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    Hi — just one side not on fenugreek – I would be sure to try it on a day when you are going to be at home first… a bit of tmi but it messed up my stomach really bad, and it came on very suddently – I read a bit more online about it and this is a side effect for some. My LO is 7.5 months old, and I am still pumping at work – I have had a few people as of late make some comments asking when I am going to quit ‘are you still doing THAT?’ , but I don’t care – I am happy to still be able to provide milk for little girl – although we do supplement a bit.



    Bri is right, i had a TON of trouble pumping. Jake always got what he needs but i could never get it out well using a pump. At most i could ever get was 4 oz a side and that is only first thing in the morning after a night of NO feedings. Usually when i pumped at work i would get 1 to 2 oz per breast per pump, no matter how long i pumped per session. Each session for me was about 20 minutes. When my son was drinking about 18 + oz a day i had to pump first thing in the morning, then again 3 times at work the once at dinner time and another before i went to bed just to give him enough to have at daycare. It was stressful but we got through it and i am happy and proud to say i didn’t even end up having to supplement (b/c i had a bunch stored before going back to work). But it was a struggle for me. Oh and my medela double pump always sounds odd to me, but i am not 100% sure i know what ‘normal’ is.



    Verizonchic: the most common recommendations for upping your supply are A. eat a bowl of oatmeal that has been soaked (equal parts oatmeal to water) for at least 7 hours before cooking. I do 1 cup of oats soaked in 1 cup of water then use an additional 1/2 cup water to cook it in. B. Fenugreek is the most commonly recommended herb for upping your supply. It comes in 2 different strengths 600 and 1200 mg. Begin taking 3 pills (600mg) 3 xs/day and you can work your way up to 4 pills (600mg) 4xs/day if needed. C. Blessed thistle is the second herb recommended, but it works best when used in conjunction with the fenugreek. As far as I know it only comes in one strength and you will take as many pills of the BT as you do the fenugreek (600 mg). If these things don’t work let us know and there are other more drastic measures (or just different herbs) that can be taken. Best of luck!



    No there isn’t but I imagine it would be kinda tough to keep 6 other kids under control if I’ve got Ava attached to me, that’s all.


    I was just wondering whether anyone has returned to their menstral cycle whilst breast feeding. I had my baby 7 weeks ago and have been exclusively breastfeeding and my period have returned. Has this happened to anyone else? could you please reply to m profile… thankyou!



    I have a question. I was breastfeeding my daughter for the first 2 1/2 weeks, but I was only pumping. After awhile it seemed to go dry I was doing really good and then nothing. I tired to pump again the 3rd week and I would only get an oz from each boob compared to the almost 4oz. I still have some milk left but not much, I don’t leak or anything like that. I formula feed now and I’m back at work. So I guess what I really want to know is there any hope that I can increase my supply again? I really want to give my baby my milk not canned milk. Even though I know she likes her formula just fine. I haven’t pumped in about 2 weeks. My daughter will be 2 months on the 21st.



    That’s awesome weight gain. Usually they double birth weight by 6 months and triple by a year so you are doing a wonderful job Mama!! As for nursing in wraps. I can’t do it either. I couldn’t with Chris nor with Alex. My boobs are too big and *sad*. HAHA! They are way too far down. With my ErgoBaby they say just to lower the straps but that is still too low for Alex. And it would leave me very exposed. Oh well. Alex is going longer without nursing so we can go out and about and he usually isn’t hungry until we go home. We did go to a street fair on Saturday morning. After the actual fair we stopped by the beach to let Chris play in the sand. While Joe and him went off to do that I sat on a bench and fed Alex. Got to watch them play and get some good sun. Even had an older women stop and talk to me. When she left she actual said ‘bless you honey!’ I was so thrilled.



