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    gonnab4-yes it gets easier the older the baby gets. right now bri is right and lo is resting, but that jaw will get stronger and he’ll become a quicker eater. Just stick to it and don’t worry about how long it is taking. Do like the rest of us have done. Before sitting down to nurse set up camp. Get something to eat, drink, and read. If the computer is nearby log on, if the tv is nearby use this time to watch a favorite movie or show.



    For the ladies with older babies… Ella is 11 months (well in 4 days). But i’m curious about how the transition goes from main nutrition being BM to the main being solid food. Someone help me! I’m just confused about how you do it. Like i nurse Ella before i give her solids now. When she turns a year old do i start to do solids first? I don’t plan on weaning or anything, i want her to wean herself. But i’m just confused about how it works. I miss the days when i just nursed.



    hey i have a question… i have been bfing for 1 month, my baby just turned a month old, and for the past week she has cut her nursing time in half. i used to have just enough milk, literally squeezing it into her mouth, now i always have milk, and i am even slightly engorged every 3 hours. is this normal?? also she is only having 2 huge bm’s a day instead of several small ones. she is very content and falls asleep at breast everytime. she eats every 3 hours. and it only lasts 20-30 mins. she used to spend 45 mins to an hour. thanks!



    god-iva – Good work! Isn’t it a freeing experience to not feel self-conscious, especially for a good and natural reason like feeding your child?…Lawsonsmom has to exclusively pump now because Lawson started preferring the bottle over nursing. She is very upset because she loved the bonding of nursing and wanted to do it anytime she could when she wasn’t at work. She tried extremely hard to have Lawson still latch on, but it just didn’t work. :o( …..*disclaimer: With all due respect to Lawsonsmom, I hope I have the story right and I don’t want to be gossipy either, just answering a question….



    Jepica – is it possible your milk has started coming too fast for her? You could try block feeding, only nursing from one side for 3 hours (every time she wants to nurse in those 3 hours, nurse from that same side), that might help?



    We live in Puerto Rico. I told her about that hospital and she still went to it. Her bad, I guess. But it makes me angry that she is yet to get to know her LO. She doesn’t even remember how he looked like. That brakes my heart!



    YAY, Leslie! HAHA! I hope it works out for you. Your mom takes care of Lawson right now, right? I was doing daycare which was costing $315 a WEEK. Two in daycare would be one and a half times because you get a discount with the second. WOW! HAHA! Can’t wait to hear that you are pregnant again.


    I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my son. I don’t know how you ladies are able to be slaves to the pump. I can never stand there for more than 10-15 mins. I give you high fives and 2 thumbs up!


    Bri – I’ll have to try mine with Ice Cream this weekend. I can’t do it during the week as I bring my breakfast to work to eat. Thanks for the recipe though. I think it’s finally starting to work! 🙂



    noah, baby training, to me, is molding an infant into something you want instead of letting them have their own personality. I hate baby training though, so my ‘definition’ tends to be a bit negative! I go more with baby’s personality and let them decide their own routine!



    scarlet~~ OMG SHE IS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Help ladies! Not BF related, but I’m getting mega baby fever! I need to go back to work and get my mat leave hours before we can have another (and I need to finish convincing DH!), which I have no intention of doing any time soon, but I want another one! I think having 7 friends give birth between March and July (5 months!) hasn’t helped. Ugh!!!



    I tried swaddling Zoey the other day because lately when she hasn’t fallen asleep on the boob, I have to basically put her in a body lock and hold her arms down for her to fall asleep (that’s what she wants, I’m not abusing her or anything! lol). So I figured maybe a swaddle would do the same thing without me feeling like I’m manhandling my 6 month old. Needless to say, it freaks a little one out to be swaddled after 5 months of no swaddle. Oops. It didn’t last long! lol She had a look of terror on her face and I gave it about three minutes and took it off. Also, you’re welcome Marge! Good luck. If you’re really having supply issues, you can try Bri’s magical fermented oatmeal!



    Whew not too bad i couldnt remembrt with Lima and it wasnt too long ago. i will be happy when i get my cpmp back!!!



    Leslie, I love you! You’re awesome!

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