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    Thanks for the responses I do cherish the time I have with my children. I’m talking about going out once in a blue moon, such as my husband’s 30th birthday next month it would be nice if we could go for a meal. I have tried me being out of the room hasn’t worked. I’ll try the position of him resting on my legs with his bum between. I think the boy just loves the boob!



    lauraoct – Too cute! My boys are 26 months apart. We started trying thinking it would take several months and it happened the first month. I love them being so close. Alex is starting to become mobile and plays with Chris. Chris does the same thing. He asks where’s brother all the time. He loves sharing with his brother. He’ll even share the baby tee which is his blanket. He loves his blanket and only special people get to touch it.


    James goes to nursery 2 days a week. And I can honestly say his nursery is great, the staff are lovely. He seems to love it, when I go to pick him up I always stand and watch him play until he notices me and he looks really happy. All the staff know his name even the ones that don’t work with him, they are all friendly and lovely.



    Casen – I let it soak overnight and then pop it into the microwave for less then a minute. It’s just to heat it up, not cook it.



    scarlet begonia – It took me a weekend before I saw a difference. You may just need to relax a bit. Worrying can actually effect supply as well. I’m sorry you are going through that. I wish all moms could stay home.



    jeffswife – couldn’t find you under either!

    re:ergo – That’s my eventual goal but as I’m not working much right now, I don’t have that much extra money to drop on one. There are Moby’s on CL all the time for 20-25 bucks, and Zoey’s still under 20 pounds (I’ll find out how much when we go to the doc in a few hours) so I think it’ll be practical until I have more to spend. Aaaaaah. I don’t know. I also hate the idea of spending money on something I won’t love.



    Grr Lawsons I am so sorry thats CRAP!!! I wish we could all fly to you and have a nurse in! I would go sit in her office and pump right there! I am so sorry I know how hard you have worked for this dont give up…I saw what you posted on Facebook and I cannot believe there are NO laws protecting you it makes me so angry!


    HELP!! – hello ladies! im a young mommy of 3. i didnt get a chance to BF my first born and my 2nd born i gave her 3 months but was also on formula and now my little boy is EBF. well here’s our problem, my 1 month old little man gulps when feeding, gets gas and throws up. this happens for about 85% of his feedings. he feeds for about 2 minutes, i burp him for another 5-7 minutes and i do this for about an hour, sometimes until his next feeding. its exhausting!! with a 5 year old and 13 month old its hard to get things done, when he naps i give them baths, make their meals and i barely have time to eat. ahhhh! i need help!! i really dont want to quit breastfeeding him but its so hard! please help =]
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    So i just threw up my dinner, mexcian food! that isnt the best sign as its the 1 i can never eat while pregnant. im hugging the toliet throwing up n dh has my oldest come n say..oh what mom ur pregnant!?! we can hear u throwing up! i dont want to be pregnant yet..not for a few more months! i want a summer baby….



    Whats a baltic amber necklace? O_O


    I have a little folder I keep in the kitchen full of recipes. Every time I come across a recipe I like I put a copy in there. Then each week when I am writing my shopping list I go in there and pick however many meals I need to make for the week. Have a bit of a cook book thing, have loads of them and love going through copying recipes. Wow my life sounds exciting!



    Has anyone here ever woken their *older* LO up for a last nursing before going to bed? K’s been asleep for almost 2 hours now and I’m just going to bed, which means she’ll be waking up just as I’m starting to get into a good sleep. So I was thinking about waking her up myself, in the hopes that she would sleep longer while I sleep. Has anybody tried this? Especially with an older baby…



    To all you pumping gals!!!! You are awesome! You show how determination can make it happen even in the worst situations. You all our Proud Pumpin’ Mamas! and we Love you!! Way to make it a year lisseth82! I did it for two months with my first. I thank God every day that he latched on. I don’t know if I could have done it and I’m anti-formula! HAHA! You are great. Leslie! Hang in there. You are doing a wonderful job and I believe you can make it. Look how quickly 7 months has gone. It sneaked right up on us! In no time we’ll be celebrating the little ones first birthdays! I know sad! HAHA! The fall usually goes quickly for us between the holidays, my birthday, Chris’ birthday, my MIL’s birthday. Then Alex’s is Jan 8th! Craziness! I can’t believe it’s already the end of August. kids are getting ready for school and all. I’m shocked where the summer went. I know, we really didn’t have much of a summer this year but it’s been fun!


    Bri when did you boys start napping at the same time? Sorry to those who are also sleep deprived hope you get some good sleep soon.


    congrats on the part time hours you must be so pleased.

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