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    myownqueen: when my son bit me, i told him very sternyl, ‘no biting! that hurts mommy, and you dont jurt mommy’ then i sat him down on the floor, and put his milk away! he was really mad. he wasn’t full, and im not gonna starve my baby over a bite lol, so i gave him his sippy cup of expressed milk. he has bit me once more since, but i think that was an accident. he was falling asleep, and he has a habit of grinding his teeth sometimes when hes drowsy!



    Just have to give props to those of you that pump. I stay at home and very rarely need to have a bottle in the fridge. It’s probably been 2+ months since I’ve pumped and I forgot what a pain in the tush it is. Well, I pumped twice today to get what I need for a bottle tomorrow so I can run a 10K. My point? Good job mommies! Hope everyone has a great weekend….



    i just want to say how much i love this part of the website. you guys provide all the support i need when it comes to breast feeding. thanks to you guys my baby is mostly breastfed. i read the comments almost everyday and i feel like i can breastfeed longer this time. thanks



    Way to go Brie! HAHA! I did the same. It was wonderful. I am going to repeat my style again with this one. My son is a wonderful little boy that I wouldn’t trade. I owe it to the choices I made early on.



    Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s just hard when your lo is crying their eyes out like you are starving them.



    NatashaMc: Thank you for the advice and support. I have some thinking to do. 😉



    pgfirsttimer are you saying you have to lie down and nurse every time? do you have a nursing pillow because I would think that would be the same thing as lying down. Maybe she has a tummy ache and sitting up hurts her…. my baby will cry sometimes when I try to sit her up to burp her because it compresses her tummy if she has a tummy ache.



    Got my H1N1 vaccine yesterday. And good news to nursing mothers of infants under 6 mos who plan on getting it, your LO will be immune just as if they had gotten the shot themselves, thanks to the antibodies/immunities passing through your breast milk! Yay for breast milk!!!!



    Ladies- If you got mastitis once and never got it treated could it come back again? I swear I had it when my son was 7wks. I felt like I had the flu- chills, body aches, fever 102, headache. But it was over the weekend and by Monday I felt better. Now yesterday I went out for 6hrs and didn’t pump or nurse. Then last night I go the same symptoms w/fever 102.4 I’m much better then last night, but just wondering do you need to get antibiotics to cure it or it’ll come back?



    Don’t worry about the teeth. If the baby is latched on properly it doesn’t hurt. My son nibbled once out of frustration, I put my finger over his mouth, said ‘no’ firmly and made him stop for a few minutes. He hasn’t done it since.



    Oh! And, my U/S is tomorrow to see if my placenta has moved up! SUPER excited! If it has then my husband and I are going down to Florida for a week to look at houses!



    Haha I think that is what I am most excited about – tandem nursing! My son will be 20 months when the new baby is here and so far (19 weeks pregnant and milk supply pretty much gone) he shows no signs of stopping! I’m psyched to tandem!


    I think I will go a year. Although I’d love to go longer but we plan to try for another one after she turns a year old. Hoping my periods will go back on track shortly after.



    shiz – great minds think alike – i just found kellymom website this morning and was coming here to post it for others to look at!! it’s a fantastic site and has given me some more confidence, which is good. basically, why i’m torturing myself about bfing is that if it’s there i’d like to give it to bubs, it’s what is best for him. BUT i don’t wanna keep up this bottles and bfing business cause it will drive me insane! so it is gonna be one or the other, i just don’t know how long i will wait and see. today is day 9, so i will probly give it another week and see where we are. i was able to pump a total of 60mls this morning for bubs (altho did not bfeed him first thing this morning, hence why so much) so this feed, i let him bfeed then have the expressed milk – and he’s back to sleep! i wonder if he was fussy last night as it would appear now i had a virus yesterday and seems to be gone now, but if it upset me and my body, then probly it upset him too? altho the kellymom website said it wouldn’t :S anyway, that’s only the second full real bfeed he’s received since birth, seems so small, but big step for us! 😀 after reading the kellymom website, i’ve come to the conclusion that given my body is so sensitive to hormonal changes, that’s why i struggle with my milk coming in and then maintaining it… so i’m at war with my own body… 🙁 i hope to win, but i lost the battle last time…


    does anyone know when we should expect our period to return…i EBF and Sammy is 5 months old today…wasn’t sure about that one!

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