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    horseygal, it’s probably best to start slowly. Pump only a small amount at a time, at first, as she’s feeding so frequently, you don’t want to disrupt her too much. I always had trouble pumping, but some lucky moms find it easy: I wish you luck with it!



    Has anyone tried the ‘motherlove more milk plus’ capsules?? Just wondering if anyone’s had any results with it???



    JUNO- i also had skin peeling off and nipple was white it doesnt sound half as bad as urs and didnt hurt to bad but i just put on the LANSINOH and then if i put a bra or shit on and it rubbed them it hurt so i would just go without and i found when i give my breast some air it goes right away i later read it is actually recommended to give them fresh air everyday~! hope this helps!



    mandarae my son always refused a bottle and surprisingly what did work for him first besides bf once he was older was drinking through a straw! Maybe it can work for you too — good luck! btw congrats on ebf twins, you’re amazing!



    With the pain while pumping, I find that when I go all weekend without pumping, Mondays pumps can be painful. My body just has to get used to it. Make sure your ‘horns’ are the right size and they are positioned right. Read the pump manual because they usually have pictures and instructions for proper use. It will probably work itself out though once you get into your groove.



    may-8-09- yes its scary alright, last fri i had the sorest red boob, then all of a sudden a temp of 40 degrees and delirious and throwing up also. thankgod my husband is great with bubs, and had to take ova. i crawled to the drs the next morning and told strictly to take antibiotics and rest and massage and look after my diet. the following night no better, then back to drs , who warned me that if i dont massage that boob im in strife…so 12 hours later after yet another rough night, temp went down and all ok…grls BEWARE be sure to massage and yep express all milk out….the worst thing is now my supply is drying up….so go figure!!!!!!!!



    sounbds like a scuffed or cracked nipple. they just take a time to toughen up. after feeding rub some breast milk on and allow to air dry. also get some nipple cream from the chemist and use that between feeds as well.. bf with a crack in your nip can be pantwettingly toe curlingly painful. sont take a break from that breast tho.. just carry on with good positioning it will heal. just check the positioning of baby (try changing position to ease the pain) and use the breastmilk and/or cream to promote healing



    Becky C – Mastitis is an infection that comes from a blocked duct. What you have sounds like a blocked duct. You’ll need to get it unblocked. If you don’t then you could develop an infection. Mastitis usually starts with a really red and sore boob then follows that with a fever. When the fever hits then you tend to need to get antibiotics to get rid of the infection. While I know that some ladies cure Mastitis on their own, usually the doctor is the fastest way. But, since you probably don’t have a fever yet we need to unclog the duct. It might hurt though. I’m sorry to say! Anyways, you’ll want to apply heat to the area. Massage it. Soak in a hot tub. Basicall you want to get the hard milk moving. You’ll then want to express that side. This can be by hand to force the milk out. You can pump or feed. If you feed then you’ll want to aim the baby’s chin towards the blocked duct. This angle can be hard depending on where it is. But in the end you just want to get the milk out. When I’ve had them I just clenched my teeth and used my hand to work it out. But, I’ve always done this in a hot shower. Good Luck in getting it free. If you can’t within a day I’d call your doctor. They may want to treat you. But that is the last resort, see what you can do to get the duct cleared first on your own.



    Man I should have come in here days ago. I have been so looking for positive area about breast feeding because we are having such a tough time. My little girl is 3 weeks old today and we have had a hard time with BF since day one. I have had to use a shield. This has not bothered me as of yet and she was eating. The problem was, she never seemed to be full! It didn’t matter how long I fed her she was not happy! So now I am now just pumping and trying to keep my supply up and feed her that way. She is so much more happy giving her breast milk in a bottle!!



    hi ladies just had to share my good news…long story but since the birth of bubs ive had a real struggle with breastfeeding, mastitis twice, poor latch on, PAINFUL boobs and low milk supply…anyway i have been expressing and giving formula for about 4 months and thought damn it im going to try to put bubs to the boob(hasnt been on since week6ish)…anyway he FINALLY latched on after a struggle and crying for ages and well i think we may be able to give breastfeeding a go again. i sooo want to exclusively breastfeed but noty sure if my supply will hold up. He sucked and fell asleep after 20 or so minutes, but it wasnt painful and at least he stayed on even tho it may have been more of a soother for him…Anyway thats my good new…have a good day all:)


    MEGS~ Hey you! Totally agree with your LC, having a retained placenta sends mixxed hormonal signals and affected your supply. so here are a few things to boost supply and why. Fermented oatmeal (old fashioned oats not instant, if you want to know how to make them I will PM directions), mothers milk tea, fenugeek, more water! It works because it is good for your digestive system, when ever you boost your digestive system and hydrate your milk production will increase. Now there are other options, many don’t like to go the meds route but I had to last time, I took reglan and it brought my milk in full force within 2 days. Since you probably won’t have a constant issue you can probably take it for a week and then just maintain your supply. It was a miracle for me, but since I had a long term issue and had to continue tkaing it, it did stop working slowly. After 3 months I dried up again, but it did get my daughter to 6 months of breast feeding. Reglan also works because it is a prescription digestive aid, the one thing to be cautious of is if you have a history of depression. I had no issues when I was taking it, and if you only need it to bring your milk in properly you should only need a weeks supply. But something to def keep in mind. HUGS and I hope you are able to BF as long as you want!



    blessedX4 – my daughter was like that until around 10 or 11 weeks. She would take in so much air while feeding like yours and then would be so gassy. The lactation consultant thought it could be from the fact that I had to take an antibiotic in my 3rd trimester (for a root canal) and then again at birth for my c-section. The antibiotics can kill the good flora in the babies tummy and it takes some time for it to go back to normal. Or sometimes even without an antibiotic they can just have underdeveloped digestive systems that make them gassy and/or could make them have a sensitivity to dairy like gladek said.



    LADIES- you are talking about my worst nightmare! I almost didn’t want to breastfeed for the fact of my baby being ‘needy’ to me (which at 2 1/2 mons I’m starting to notice, but we love it too much). I know there is no ‘right’/’proper’ time to wean or stop breastfeeding, but I don’t want to get to the point of fits! Also what do you do when your baby starts to get teeth… ouch right, or NO??



    mrsturner…..that’s a good thought. how do I check if he does have thrush ? he just screams at my boobs he will open his mouth get it in and scream I never thought about thrush being the issue it would make sence though if his little mouth hurts he doesn’t have a fever and is peeing enough just hardly any poopy diapers and not wanting to eat he dosent even want a bottle



    fermented oats? How do you do that? does it work to boost a supply?

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