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    my nipples have been sore lately and had alot of n.h.o….the weathers not helpin and to top it off my LO has been pinchin my nipples. Ouch!


    Goodness, talk about engorged! Last night was my first night of purposely cutting out the 3am pumping. I think I may bust! I am planning to be done with pumping bu May, when my LO is 9 months old. We have a lot of milk stored up, enough to take her to the 1 year mark- so we will be using that after May. I am a huge over producer, so I am expecting it to take a couple weeks to wean myself from each pumping session.


    Hello everyone. First off I want to say. I had my baby girl in 2009 and breastfeeding went great. I enjoyed the bond we had. She took to it so well. I breastfed her for a year. Well I just had my son almost 6 weeks ago and breastfeeding is not going well at all. He does not like to feed off my right side at all. Anytime I try he strains and screams and I basically try to force it and he just screams and acts like he’s in pain. The other side he does ok. But sometimes he only feeds for a few mins. This is just stressing me out and I know it’s stressing him out. I don’t think breastfeeding should be like this. Especially when my daughter was so easy. Anyone else going through this?



    haleyd, keep it up. by the time you read this, i imagine you’ll supply has increased.



    Hi all! If you stop breastfeeding, do I have to express the milk from my breasts? How long roughly will it take until I can go back to normal & not have to do anything with my breasts? I really have no idea, everyone is so for Breastfeeding I feel that this kind of advice just doesn’t exist! Any advice will be so helpful!



    Does anyone have tips/advice or some good links that can help me get better at pumping ? my milk supply is not an issue, but I still only get an ounce or less when I pump. Maybe I am stressing too much? Iam using the pump-in-style.



    Tove – with all due respect, i completely disagree. Alcohol is never good for a developing baby. Alcohol isn’t really all that ‘good’ for adults. it does kill brain cells and i can’t imagine any mother wanting that for their child. I completely disagree with a pregnant woman drinking, period. As for a breast feeding woman, if done responsibly no big deal.



    LJess – Babies have dreams too, good and bad. Many babies do this. It’s normal. It’s weird because I was talking to my sister when Kekoa was really young. What can a 9wk old in your case have experienced that would make him or her have a bad dream. Her doctors told her that many things can cause it, even remembering being born. It can be a tramatic experience for them. Kekoa slept through his birth and circ. so he doesn’t know. HAHA! My neice had a hard time coming out and she did have lots of nightmares. Poor little girl. Of course she is now almost 5 and doesn’t remember a thing….no nightmares really. Ohhh but over Christmas last year she did have one while I was there. Poor thing woke up crying. My sister and I went in there to comfort her (I was awake with Kekoa) and she told us what was wrong. She dreamed ‘You told me to find another mommy’ How sad is that! It made me want to cry.


    i just talked to my bf about the pumping situation @ work and we decided that if it causes too much conflict i will find another job. draven comes first always!



    kla2200 – try bringing baby’s picture for pumping sessions and maybe massage breast righ before



    Well~ good ol’ auntie flow has came to visit me… The girls were 15 weeks old yesterday, and this morning… her she is. I gotta admit that I am kinda depressed about it. I was hoping that she would stay away a lot longer than 3 and 1/2 months. I am exclusively bf TWINS!! really! oh well I guess… no choice but to take it. Now I gotta go shopping to buy something I haven’t bought in a year! Hope everyone has a good day ~ manda



    I need to know can you get pregnant while breastfeeding. i had my son on dec 2 and still have not got AF yet,but stopped bleeding from pregnancy on dec 23 and have BD without protection more than once. any advise very helpful thanks



    hi ladies! howa re you all? its been a little while, i am still breastfeeding and Mara will be 9m on the 23rd. very happy about that. considering i never even wanted to try it! now i don’t want to stop! but i will at 12m. lol. anyway my question is, mara is sick with a cold and of course i got it now too. what can i take? please answer on my page as i may have to logg off to tend to mara. thanks so much!!!! tammy



    oz baby- insted of giving up all together.. u can pump milk.. and bottle her that way.



    Ok, I need some help…Isabella has been nursing for 9 1/2 months now and last two nights she was waking every 1 and half to 2 hours to eat. I don’t think she is teething yet (not one tooth yet!!) and I am concerned becasue she was so hungry. She is now getting picky about her solids and refuses to eat as much. This happen to anyone else? Let’s hope she doesn’t go a third night doing this! I need sleep!! I feel like she is a newborn again!

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