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    Logically I know that we would probably be fine cosleeping, but I am just having a hard time getting over the anxiety attacks. She does come into bed with me in the morning, but I get little to no sleep. She does seem to sleep better, which of course supports what you are saying, I just couldn’t forgive myself if something happened.



    I’m just wondering how some ladies come to the conclusion they are not producing enough milk? I can’t even estimate how much jacob consumes, I just latch him on and he eats. Sometimes fast and fierce, then slow like a trickle. In between, I sometimes feel engorged and pump, but usually when I tingle, he is hungry.



    Maddux- I’m pretty open about these things. At first I left my bra on during sex and now it’s not as important since I don’t let down as much. I still have a hands off rule though since it’s not really pleasurable right now. I hope that helps.



    sydneemay – Savannah still prefers nursing to any solids. I offer her all sorts of healthy food throughout the day and she will eat, but not much. It is almost as if it is a small appetizer for her and then she realizes that she just wants my boob. I try to hold off and have her eat whatever food I’m offering instead, but she flat out refuses and insists upon trying to grab at my shirt and doing the whole sideways head tilt to simulate nursing haha! I have to say that it does worry me. I just worry that she is not getting all the nutrition that she needs now at this age if she is taking in more breastmilk than solids. But at least what she does eat, like I said, are healthy nutrition-dense foods like avocado, salmon, lima beans, berries, nonalbacore tuna, spinach, organic yogurt, brown rice, edamame, grean beans, etc but it’s only usually just a few bites.Oh and she flat out refuses her vitamin as well and when I do force it with the little dropper, she throws it up. Lovely. Anyway, sorry for the whole drawnout story, but I guess my point is I am hoping that she will want less breast and more solids for the optimum health, not to mention iron…


    I bet you got such a shock when you saw her trying to feed the bottle to your baby. I can’t imagine just taking it upon myself to feed someone else’s baby



    laura- now that danny is older i usually dont change his bottom at night and we co sleep…if the off chance i notice he is poopy i will change but half the time i wake up enough to undo my nursing tank and get him latched on lol



    Is there any reason I shouldn’t let my 2 month old DD sleep in the swing at night, other than using up batteries? Last night she was wide awake at bedtime, so I put her in the swing where she promptly fell asleep. So I moved her into the bedroom while still in the swing, and she slept from 11pm til 3:30 am! Even then I woke her up to nurse, so she might have slept longer. Normally, she sleeps in the bassinet, and only makes it to 1:30 or 2:00 am. I felt guilty about her sleeping in the swing though, like it’s something I shouldn’t do. If I continue, will I be creating a bad habit where she’ll only be able to sleep while moving? I’m not sure if I should continue or just put her back in the bassinet tonight.


    Ummm. Dim Sum. Do you go to the place that has a parking lot for like 6 cars but its a big place??? I so want to be in downtown Seattle today on the water front. grrrrrrr to John having to work on the nicest weekend


    Thanks Bri & Jeffswife – I hate my hormones lately. I feel like I’m on a constant rollercoaster. I just recently got my AF so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it (it never affected me before). These past few weeks have been hard on me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I think everything is just starting to really get to me. I hate complaining when I have so much to be grateful for. I’m so glad to have this support group, though. You girls are awesome. 🙂


    Lilmam- I didn’t knwo that about baby steals. I was really sad the other day I missed the cloth diapers with cool designs.. SHIRLS- I stopped using it and my milk seems to come in thicker.



    noah colts mommy – I don’t because of the simple reason that it’s HORRIBLE for you. There have been even more studies the last few years and I wouldn’t suggest getting back into it. If you need to get some light then go outside. Do a self tanner spray if you need to but stay away from those beds!!



    illy2, probiotics are fine. They are a bacteria that live in your intestine, so it doesn’t cross over into breastmilk at all. Even if it did (I find contradicting studies on that point) probiotics are good for baby, so it really wouldn’t matter. 🙂



    benbubby, yes bf babies can have reflux. My son has it. For us it is mostly a laundry problem. Now that I think back, I do remember a lot of back-arching and fussing at the breast when he was younger, but he seems fine the rest of the time. As long as your LO is gaining weight, and doesn’t seem uncomfortable (sometimes the acid burns their throat a bit) then it really doesn’t matter. Just make sure you have extra clothes, and a receiving blanket at all times! Braeden is 6 months now, and I’m just starting to notice a small decrease in his spitting up. He still does it at least 10-15 times per day though!



    Baltic amber has anti-inflamatory properties and it helps dull the pain. They make them in baby sizes. Alex wears his all day and around his ankle at night. We love it and swear by it. You can find them for about $20. Amazon is where I got mine.



    I spend about $200 a week for the 4 of us and our darn pets. HAHA! I buy only organics and even my meats come from a local butcher with only grassfed animals. I’m a little spoiled though. Oh and many of my herbs and veggies come from my own organic garden.

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