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    Finally-having-our-son!- i take clartin dont seem to have a problem with milk supply with that one



    I have been nursing my daughter for 22 months now. I never imaged I would be nursing a child this long. I always had a tied down feeling when she was younger… but it gets better. Now she just nurses a couple times a day and for 5-10 min max. It is not inconvenient at all.


    I stopped nursing my baby when he was 3 weeks and I regret it. So please think it out before you stop, its hard on the emotions =(



    Hi ladies! This is my first post. My little girl is 7 weeks old, and it seems every other week I wonder if she’s getting enough milk…even though she weighed 6lbs 6oz at birth and 8lbs 12oz at her 4 week appt. I guess it’s b/c I have been getting out and doing more and that means I am not able to breast feed her as often as I should…I sometimes go as long as 5 hours without feeding her (she was sleeping for 5 hour stretches at one point too) when I take time away. I have only done this three times since her birth, but do you think this is affecting my milk supply? Also, when I pump, I am getting about 3oz at each breast…is this enough for a 7 week old…and when will my milk supply increase? I have heard of women pumping 8oz out of one breast, I know this is for an older baby, but when will my milk supply increase? Thanks in advance for answering my questions…I am a first time mom and just concerned. Oh one more thing…it’s been 7 days since my girl has had a BM…I have read I should not be concerned…just wanted your opionions as well.



    if all ur really doing is having one beer that’s allowed no matter what…pregnancy lactating whatever. ‘they’ tell us no alcohol because there are billions of alcoholics in the world and its safer to say NONE… for their sake because well they are alcoholics and will missinterpret what one means.



    I have a question… My son is 9 wks and during his nap this morning he started pouting his lower lip, frowning and whining in his sleep.. Does this happen to all infants. I felt so bad because I had no idea why he was so upset. I mean he can’t be having a bad dream right? …..



    Good luck with your teeth, bri! I hear root canals are not that fun=(.



    Thanks Bri



    Ethan likes to bite me when he’s done eating…he’s done that all day today, he better stop soon!!! 🙂



    hey lil momma’s! soooooooo…im gong to a concert this weekend and I think im leaving te house around 6:30 ish & i don’t know how much milk i should pump for when im Gone…my babe is 4 and a half months old & she is eating baby rice cereal once or twice a day…. i feed her every 1 -2 hours but i cant see how much im giving her so im confused at how much I should pump… &&&&& she does NOT take the bottle…Help!?!?!?!?!



    hey girls I have seen alot of yoru posts and boy i wish everyone luck. no one ever told me that breastfeeding could be so difficult especially in the beginning. my dd and i had alot of trouble for the first month. she doesnt have a very strong latch. i also never knew that u should be feeding from both sides at every feeding and also pumping after ( these two things keep milk supply up) then my dd got nipple confusion where she only wanted the bottle ( bottle is easier to get the milk out faster so they become lazy and dont want to breastfeed anymore. not all babies get this but to prevent or help treat try using nipples with a slow flow – not so slow though that they suck to much air. i like first years breastflow)after 4 months my milk declined so i tried fenugreek which is a herbal suppliment it worked for awhile and then seemd to slow again. i tried feeding more and pumping but still wasnt making enough for my dd. so then i had my doctor put me on reglan which is a perscription and it helps alot. they also have a prescription called domperidone but this is only available in like canada and your insurance wont cover this one. but we are still hanging in there and all i can say is dont give up it is worth it. if you can stick it out it the the best thing you can do for your baby. if i can do it you can too.
    good luck ladies and I hope my story helps some of you.



    OK a few days ago after being bitten quite hard with top and bottom teeth OUCH i was going to stop breastfeeding but i just cant seem to convince myself to give her formula. She had a couple of bottles and wouldnt drink more than 60mls. Since she had them she has been whingy and unsettled. I was up till 1am last night and up again at 5am for her just crying which she never does… Its been the same all day. Daddy gave her formula when i went to pick up the kids from school which i wasnt impressed with and she has been raggy all night. Its 10.30pm here and she has only just settled whereas she is normally down by 8pm. It has to be the formula right??? She has cut her top teeth ( obviously as she used them to bite me) and she wasnt this unsettled cutting them so it cant be her teeth. Makes me not want to give her the formula again but hubby was very excited to be getting his boobies back…( my hubby is the freaky one who isnt interested in sex while im feeding) Imagine the pressure to stop ??? So what should i do? I already know but i need to hear it,… Thanks for listening



    Thanks Bri…like I said we are still trying, but he will eventually get to the point again where he is more formula than breast milk…any new milk increasing secrets my doctor may not know about yet? Im all ears!!



    hi megang — express some milk and rub on it in between each time, and also use something like Lansinoh lanolin cream each time – you don’t have to wipe it off before your baby eats.



    joesgirl321- I put up a blog on my page that has some info about boosting your supply. I tried to take everyone’s tips and put it down in one spot. There are lots of things you can do to boost your supply, good luck!

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