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    In just a few weeks we’ll be taking a trip to California and we need to figure out where Alyssa will be sleeping. The last time we went she was 3 months old and immobile while she slept. So we bought her a ‘sleeper’ which was like a little mini crib we can put on the bed itself and it had 4 mesh walls. She slept in the middle of us (not too comfy for us but it worked). Now she’s rolling over, scooting, semi-crawling and sometimes pulling herself up… The same sleeper will not work.. the walls aren’t tall enough to keep her in if she started to move. Any one have any suggestions on what we can use? I’m looking for something that we can put on the bed with us, has 4 walls, won’t move when she moves, has enough support and padding for her (she’s about 15-16lbs now), and is not hard to assemble/disassmble. I don’t want to put her on the floor unless it’s an enclosed kidspod. Anyone have any suggestions?



    2ndtimemommmy – Is he nursing the same amount of times? I think that is the only real way of knowing. If he’s cut down to only nursing a couple times a day then it might be too much but if he’s nursing the same amount then it’s just your body. Breastfeeding and solids together can be so darn confusing! Especially like with my first. He was never a big eater so adding solids on top of it wasn’t easy.



    Lil-I knew I was forgetting something anti fungal works wonders!!! Bri- when did you start putting food on Alex’s plate? Mere- when was your Lo born? I am curious how birthdays no real reason just for fun 🙂 Linas birthday is July 31, 2008 she was a 36 weeker and Danny is April 29, 2010


    Goat Milk Formula Recipe(for a 6 month old)
    1-2x a week (4-6oz)
    1 Quart Fresh Goat Milk (32oz)
    1/2 Quart Purified Water (16oz)
    2-4 Tbsp Brown Rice Syrup
    1 Drop Black Strap Molasses

    Goat Milk Formula Recipe(for a 9 month old)
    1x a day (4-6oz)
    1 Quart Fresh Goat Milk (32oz)
    10-12 oz Purified Water
    2-4 Tbsp Brown Rice Syrup
    1 Drop Black Strap Molasses

    After 9 months you should decrease the water every month until you reach whole milk consistency at 12 months.

    Notes: The brown rice syrup is only to mimic the taste of mother’s milk. You can add up to 6tbsp for every 32 oz of milk (or 1tbsp per 6oz). However, if you make it too sweet babies might prefer that goatsmilk vs. mother’s milk so be careful with this. If you want to make it in smaller batches (6oz or so) just adjust the ingredients accordingly. It’s very important to ensure you’re using a good balance of milk vs. water. Goat’s milk (just like cow’s milk) is not intended for babies to drink whole as the amt of protein in the milk is very hard on babies kidneys. So be sure to follow the instructions. Dr. Sears has the same forumula on his site but he uses evaporated (powdered milk) which is more concentrated and requires MORE water. Also not as fresh. A batch of 32oz formula should last in the fridge for up to 7 days. My friend also recommends not to freeze it, rather make it fresh and not the entire batch all at once.



    bummer on the account. we also had this happen to us on paypal and ebay. luckily it was with a credit card and not the debit. we now only use a temporary account set up online and only use a credit card. almost all credit cards have fraud protection and as long as they’re sure it wasn’t you they take the charge off immediately and notify the proper authorities for you. our case was pretty cut and dry. I-phone to Vietnam to a man with a Vietnamese name.



    Did you ladies hear about the infant formula in China apparently causing early puberty in BABY GIRLS?! (of course Chinese gov’t denies it)



    Emilee, you made me remember Ayden’s hair antics! He found his in the hospital and pulled, scared himself so bad that he screamed and tried to get his hand out, but it was too tangled! He just kept pulling his hair until I separated them! He had a lot of hair!!



    Lawsons – that’s awesome. Congrats! 🙂



    Hi – I have been experimenting with using a different feeding position today to help ease some of my boob pain and I found it made a huge difference, then later on I tried my original (cradle) position and all the pain is back again. I think it is bruising rather than cracked nipples. Has anyone else had any experience of this and can anyone give me any good advice on how to help heal them quicker.



    I use the Nuby cup. My baby likes it.



    On the topic of birth control, I plan to have the IUD put in again shortly after my 6 week follow up appointment. However, my doctor has suggested that I go on a Progestin only birth control pill. She referred to it as the mini pill, and it supposedly will not affect breast feeding or milk production since it does not contain estrogen. The pill she prescribed is called Jolivette. Do any breast feeding moms have experience with this pill? I don’t want to take it if it’s going to affect my milk supply. I’ve researched it on the internet and have found mixed reviews on how it affects breast feeding. As an FYI my baby is only two weeks old so we are still technically just beginners. : )



    When is a good time to behin pumping? I know eventually I will have to and it would be nice to start a stock pile in my freezer, but I don’t want to make more milk than I need to right now. Do I pump the opposite breast after he’s done feeding on one? I’m not sure about the whole pump thing.


    Gailah- same here, I think its just because it keeps changing. But now I think I am drying up. She is only 8 days old. I am so stressed on what to do. She really only likes the left side. This is the 4th baby I have breastfed. Praying it works out.



    Heather, I dont think you have to tell the pediatrician if you dont want to for any reason but I suppose if it comes up you may want to mention it….I honestly dont think it really matters though and the fact that you are feeding her breastmilk is what is important anyway 🙂



    my lil boy is 22 days old and he is always wanting to eat…he eats 3 oz already…it seems like after everytime he eats, i’ll burp him but then he’ll spit up…sometimes he’ll spit up 2 times after a feeding..but he’s always hungry…so maybe he’s eating too much??i pump so ill feed him every 2-3 hours..but there are times ill give him formula if im not pumping enough breast milk… he’ll even sometimes want to eat every hour…or he needs a bottle just to go to sleep..he’ll take a pacifire sometimes…but like most of the time he wants a bottle and he wont finish, he’ll fall asleep after drinking half…should i be worried? or could it be nothing..he’s next appt is in october…please help!

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