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    Myprideandjoy3-it is amazing how it works!! i agree how twisted it has became.



    I found this online. Its so cheap I ordered it. What the heck do I have to lose?


    Anyone have any tips on weaning? When? How? My son is almost 10 months, and I’m gonig to start him on whole milk at a year. He still has night feeds, most nights its one or 2. He will drink a bottle, and can use a sippy cup. He eats milk at 5am, 9am, 2pm and 7pm, with 3 full solid meals a day. Do I just start spacing the feeds out long until hes down to 3, then 2, then 1 feed a day? And, how long apart? it took him awhile to go from 2 hours inbetween feeds to what he is now, up until 9 months actually lol. Also, I’m on the minipill, and my doctor told me once he’s weaned, I have to switch to something else. If I get him down to nursing, say once a day, the pill pretty much isn’t effective anymore, but I can’t start a new one until he’s completely done breastfeeding right?



    divralaura- I myself noticed that potatoes and chocolate do not agree with my lo. They give him alot of gas. Some other things that can cause problems- broccoli, caffiene, spicy stuff or cabbage. Some babies do ok with everything…Just watch for fussiness and limit the amount of those things that you notice baby has issues with. Happy breastfeeding =)


    Hey all, just had to check in and see how everyone is doing! Travis will be 18 months in 4 days and we’re still going strong. I actually think that weaning, if I try to initiate is going to be really rough. I just keep hoping he will wean himself but I am not really up for nursing a 3 yr old! I also want to get pregnant in the near future and don’t plan on tandem nursing either so I guess we’ll see what happens. Bri- So sorry to hear about your job! I’m hopeful though that in a couple months you’ll look back and totally see it as a blessing. Kekoa of course is definitely getting the best deal :-). Ozbaby- Of course, you know me, I’m going to say go back to strickly breastfeeding. If you really want to be done then you’ll have to try a different kind of formula. Were there foods you had to avoid while nursing? Like if you had to avoid milk you’ll want to get a soy based formula. It might just take time for her body to adjust to the formula also, you could try mixing it half and half or 1/4 formula 3/4 breastmilk until she adjusts. My feelings about sex versus breastfeeding probably aren’t popular, but you have the rest of your life to have sex, your baby will only be a baby for a little while longer :-). I know, men don’t get that but Mommy to Mommy those are my thoughts. Good luck! I miss all of you and hope you’re doing well!



    I will try the oats thing. i am not allowed to pump more than twice at work (once on my lunch break and they allow me one other break-it takes me 30 mins to pump) and i think that is what has my supply dropping even more. i have in the past tried to pump after feeding my baby but nothing would come out and i felt my efforts were in vain. is that normal. should more come out when you pump after feeding??? i am afraid to pump before i feed her in worry that there will not be enough left for her breakfast



    For the mums with babys having slow weight gain i would recommend checking their length. I was so concerned with my little girls weight that i couldnt work out why she was feeding well and not gaining a lot until someone one here told me to check her length and she had grown like 7cm!
    So dont get hung up on weight and keep an eye on how long they are getting as well. I also agree to trust your own instincts and keep doing what you feel is best as those weight charts are only a guide anyway and people are all different…



    felicia marie – If you google ‘hand expression video’ you will get some videos that demonstrate how to hand express. That is the only way that I can get much milk. I can get 2 to 3 times more when I hand express than using a double pump. It takes a little practice and figuring out how to get the letdown, but it’s a good alternative if your body isn’t reacting well to a pump or you are in a pinch without your pump. I usually hand express anywhere from 15 to 20 oz per day.



    Storm – you’re right to be questioning this, weaning your bub completely won’t guarantee she will take ordinary milk. My 18 month old still doesn’t like the taste. He does have a bit of formula (finished BF at 16 months). Will your daughter take formula at all? 9 hours does sound a long time for an 11 month old to go without some sort of milk, but in reality she’d probably be fine if she eats other dairy like yoghurt of cheese, and still gets a BF at either end of the day.



    Thanks for the welcome Judi! 🙂 Mumzie- can you pump on a lunch break? Sometimes my work is hectic, but I find that even if I pump after 4 hours or so of not breastfeeding/pumping, my milk supply stays the same…. I just pump more milk at that feeding. Oh, and I started my son on classic evenflo bottles and he takes them just fine, and still nurses too….



    kelly-roo, I’d get a medical opinion on that asap. And avoid alcohol in the meantime. Could be a problem with your liver, and could be serious.



    MyOwnQueen, I remember the same comments when I was breastfeeding my first, and I was amongst a lot of unsupportive friends and family. But it’s really okay. My baby now is 9 months old and she’s my sixth breastfed baby – yeah, you might get a bite or two sometimes, but it’s NOT a deal breaker! I’m actually recovering from a little nip to my right-side booby the other day, but it’s nothing compared to the discomfort of first getting started breastfeeding.


    Brandy, as for the feedings I agree that you should be nursing, my son isn’t even 3 months and gets way more nursing than he will take from a bottle. Our hospital with my other son always had me nurse then offer a bottle of pumped milk to make sure they gained properly.



    Anniemarie, I said the same thing. I was going to stop at 6 months but, now he is 8 months old and I decided to go to 12 also. It is worth all the work. I think it is easier than formula though..



    awaitingourangel It is perfectly fine to feed one breast at a time. Your body will produce enough milk. Our bodies are amazing and they will meet the demand for your baby as well as the timing on when your baby needs it. By the way I feed one breast at a time and it has worked great for me and my 7 month old =0)

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