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    Great idea, thanks =)



    Listen ur baby is not going to be NEEDY. My baby is 24 months tomorrow and I still nurse him. I come from a huge family and I know for a FACT children that are not breastfeed are WAY more needy. They do not get that one on one from mom that they need to feel more secure in life. Do research studies have shown BF babies are more independent then nonbf babies/kids. I do not understand also why you would say no to a baby that wants to nurse? Unless you are really trying to wean. My son has only been sick 1x in 2 years and he is so healthy and is now weaning himself. What ever works for you I understand but please understand ur child will not be more Needy they will be healthy which makes them lest needy and you mom will have so many health benefits and also and an amazing bond you can never get this time back. They are only our babies for a few years enjoy giving them God’s Gift!!! =) Sorry I never post and I felt I had to post on this subject. p.s with teeth just tell them no in a stern voice and they will not do it again! They no what they are doing! Good luck!


    m.e.a – mine nurses the same as yours and is well above the average weight for her age! I get about 5-10 minutes on one side every 3-4 hours. During the night she goes a little longer. It just means that our babies are excellent nursers! lol



    I’m about to switch from the mini pill back to the BC I was on before I got pregnant and feeling a little nervous about it. My supply is well established (8 months) and I’ll switch back if need be, but it still worries me a little. I just find the mini pill annoying – has to be taken at the right time and my AF is so out of whack. Has anybody else gone to the regular pill while BFing? Any experiences to share? Thanks!



    oh i c…i was thinkin the teeth/gums were involved in how they suck. thats good to know b/c thats a big reason y i only wanted to go 6 months and then pump and bottle feed until completely on solids



    hahahhaa mybabysurprise I just had to laugh my son farts like a little man anyways I was going to talk to the doctor about starting my little one on that ( I just don’t know how old they have to be for the vitamin drops) I will let you know if he farts more when he does take them lol!



    i hava a question i just heated up a precious bottle of breast milk in warm water and then went to feed it to DS but he was not interested, do i have to pour my liquid gold down the sink, or will it be ok to be reheated in the next hour or so and used???



    bri-i say if it is something you want to do then it want hurt. personally i hate pumping and can’t wait to stop doing it. of course if my son took a drastic change in his growth i might be willing to keep going. of course he’s a pee wee and can’t go down to many more percent marks. i’m a pee wee too (5ft 100lbs) though so i wasn’t surprised or worried.



    Another question…sorry if I’m getting annoying 😉 Is it okay to have a caffinated soda? Like, if you have it right after a feeding so that it’s a few hours before you feed your little on? I miss caffiene so much!!



    Hi everyone! I have not been on here fore awhile so I don’t know if anyone remembers me. But congrats on bf’ing looks like everyone is doing a great job! Brandon will be 10 mths. in 2 days and we are still bf’ing, yayyyyy! No formula for him at all. Question: for those that have been bf’ing this long, or longer, how do you keep supply up when baby eats food now and not just bm? I have never had supply issues. I work a couple days a week and pump when I am at work. I barely get 2 oz. during a pump session now. When he nurses from me he seems to get what he needs but I am not pumping much anymore.



    Lovely! More ‘guidelines’ to screw with breastfeeding success! Ugh!!…..



    Hannah-I’m getting mirena on the 21st. The pamphlet my doc gave me says it doesn’t cause you to gain weight.


    OMG ladies I went home for lunch to feed Malachi and he was asleep so I pumped. Well I have returned to work and it is time to pump again and I left my shields at home 🙁



    mere-and-girl – The difference is that you didn’t get induced because you wanted the baby out. You got induced because nature wasn’t taking it’s course. As for co-sleeping, you don’t abhore it. I’ve heard a million times how dangerous it is. But, it’s only dangerous if you aren’t breastfeeding, if you drink, or if you smoke. Research suggests that co-sleeping is actually beneficial to baby and reduces the risk of SIDS. Because Baby begins to mimic moms breathing they don’t have the same problems.



    I have read about the mother’s milk and wanted to know if those of you that have tried it can testify that it really increases the milk supply. My LO is 2 months old and my milk supply seems to be low. She feeds quite often and since she was born to about a few weeks ago I was producing an ample amount of milk. Is it also possible for the body to adjust to producing the amount of milk that the baby is actually consuming? Please share your wisdom….

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