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    for any californians out there.. heres a link i found regarding the states breastfeedng laws



    mandarae – Most doctors suggest startiing solids at six months but really you in many cultures babies don’t eat solids until they are closer to a year. I was over a year before I was interested in food so my mom just nursed me. I was healthy and growing and so my Ped didn’t think she needed to change things. It is said that at six months their tummies are able to handle solids but it’s just a number. Just like babies are born early or late, some aren’t ready at six months. If it was giving him bad stomach problems then I would suggest holding off. Let his tummy mature just a little more.



    sunflower, put some expressed breastmilk on it, and let it air dry. Works wonders!



    i thought i was going to bust this am! LO went 7 1/2 hours without nursing, he slept.. it was amazing.. and now he is FUSSSSY! and has to go to the doctor for diarrhea and major spit ups! 🙁



    Finally-having-our-son! i think maybe right nipple is harder than left side. i had that problem with my second. i kinda of forced. But cleaned nipple with hot tea. that soften my nipple.



    Amber- Totally normal! My left produces more than my right. When nursing my son prefered my left over right, so since exclusively pumping my left is producing more. Did your Lo prefer that side?



    The whole time I was pregnant all I wanted to do is breastfeed. My baby was born this past Tuesday 12/8/09. I tried to BF immediately after the birth and she would not take it. I waited until she was ready and finally got her to eat a tiny bit 5.5 hours later. I carefully watched for rooting and everything trying to breast feed every time only to end up with a very fussy baby. Finally after try after try I gave her some formula because I didn’t want her to be hungry. She would barely take that. I fought with feeding her from Tuesday until Thursday. I had started trying, failing, supplementing and then pumping at every feeding to stimulate my milk to come in. Thursday morning she was diagnosed with Jaundice due to blood type incompatibility and that was why she was not eating. I was discharged Thursday. She had to stay until friday under the lights. She still did not like my milk but would wear out formula like it was going out of style. She finally ate just not my breast milk. I am to the point now where as long as she eats I don’t care what it is. She lost 10% of her birth weight in 2 days. So anything is fine by me. This morning she tried to nurse, did it for 10 min a breast. Fussed and pooped 3 times in a four hour period eating a total of 3 oz of formula. both of us fought it til we just passed out from exhaustion. So I am wondering if maybe my breast milk is incompatible with her too?? She does great with the formula but she acts like she either doesn’t like my breasts or milk and it seems like its harder on her tummy than formula. I have also been watching what I eat and drink. So i don’t know. Is it possible that she is sensitive to me in general? at least my blood and breast milk. Any ideas? sorry so long. Its been a LOOONG five days.



    Ugh my baby has thrush and my poor nipples look like they are moldy from it. Poor baby has a diaper rash and white mouth from it, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering her. No wonder my nipples were sore the other day. I hope we can get rid of it fast. Unfortunatly I leak milk so bad that I constantly have dampness against me.



    I have to agree with Luv here. Alcohol while pregnant is not a good idea. There aren’t any studies because it is unethical to conduct such a study. We have no idea at what level is safe but we do know that alcohol has been linked to problems with the fetus. We also know that alcohol, cigs and drugs effect people at different levels. While one mom may boost that they drank throughout her whole pregnancy and her baby has no problems another will tell you that she drank before she knew she was pregnant and now has a small or even handicapped child. We just don’t know and therefore we should just give it up completely while pregnant. That being said, I do understand that these things are hard to give up while pregnant or breastfeeding but I think it can be done. I have a friend that smoked weed and cig before getting pregnant. Once she started trying she started to quit. She got pregnant the first time around and from there stopped. She slipped a few times but now her baby is six months old and she doesn’t smoke anything or drink because it isn’t right for her child. I applaud these women. I’ve said many times that I partied every weekend before getting pregnant. Now I don’t drink to get drunk. It isn’t responsible parenting in my mind. I don’t want my child to see me drunk.



    HI ladies, I am new here but have been following everyone’s comments since I was 2 months preggo. I was supposed to go back to work a few weeks ago but have not been able to since my LO is not taking a bottle, she is EBF but she will have nothing to do with a bottle. I have tried every bottle out there and daddy has tried and MIL but she refuses, I have also tried a sippy cup. Anyone have any ideas on why or how she can take a bottle? I’ve even tried tricking her, slipping her the adiri bottle when she closes her eyes at my breast… she didn’t like that lol When I sis try to have a night with hubby MIL was calling after 2 hours saying she was screamin bloody murder and wouldn’t eat, as soon as I got home she ate like she was starving, I felt so bad! Please msg me on my page and thanks for your help!



    Sabrina, you’re right. It’s not reliable but it is rare to get pregnant with a one month old that is breastfeeding. A four month old…yes…the chance become greater. My doctor knew I wanted to breastfeed and said to be careful until I wanted to get on birth control but almost 15 months later I still am not on birth control except condems.


    thanks for the info ladies 🙂 this website is so nice lol



    I was making them cereal with my milk, but I just started giving them Gerber baby food. Should I give them milk after they are done eating?


    mylesmommy–you can certainly get pregnant while nursing. It might not be as likely but it’s most certainly possible.



    samlib – Congrats on making it to 9months! That’s awesome. That’s so funny that you say you don’t want to stop. I almost quit at the beginning and then kept reaching goals and didn’t want to stop. HAHA! I keep saying I’m going to wean at 18months but who knows….HAHA!

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