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    My breasts are engorged and leaking on everything! What 2 do??



    For increasing milk there are sooo many options. I used to eat 15fenugreek tablets a day. That helped. The key with fenugreek is that you know you’ve taken enough when your sweat smells like maple syrup. It worked ok. I tried Reglan but it made me anxious and I couldn’t breath or sit still so obviously I didn’t stay on it long enough for it to work. Mother’s milk tea did nothing for me. I love tea and was drinking loads. I guess the concentrated form in tablets worked better for me. I tried milk drops as well and that was a waste of money. The best solution for me was soaking old fashion oats in water over night and eating that. I don’t know what letting it sit releases but something happens to the oatmeal to make it increase milk. I started pumping twice of what I was getting before. My sister had better results then I did. Good Luck ladies trying to increase supply. It is so worrisome! I’m excited not to work and not have to deal with pumping. Then I can just let Kekoa eat when he wants and wean when he wants.



    1byfaith- Sorry so long to reply but I don’t have internet at home. So you ask what would I do different… Well, when I first had RJ I listened to the advice of women who had never nursed… I wouldn’t wake RJ as everyone would say don’t wake him. He will wake up when he is hungry…., Well he might have ate every 4-5 hours instead of every 2-3. We went on vacation to hubby’s grandmother’s and since she doesn’t ‘approve’ of nursing I didn’t nurse my son like I should have and that is the main thing that killed my supply. I will also know that I should take my sister’s advice, pump after each nursing during the first months to help build supply. (This is just some things I will try to make things different.)



    Kym – If your child is hungrier then feed her more. To increase what you pump… 1. this weekend when your LO is with you, bf as much as possible and hen pump right after. 2. try eating soaked oats at least once a day. if not twice… 1 cup of oats to 1 cup of water soaked overnight , add brownsugar (or what you like) to make it taste eatable. 3. Pump more often during the day, not only when you are at work. I would pump5 or 6 times a day m-f and 2 or 3 times sat – sun. The best pump i would have during the day is first thing in the morning just bfore i would feed my son his AM feeding. Good luck!



    Today is a sad day…I have to go back to work tomorrow :-(. I hate leaving my baby. Luckily my mom will be watching her and I’m a teacher so I only have a few months left. I’m just sick about leaving her…
    Anyway, my plan is to pump so I can continue BF. It worked with my first baby so I can do it again!



    ozbaby- yay, I’m so happy for you! kym22- does chocolate give your baby gas? I have to be really careful with choc because Riley gets bad gas…I’m sure the malt did taste great that way, but I would watch for that one thing…just a thought 🙂



    hello everyone! i’m a first time mom and my daughter just turned 11 months. up to now i have been breastfeeding on demand and she eats most table foods. i returned to work full time this week and my daughter started home day care. however, she refuses to drink homo milk from a bottle or cup. she will drink juice from her cup though. the day care is concerned and says i should wean her completely so she drinks the homo milk. i dont want to wean her yet. do u think its ok if she goes 9 hours without breastfeeding while im at work? she eats food and juice no problem though.



    Thanks Cheyne. I don’t want to leave her, but it’s not like she 6 weeks old is it! I think I worry too much! It’s just the morning feed, but I’m going to attempt to pump some milk today (haven’t pumped for over a year though!) I think I’ll look like a dairy cow in the morning when she doesn’t feed!



    Parkersmommy- I got a terrible bite last night, it’s awful! I screamed out at my parent’s house and nearly dropped her! She got a shock so I am hopeful she got the idea. She has been getting a bit bitey but never like actually clamped down. Well last night I thought she would spit my nipple out lol. So funny how they react to our reactions isn’t it. I’m praying today goes without any bites.



    dustins mommy–whenever my baby gets antsy at the breast i bring her to my bed and feed her lying down. always seems to work for us for some reason.



    Brandy, when I first started pumping it was painful also. Probably for about the first month or so.. Now my son is 7 1/2 months old and it only hurts around that time of the month.



    Hey ladies! Just wanted to leave a quick update.we went to the dr for my son’s 9 month check up and he weighs about 15.5 lbs. Dr said that he’s gained enough over the last 3 months that it’s nothing to worry about anymore. I was elated! He’s still ebf and we’re going to make it to a year. There’s been a lot of struggles and at the same time I feel like breastfeeding’s one of the easiest things I’ve done. So pretty much no more bottles except when I’m away from him and my supply of frozen milk should get me through the next 3 months. I’ve also started introducing the sippy cup and he does a decent job of drinking from that but I still have to hold it for him. Anyway it make be hard at times but stick with it, the reward is so unbelievable! I remember saying I’d just go to 6 months and then after I got there there was no way that I could stop, so on to 12 months we go! I think it’s going to be harder on me to stop than him, lol!



    kelly- i had the same thing happen to me with my son in the hospital. They told me because he latched on crooked, and he was sucking more to the side of my nipple. It was a blood blister. It goes away in a week or so but its very uncomfortable. Lanolin helped 🙂 Good luck


    acissej- Do you own a pump?? I would pump by the 3rd hr if she hasn’t ate.



    sometimes my daughter will want to nurse for close to an hour but usually a nursing session only takes about 10 – 15 mins for us

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