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    kla2200 – haha, yes the bottom of Clem’s pants get filthy! I have to spray them with stain remover before washing. Some are probably going to get worn right through. Oh well, he’s a happy little bum scooter!



    lizzie287: Why cant you still feed her through the day if your doing home day care? Surely there is no rule to say you cant feed your baby.



    jennllewis – Unless you have a fever you don’t have Mastitis…yet. It does sound like a clog. And, you are doing what’s right. Keep massaging it, put heat on it and pump pump pump….feed, feed ,feed. Also, depending on whever it is can be difficult but try to point Baby’s chin towards the lump. Once the clog is clear it may be tender for a few days but you should be fine. Be sure to empty you breasts at every feed/pump. Good Luck



    Any suggestions on breast pumps? Anyone have one that they love, or maybe one that we should stay away from? Thanks!



    ms m- you can use heating pads and pump if you have a pump if not you can try standing in a hot shower and let the water run over your breasts. As for leaking everywhere just use some nursing pads. Most nursing moms will atleast leak 2-4 months if not more.



    Can you tell me a little more about the soaked oats? I would like to have my supply go up a little more. My son is 6 months and I pump 3 times at work and only get 2 1/2 to 3 ounces each time. When he eats he gets full but when pumping I just don’t get a lot so I would like to have more supply so my aunt doesn’t have to give him a formula bottle once a day while at day care.

    Thanks loads…



    I am having major problms breast feeding and could use some advice. My 42 DD breasts are overflowing with milk. I went through two boxes of nursing pads so far (one a week). I tired the washable pads and those are a joke. I tried pumping and the milk just rushes back in full force as soon as I am done. I literally have folded receiving blankets in each bra cup to prevent leaking everywhere.I REALLY want to breast feed, but this is getting rediculous! Any advice please respond on my profile. THANKS!!



    i have a question about the soaked oats. are you all talking about plain old quaker oats that you can get at a walmart store or something else?



    mommiesbabe: When you say cracked do you mean dry and cracked or just creased? If they are creased that wont matter as the baby pulls your nipple out anyway. If your worried i would use Lansinoh cream every day to make them supple ( especially if they are dry and cracked) You will need this wonderful lifesaving ( nipple saving) cream in the first few weeks anyway so its good to have.



    nickykennedy- breast milk is best…they just say you can give your lo cows milk at 1yr if they arent still nursing . its not a requirement. he gets more nutrtion from your milk then a cow! id say you can skip all that and the soy milk if you wanted just continue giving him breastmilk.



    Judi you’re totally right that sometimes it is fun to have a bit of debate going! I haven’t posted on this forum for quite a while but your comment got me fired up, haha. I think the whole meds thing came up because someone asked a question about it, so people with experience of it were responding, so it made it sound like practically everyone was taking them. You’re also right that confidence can have a lot to do with it. A friend of mine gave up BF her second boy earlier than she wanted to because a doctor had undermined her confidence by saying her baby was underweight and she had to start supplementing with formula. The fact was her baby was perfectly happy and healthy, and she just has small babies. But, she lost faith in herself. However, sometimes all the faith and positivity in the world won’t make it work right. Another friend fed confidently for the first couple of weeks and the baby loved sucking for hours on end, but for whatever reason her milk never fully came in, even after she was given meds, and the baby was fading away. She managed to combine breast and formula for about 6 months which was the best solution for her and fortunately her daughter still loved to bf. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.



    Parkers-thats great, maybe i need to start the fenugreek again… is it just regular packages of oat meal that help? I have the cinnamon raisen not sure it is the right stuff.
    Oh and thats awesome to hear about someone who pumped for a year i hope i can do the same



    HaHa-Thought I was the only one losing my mind!! Mine says ‘get the milk, get the milk.’






    Hello-I’ve been EBF my LO for 7 mths now. Plus he is on solids. He will be 8mths on the 20th. I’m thinking it is time to start weaning him off now. I have about 2 wks supply in the freezer so far. Any ideas on the best way to wean your LO? He’s never tried formula at all. I do love EBF my son and I don’t mind pumping. He is just getting so big and its getting difficult taking him out b/c I dont like nursing in public, so when we do take him places, I have to come back home to nurse him or pump…. Also, my LO does not have teeth yet so I figured it would be a good time to wean him before he cuts his first tooth.

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