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    Hi ladies, do any of you have any tips on how to get your little ones to take a sippy cup or bottle? My 6 mnth old can’t seem to get the hang of either since she has only been bf, but I am pregnant again and am afraid my supply might not be able to keep up when I don’t drink enough due to ms. Thanks



    As you can see by the forums we offer, this site does support breastfeeding mothers. However, we also support formula feeding mothers. If you want to remain a member of the site, we are asking for no more discussion of this on the boards. If you have a question or concern, please write me on my page. If you continue to post degrading comments regarding the rules or site, your account will be removed.



    babyl – It’s not recommended. In my experience, those who start supplimenting to ‘hold the child over’ will slowly lose supply and quit within months. The reason Baby eats every couple of hours or more often is because they need to and it helps build supply. The more you feed the more you will make. Around 3months the milk levels off and you aren’t as engorged. Baby will also start going for longer periods and only nurse often during growth spurts which ramps up your milk supply again. It is very tiring at first but if you are committed to breastfeeding them know ahead of time some babies eat every hour in the beginning.



    incrediblelinda- i’m not to sure about this, but I would think just to go cold turkey??? If you breastfeed even one time a day it would tell your body to atleast make that much. I think just going cold turkey would be very painful as you get engorged, but you can use ice packs and cabbage leafs to help the pain until they go down. Again, this is my guess but i’m not really sure.


    kym – I had the same problem with all the bags. I got a rolling cart to throw it all in. I was tired of feeling like a pack mule 😛 Now I just put my purse, pumping bag, work bag, gym bag and diaper bag in the cart and pull it behind me. SUCH a lifesaver!



    angelag3girls- with the oz an hour that would be 1 oz per breast or combined? I do make enough but over the weekend she seemed like something was wrong afterwards and her diapers weren’t as wet as normal. I know its not a growth spurt, she just had one about 2 weeks ago.



    julieandbaby – 5 weeks was my horror week so 6 weeks is pretty close to that. Wyatt ate every hour and never seemed to be full. Growth Spurt from hell! It was soooo hard and frustrating. Just power through. Make yourself available when he needs you I heard it a million times during that period but it gets so much easier! We are almost at 7 months now and he can completely empty both breasts in about 10 minutes easily. He doesnt waste time anymore in and out (or should I say on and off). Definitely glad I stuck with it.



    Have any of you ladies tried beer? I mean, not goin and getting drunk but drinkin a beer or two a day. I have tried that in the past and it really worked for me. The only downside is that i HATE beer



    kym22- woo-hoo! I’d be doing a happy dance if I’d pumped that much in one sitting too. how awesome! good for you



    For the mommies out there with older babies do you still use a nursing pillow while breastfeeding? My LO seems to be getting too long for it. He is only four months old but very long. His legs are always hanging off it and I’m wondering if it makes his back uncomfortable. Just curious on how to make my LO the most comfortable as the months go on. Thanks!


    i guess its different because i live in canada. not a whole lot of warm weather in the fall/winter/spring months. hell, we got snow on saturday lol



    Be careful w/ the beer. It has actually been shown that the alcohol can inhibit let down. That being said, once you’re established etc etc, you can pretty much do anything. Kellyroo, I’m with you! One week postpartum I was like, ‘WAIT a minute. I’m not pregnant and I’m NOT ALLOWED to have a drink? My doc wasn’t even that stringent during pregnancy!’ And you KNOW I had a beer (we brew our own; that one was called Baby Boy Brown Ale and was delish!).


    i just want to state my situation since we are on the welfare subject. i am a single mother of a 4 year old and a 6 week old..i recieve medical from the state only..i was laid off some time ago and obviously could use some help…however i do not get food stamps or money..only medical..i am also on wic but i choose to EFB..i fully support myself and my children with the exception of medical help. i guess it goes to show not all women take advantage of the system…but it is sad to see how many women just continue to have kids so that their weekly TANF and food stamps will go up..very sad..its sad..because when i could of really used the help when i lost my job they turned me away because i received unempoyment lol…the system is totally effed up..but i am proud to say financially i take care of mine



    I think I will try twice today… I have been eating once a day all week and no increase ) :
    I am on vacation (stay-cation) this week and hopefully just being home with her and feeding all week will give me good boost to get through a few more months.



    SydneeMay2009 – Check this site out. It tells yo the WHO’s recommendations. It’s great. My son weaned himself at 21months. This is fine with me because I’m pregnant with my next but I really had planned on letting him go as long as he wanted. Which just happened to be before 2yrs.

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