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    dominique- my baby hates bottles also I ve been strictly breastfeeding she is 5wks now , my son was Breastfed for 11 mos he took his first bottle @ 6wks but it had to be given by someone else he wouldnt take it from me… with this lil one I have a few bottles she will not take but I bought her a breastflow & my son got her to drink about an ounce but that was it then she was ready to nurse 30 mins later…

    Im having a hard time not drinking caffenine I feel horrible but Im so exhausted that I feel like I need a coke , Im going to try to go without coke tmrw omg let the withdrawls begin …Im afraid it may be making her tummy ache 🙁



    Today a friend of mine (who is breastfeeding) came over. I am so happy. She has been supplementing and actually primarily just ff’ing, but wants to continue bfing. When she first got to my house she was saying that tonight’s bf session would probably be the last as her ds preferred the bottle and her milk was drying up. I talked to her more over the next couple of hours about increasing her supply by nursing, and eating oatmeal and almonds. I also showed her how to use compression nursing to help her ds be less frustrated at the breast. By the time she left she was saying she wanted to continue bfing, at least another 3 months. I’m so happy I was able to help her. A lot of the knowledge I passed on was thanks to you ladies, so, THANKS!


    hi i have a question regarding feeding to sleep. I fed my 1st son to sleep and it caused major sleep issues he was still waking 4 or 5 times a night after he was one. I eventually got him to stop but it was long hard work. I’m not one for letting them cry it out. My 2nd son is only 6 days but i want to try to avoid the same thing happening. Any advice?


    my letdowns hurt too. It’s getting better because my supply is becoming established but it still feels very odd to me. My opposite side still lets down pretty much every time i nurse Ive noticed if i push down my nipple it keeps me from leaking all over the place. Clementine is 12 weeks old and ebf but lately I’ve been thinking of supplementing even though my goal was to ebf till she was at least 6 months old. I bf my son till he was 2 and he had both breast and formula from day one and he never cared where the milk came from as long as he got some. She’s a little fussier than he ever was though so I don’t know how she’d take to formula… Honestly I think she may prefer it cause it’s less work I guess I’m worried that it will be the beginning to the end if I do. I just want some freedom. I haven’t been pumping and my frozen supply is gone and now I have an anniversary on Sunday and I’m having a hard time getting enough expressed milk to leave her. I’m a sahm so there normally is no reason to pump…it’s just times like these that a bottle would be nice to give her. I don’t know I’m blabbering on. I have a question though…my baby has been constipated since birth the docs don’t think it’s a big deal but she only poos every 13 days…it’s not a typical bf poo its thick and the color of peanut butter and very stinky…not typical of a bf baby at all…anyone having a similar issue? Yes I’ve tried water and pear juice nothing works and it interferes with bf so I don’t know what to do.



    Emilee, you don’t know how many times I see that! It’s all over this site. You’d think people would reread their posts. I understand some spelling errors and typos but I don’t understand the repeated errors. Often I’m nursing while typing which gets a bit difficult so I’ve been known to have an error or two but I try to go back and fix them when I see them. My feathers are all ruffled right now. I want to go and tell the ladies that think the benefits are all myth to back up their ‘research’. My day is spent with children and when I have free time I’m reading the latest research on everything child related. I’m obsessed about babies, children and our world. It just kills me when people say something is a myth just to set their own minds at ease.


    i put on about 42 lb this pregnancy have lost 28 of it already. But as i did with my first i find pregnancy makes me really hungry. Trying to eat healthy but so hard sometimes with the two of them. Not going to start exercising until week 6 as thats what is they advise over here. I do walk loads with them in the double pushchair or witi ollie strapped to me and james in the single. Could do with some tips on snacks which are healthy but quick to make.



    Casen – I sleep with my covers more around my waist. Alex is up by my head. We have a king so there’s plenty of room for him between us. He does have his own blanket but it is usually around his waist too. It just works for us.



    Bri – Savannah is 32 lbs now. I think I seriously need a personal massage therapist haha! A girl can wish, right?



    everyone knows I breastfeed. I keep it no secret and I never have any bottles with me, so no one has ever done that to me. My grandmother in law asked last September when we visited for the first time if I had prepared bottles for him when we went out. I said no I’ll just nurse him when he’s hungry. I think she was a little put off by that. I wonder what she’ll think when she learns this September I’ll still nurse whenever or wherever he wants it especially since a new great gandbaby has arrived and her granddaughter exclusively pumps and bottle feeds. Oh well we’ll cross that when the time comes. It probably won’t be much of an issue since Isaac really isn’t nursing during the day much anyhow. I do worry about the quality of food while we are there though. It’s all really unhealthy w/ no veggies in sight. I’m not sure what to do about that. I certainly don’t want to hurt her feeling or cause her more work b/c she is 85 and her husband is 87 and they still take care of themselves but I know when we all visit it’s tiring for them. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll figure something out and I guess if I have too one weekend w/o veggies won’t kill him.


    Is tylenol the same as calpol? If so I do apart from the first set I only give it afterwards if they seem poorly. As they aren’t supposed to have as much in one day.


    I think as a one off its probably okay. But i wouldn’t make a habit their little backs should not be in curved position for long periods of time. Is the swing curved? Also one day baby wont fit!



    mjs- good for you! Congrats!


    I just read my last few posts… I swear I’m not bipolar! lol


    My FB is [email protected] or Jessica Caldwell!


    Lawson – that is terrible!! I’m so sorry you have to go through that. I second Bri’s suggesting to pump in your car. If your state laws do not require your employer to give you a private room to pump, it may be your only option… that or the bathroom. =\

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