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    Alex has never had a bottle either. We’ve been doing the sippy every once in a while but it’s not a priority for us right now. HAHA! Well, it’s almost 10 and he just woke up. Just got him back to sleep in his bed. Had to pat his bum and sneak out. We’ll see how long he last this time. I’m going to head to bed soon and enjoy sprawling out on my king size bed…alone! Hubby is in the office working. It’ll be a nice for a few, only because I know Alex will be my little snuggle bug here shortly. HAHA!



    Laura me too. The good thing is both my boys wear the same size and we’re potty training one.



    Thanks, Bri. Unfortunately for me it’s not if she wakes, it’s when. And how many times. If I’m putting her in her crib she’s awake every 2-4 hours. If she ‘sleeps’ with us she’s sitting up all through the night and kicking her daddy in the head or trying to crawl over my face while still latched on… Oh how I miss the days of her sleeping 8-11 hours straight!


    I almost always have to nurse John to sleep. Last night was the WORSE. He wouldn’t go to sleep for anything and he hardly had a nap during the day. It was 10:30 and he still was fighting his sleep. I don’t knwo what his deal is lately but it’s making me tired! DH took over and got him to sleep last night. I had put him down 3 times and he would wake each time screaming. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    leslie- your pic of lawson made me cry … idk if it’s hormones or your struggle but omg it’s beautiful!



    LAWSON-At least some good news today!!! Yay! I would love parttime. To me that’s the best of both worlds. Oh and Karen (my MIL) would never be brave enough to call my mom and vent though I wish she would b/c my mom is very good at telling it like it is and not suger coating anything. When I put my BIL in his place over nursing and cosleeping at Isaac’s first birthday party my mom just busted out laughing. She was so proud of me. I’m normally kind of a pushover with family and friends. I just hate to argue and I’m great at lipservice.


    Potty training scares me! James comes and tells me when he has had a poo but have stopped letting him run around with no nappy on. New carpets!



    Also, Anyone know much about the Nuby Softflex Bottles?



    mamadear04, I looked at your profile and noticed you are TTC…. if you get pregnant it changes the taste of your milk, and sometimes the baby doesn’t like the new taste. I wonder if that could be why your LO made a face…. just a thought 🙂



    Well LO is still not acting right.. but doc said there is nothing we can do! I did figure out that he will nap in his swing now.. but before he would only cry in the swing LOL. i can only hope its better tomorrow! cause i have a migraine and just dont feel good myself! plus my older son had dental work done and is crabby! oh what a day.. 🙁



    My son is 2 weeks old today. He latched really well from the get go and everything was going great. When my milk came in and my breasts were engorged he had a harder time originally latching due to the firmness of the boob and smaller, flatter nipple, but after diddling the nipple a little he was able to latch and feed well. Well, now my milk has settled, but he is still not latching right away: he diddles the nipple a bit, makes some small sucks, latches and then comes off, and then finally latches on good for the feed. I’m not worried about him not gaining or feeding well. I was just wondering why he has reverted to having a harder start? Anyone else experience this or something similar?



    Hello everyone. I am new to this site I found this when I was searching for ways to increase milk supply. I have been pumping exclusively for 6 months now and am very glad to see that I am not alone 🙂



    mich – Have you tried different formulas? Cutting certain things out of your diet if you are bf/pumping? My son would throw up/vomit after everything and i found out later it was b/c he was allergic to dairy. changing him to soy was like a day/night difference.



    mommy-at-home – There are times when you DO need to wake a sleeping baby. My son was losing weight when he first was born. He would not wake up because of hunger. We had to wake him every three hours to eat. When he was about a month old I stopped waking him because he was gaining but he wasn’t at first. I would say never wake an older sleeping baby. Under a month old sometimes needs to happen. My son wasn’t small when he was born 8lb 11oz but he lost 1lb 5oz before he started gaining.



    erica93 – I’m sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out. It is perfectly normal although frustrating to only get 2oz. I think Luv got that much her whole year of pumping. It sucks but maybe you can do more pumps. I also have a pump in style and love it. If you think it is struggling you might want to take it somewhere to have them look at it. My hospital has a women’s center right next to it. That is where I bought mine. They have lactation consultants and such there. I’d probably take mine there and ask if this is how it is suppose to be sounding. You might have a lemon or it might just be the sound it makes. I’m not sure. Mine doesn’t sound like it is struggling but maybe yours is. Maybe that is your problem with pumping? Also, I’d find what works for you to improve your supply in pumping. I know I could feed my son every day exclusively breastfeeding if I didn’t have to pump but I eat oatmeal to get more out of pumps. Pumping is a crazy thing. Good Luck and keep up the good fight. HAHA!

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