    My little one is now 8 months old and is still breasfeeding. When I do pump I only get about 2 oz on each breast. When she was 3 and 4 months I tried the soaked oatmeal and the fenugreek pills and they both worked alittle. I know my little one was getting enough when she nursed but to store extra was very frustrating at times. I have a girlfriend that has an 8 month old and she nurses. When she pumps she can get 10-15 oz at a time! She drinks water all day long and attributes her enormous milk supply to her water intake. I drink lots of water too but I do not have anywhere near this amount of milk when I pump. She has 2 other children and each time she had this amount of milk when she pumped. With my first one, I had the same issue with pumping. I tried everything and even saw a lactation consultant. So I tell all of this to say – we are all different. Some of us will respond to the oatmeal or fenugreek pills and I think some of us wont see much difference. Because I was getting stressed about the whole pumping I took a deep breath and changed my outlook. For me, my baby nurses 5-6 times a day and if she is away from me and I have breastmilk stored that’s the first option. If for some reason I don’t have anything stored she gets that feeding with formula. For me it was about being stress free about the pumping so I could enjoy my baby and be the best mom. Hope this helps someone!



    Lindy loo- I am an H cup and I found that a nursing pillow was a must! As long as you find a position that works well for you, you shouldn’t have a problem. I found that the football hold worked best with my daughter but the crossover cradle worked best with my son. Also, make sure you find a supportive bra. If possible try and get a professional bra fitting. BTW I was a DDD when I got prego.



    kym.. yes, its the regular quaker oats.. just soak, heat, and eat. Although sometimes I just pour a bowl and add water and heat right away. Not too sure if soaking is necessary or not. I add maple syrup and raisins to mine. Pumping after you nurse is going to force your body to produce more milk over time. Even though you may only see a few drops it’s letting your body know it needs to produce more. I never can get out more than an ounce between both breasts when I pump after feeds.



    Thanks again everyone for the support. It is true my baby is showing every sign of being healthy, except for weight gain. Even his length growth is normal. And he certainly doesn’t seem hungry – we already have to struggle to ‘encourage’ him to eat when he doesn’t seem to want it! I feel bad doing that, it doesn’t seem natural. I guess I can see where everyone is coming from – he has dropped a lot in percentile in a few months. But he is doing sooo well in every other way!



    annie- I mean 6 oz total all day. I wish it was 6 oz each time I pumped. I could barely stand to pump this morning as hand expression still leaves me a little tender (I am still learning how to do it just right) My first pumping I only got 1.5 oz combined. I think I am the opposite of other ladies as I get more milk later in the day than in the morning hours. So we will see what my later pumps yeild. I am just glad that I know I have somewhere to go where I am understood. Seems like all of us have had the ups and downs that come with breast feeding. You would think that something so natural would be so much easier. (Guess it is my stubbornness that won’t allow me to give up) I have worked really hard to get the few oz I do get each day. When I almost lost my supply I was lucky to get close to an oz. Kinda erks me when someone like my friend gives up nursing. She had enough milk to feed a small army. She was getting like 6 oz in one session. She gave it up saying that formula was easier. She doesn’t work so the need to pump wasn’t there. She just wanted her hubby to get up and do the night feedings because she was lazy and wanted to sleep in. I love nursing my son and the closer I get to a year I am not for sure if I will be able to give it up. My family is really weirded out that I am still doing it at almost 8 months, but this means the world to me and I just can’t explain that to them. My SIL told me I needed to stop when he got teeth. I would have had to give it up 2 months ago if that was the case. Sorry this is long just had lots to say this morning…..



    she eats yogurt and cheese, and we co-sleep so she breastfeeds frequently at night too. but it doesnt seem that my day care provider is very savvy when it comes to bf. she seemed surprised i was still breastfeedind and said it wasnt good after 6 months! she also says i should stop co-sleeping.



    I thought that I had read on here during some previous posts that you SHOULD wake your newborns up to feed them every 3 hrs. I figured that once the baby gets a little older this would not be necessary. But how are you supposed to feed 10 times a day to establish a supply without waking up the baby for nighttime feeds?



    Haha! My pump TOTALLY sings to me. ‘getting milk, getting milk, getting milk’ lmao

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