weight; and has very full cheeks and a double chin…I would get comments from some family members that maybe I should cut his feedings/nursing sessions…etc. I don’t know if they’ve tried to nurse a baby who is full…because they don’t know what they’re talking about. For too much weight gain or for too little, no matter what, some people will try to convince you that it’s because your baby is breastfed…and that it’s your fault…Don’t listen to them. I think you’re doing great…If he’s content I would not try to increase the amount he’s eating.



    Hi Ladies! I am new to this forum, and I have some questions. I am working full-time (unfortunately) and having a tough time pumping enough milk for my daughter. I’ve been reading some old posts for tips on increasing my supply, and I was hoping that someone could explain the process of soaking oats for me. Are they soaked in water or milk? For how long? Refridgerated or not? What ratio of oats to liquid? I think that covers it! Thanks in advance for the help!



    Well yeah a lot of mothers don’t breastfeed, for various reasons, and those of us that do sometimes need help. I’m just saying sometimes a lack of confidence gets in the way. If you accept it as natural and as something your body is beautifully designed to do, you may be more successful.



    well noah is 8 months old and im tryin to get him on only 5 feedings a day. which has been working but hes not wanting to eat the baby food now???

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