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    Pgfirst time that is horrific and so sad,



    seuban0 – Be very causious. Make him walk a fine line! Hopefully he’ll live up to expectations but be wary. Good LucK!


    Bri – burp cloths? that’s one thing I can’t be without when I sit/lay down to nurse Alyssa.



    Please save me as a fb friend! Its easeier to find me under [email protected] but my name is Tiffany Willis Morgan. Thanks!



    HRose way to go hun. You deserve a pat on the back for not giving up.



    congratulations, phat!



    acissej7382 – Green foamy poo can be from a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. It may just because of a couple feedings. I’d watch it and if it last then you will want to do some block feedings to get it back on track.


    Mere a yeast infection diaper rash is just a fungus so you can use athletes foot cream. Cheap. Its the same as nystatin cream per my pediatrician.



    Wow. I have trouble coming in under 200 for hubs, sister, baby, and I. I really need to work on that, though, as DH is getting mad at me. That does include diapers, though. But no pets here, either. I really have to plan better. I have a lot of trouble coming up with meal plans for the week, so while i’m there i’m like ‘oh that looks yummy.’ and i throw it in the cart. Gotta stop that.



    That is the movie and yah that is right and she just kept pumping in the mean time until she found the family. It was such a creepy movie. Just was wondering if just possibly I could manage to lactate again after stopping. Keira is 19 mths now though. I just really wanted to nurse her until she was two also, like I was able to do with my son.



    mjs – That’s weird that he said no breastmilk. My own ped always says spray some milk in it. It reminds me of the dad from ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’….Spray some windex on it!! HAHA!



    ok girls Im feeling awful today so as I have stated before I was a drop out nurser with my first 2 in week 1 and 2 and with my 3rd I am going strong at 1month but (please no bashing I love all of my children) I am noticing a really strong bond with this one like he could do no wrong type its like a closer feeling and I feel kind of like I am neglecting the other 2 and I feel awful about it is anyone else going through this and if so what are you doing about it???????


    sorry for those who are having in law problems. Mine are good I have to admit. Still really don’t leave James with them and I’ve never left Ollie yet.


    Man, I go on a play datea nd miss all the good stuff! lol 5 pages in just over a couple hours. I BF where ever I go. I feel the same as Emliee- if you don’t like it don’t look!



    Haven’t been online in forever, but I haven’t needed advice lately…. I breastfed twins for 1 year and now am BF my 6month old. We started baby foods about 2 weeks ago, he seemed to really enjoy it and carrots were his fave, but only tried squash and carrots.. anyway, after a few days he really started fussing and turned into crabman for almost a week. Finally, when I could think of nothig else to try, I stopped the solids and went back to exclusive boob. After a day, he was better… now 4 days later, normal happy baby. My family and husband think I need to push the foods again.. because they don’t understand that BM matures with the baby and his body doesn’t need anything else right now. He is 20 lbs and very healthy. He isn’t acting hungry. Sometimes I get SO frustrated with others… is anyone else not feeding solids at 6 months?? I didn’t start till almost 10 with the girls, but they were so small and premature, but my boy is strapping and healthy… just wondering. thx

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