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    So, my parents are in town visiting this weekend and my mom asked if I had considered giving Rachel any water. I said no, why would I do that when she has boob juice! LOL! What’s with that generation and their fascination with water!?!



    I ordered my hands free pumping corset from Amazon and its really cute, black with while polka dots! My electric pump should be here tomorrow and I actually excited to get this thing rolling ! Although I figured today the only time I think Im going to have to pump is during my lunch. So here I will be sitting at my desk , eating my lunch, by myself while pumping. *sigh*


    phat baby- after you paste go to edit. delete the entire code and re cody entire HTML code from photobucket. Dont just delete and repaste the code in the edit box… if that makes any sense.



    had a wonderful experience with Landen and hubby last night Landen needed a bath but hates bath time SCREAMS like I am killing him and when that happens I leak so last night I got in the tub with landen and nursed him while daddy washed and helped if we needed anything it was so calm and peaceful LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Jessica, that happens to me all the freakin’ time! HAHA! I take Chris out and pow! something happens. Well, talking about Chris. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’ll never be ready for potty training on his own. HAHA! Sooo, today we’re hanging out in cloth trainers all day long. Ugh! He’s had one accident on the couch, ewww! I’ve been making him go every hour and he still had an accident. Grrr! I really want him potty trained soon. He’ll be 3 in a couple months, you’d think he’d be ready by now. I’m ok with him not being night time trained but man am I ever ready for him to be daytime trained. I want him to at least be good around the house and then we’ll start with going out to the grocery or park. Yikes! My little boy is growing up. *sigh* But, this is my last hurdle that I have no idea how to handle. I’d take thrush or mastitis over this one! I know what to do with that. I’ve even take low supply since I know how to fix that. Potty training is my one thing that I wish I could just pay someone to do for me. HAHA! At least with Alex I’ll have a clue on how.



    Anyone Familiar with Breast Shells? Is it safe to feed your baby milk that has leaked from your nipple into the Breast Shell? I know nothing about them, Any help would be great. Thanks 🙂



    Maybe this is it…My little girl is 13 months and still b/f…She has been nursing so much that my breast dont even seem to ever have any milk in them..I even thought that I dryed up and that she was just using me as a paci ..Well today she was so busy playing I only nursed her 1 time for about 3 seconds..So after her nap I noticed that my breast hurt..They filled up some much that there were lumps in my breast..I tryed to nurse her to releive some of the pain and as soon as she stared to nurse she stoped and made a yucky face..hahaha She is not used to all this breast milk and doesnt want it…I kept trying to nurse her and she wont take it…I sure hope this means shes done.



    micaela: how is your LO feeling?? hopefully better! and the engorgement…I feel your pain when I was going through that, too…hurts so bad, I couldn’t wait to pump every morning!



    alot of babies take to one side more than the other with my son he was like that and the only way to get him to nurse on it was to get on my hands and knees and helf sit him up with me over him really uncomfortable but it worked or face him toward me when he nursed.. sometimes they just dont like laying on a certain side when they nurse..



    Do any of you know if it’s normal for one breast to produce twice as much breast milk than trhe other? My left breast only makes half as much as the right and wonder if it means anything?



    my son is 5 months and always spits up after feeding ..right after an hour after! not whole bottle …but a large enough amount to change my clothes or his!! helpppppppppppppppppppp


    arca: i did the same thing, waited until he was over 8 weeks for bottle and paci. hes 3 1/2 months now, and has been taking a paci for 3 weeks. someone gave me a tip that actually worked. i put it in his mouth and gently tugged on it. it made him suck harder. also, when he got upset, he would suck my arm to the point he gave e a hickey. after that, he would take it. for bottles, i have tried half a dozen and the one he likes is avent tempo. its the only one he will take, even tried going back to the others and he wont take them. i use the stage 2 nipples, they’re designed for bf’d babies of all ages



    cutiedoll676 – I think we all have a donmant boob. HAHA! My right one produces twice as much as my left. Not much you can do. You may try to nurse more on the other one but I haven’t found that it works. Don’t worry, it’s normal. As if you are lop sided…don’t worry, no one knows but you and maybe hubby…if he looks hard enough. hAHA!



    hi ladies… does anyone know if there are vitamins or anything we can take to increase breastmilk? my baby is 3 weeks old and i have been struggling since day 1. unfort, didnt have a good nurse in the hosp to tell me what i was doing wrong until both nipples were ready to fall off. baby was only on the nipple so they had me giving her a bit of formula to compensate. i just dont feel like my suppy is in and hope i didnt mess it up by feeding her wrong. can anyone help?



    hey ladies, I’m wondering if anyone has any experience in this matter: I’m unable to go back to work because the lady I used to care for, who said it would be no problem bringing Ava to work with me because of the weird hours (3 times a day for 2 hours or so each time …) decided in October that this was no longer ok. The wait lists for daycare are 2+ years so obviously, I’m screwed. so I decided I’m going to run a family child care instead of going back. Here’s the thing though. Ava is solely breastfed and I have every intention of continuing to breastfeed until she doesn’t want it anymore. I realize when she’s older that it’ll likely be just a nighttime feed. Right now, she is 5 months. I need to be fully into this daycare by May and she’ll be 10 months. How much solid food do your 10 month olds eat and how often do they nurse? Would it be feasible for me to just feed her at night? I REALLY don’t want Ava having formula, but because of the struggle I had getting her on the breast I’m terrified to give her bottled breastmilk. Suggestions?

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