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    god-iva… I have to start bfing standing up it seems… she doesnt like to latch on when I’m sitting down.. so I ususally start standing, then go sit….



    Lawsons- I am so sorry that you are having to go through that! I honestly cant believe it. Even if there aren’t laws protecting you, you would have thought that they would have enought kindness to allow you somewhere to pump FOOD for your child. That makes me really sad. I am so fortunate. I work at a credit union, and when I told my boss about me wanting to relactate and needing to pump every two hours she had no problem with it. She even said that once we change buildings and I dont have a private office anymore that I can use hers! And she is the president of the CU. I just wish everyone would be so understanding.



    love-It gets easier. just keep at it. my man was never very windy but i know other ladies here that have had that problem. i do know that they take on less air bf versus ff so going to ff isn’t going to make your life any easier. i guess the best advice i’ve heard besides burping regurlarly which it sounds like your doing is to keep them up right for a little while after feeding instead of laying them down right away. You might also try some skin to skin contact to help soothe a gasy belly. i really don’t know otherwise. these are all theories for me. some of the other ladies will be able to help from experience.



    Jessica! Ahhh but it would be a late April early May baby. I want a May baby. HAHA! I haven’t gotten my period yet which I know means nothing but I doubt I can get pregnant right now. I’ll have to wait until next August to get pregnant. *sigh*



    styx – He was playing with food a little before six months but at six months he started having meals with us. We haven’t given him an actual plate yet cause that would end up on the floor but his high chair tray has had food on it since six months.



    I usually spend around $250 on groceries for 2 weeks, that includes diapers, dog food, cat food etc. I try to keep my meat in the freezer stocked up because that can get expensive when you have to buy a bunch of meat. I also stopped buying the pre-packaged stuff, that gets expensive! The only pre packaged stuff I do buy is the Boca nuggets for the boys (they’re basically veggie/soy nuggets) and snacks for the boys. We buy a lot of fresh fruit and veggies. I’m buying for myself, hubby, a 3 YO and a 16 month old who eats like a pig lol. I have to get things like juice, milk, fruit usually weekly. I’m such a bad planner-aheader though. I need to start planning my meals out!


    Guess what?! My EBF 11 week baby boy just slept ALL NIGHT, from 9pm to 530am. He sleeps with me and I heard him fussing, cracked my eyes to bring him closer to nurse and the sun was already coming up! I know it was probably a fluke and isn’t going to happen very often for some time, but it was SO nice, I haven’t slept that long in forever! And I had just enough time to nurse him before my alarm went off at 545, perfect!


    Mrj- That is very odd that he said no to BM. My sons doctor told me to try it and also all the other things but it got worse and it happened to the other eye. After a month I had them call in some eye drops and a week later it was gone!


    Hotmessmomma- We’ve all sad BF lets you have a special bond. I know how you feel .I FF my first and whe nyou Bf you have a different kind of bond with your child. I sometimes feel guilty that I feel this bond that I didn’t have with my 1st as well. So don’t feel n bad!



    Oh and Isaac isn’t fond of my father who I love dearly, but he’s kind of loud and in your face so I understand. He loves my stepdad though but that’s b/c if isaac wants it isaac gets it. i’ve seen him carry him around and go outside until sweat was pouring down his face b/c isaac wanted too. he makes fun of all my rules but i think he’s scared enough that if he breaks them i’ll not leave isaac unsupervised with him that he respects the rules.



    Bri-You and I can pitch in and hire a potty training person together! I’m in the same boat as you…the last hurdle…and it feels like its HUGE! My son is basically scared of the toilet-the big one AND his little potty chairs. So until he’s over that I’m screwed!



    HELP! I can’t get Jacob to sleep tonight. He just wants to play, laugh, giggle, bounce…. he usually drifts off to sleep around 11 after his last feeding…but now its 1am and he won’t even close his eyes. My mum is helping me out tonight since I have to work tomorrow at 7am, and I’m preparing for my class. He is SCREAMING and crying with her, non stop. I’ve NEVER heard him cry like this before – totally new. But when I go into the other room – he stops crying, smiles and wants to play with me….
    Its breaking my heart to hear him cry like that….but I have to work. What would bring on this sudden change in his disposition? He is suddenly so hyper, screaming, crying, for no reason? I introduced carrots yesterday – but that can’t possibly be the reason! HELP (btw he is 6.5mnths)



    Charm I wish it was that..I had cryosugery last month so I have not been alout to BD for a month, and im on my period…I think she was just suprized that so much came out…Anyway she ended up gulping it all up like a big I guess I was just wishfull thinking on thinking she was done..



    babycarter- you can start whenever you’re ready! but definitely at least a week or so before you will need the milk if you’re going back to work. It will take your body a while to get the message to make more milk. Pumping in the morning is best for me- your body makes less milk as the day goes on, getting ready for the ‘long’ night 😉

    Anyone have suggestions on a reasonably priced nursing bra? I am BF my 2nd, and the girls are lot smaller! Right now the nursing bras I have are WAY too big. Target and Burlington Coat Factory didn’t have anything small enough (36A/B) I’m trying to avoid those $30 and up…



    Elizabeth: I did discover if I use the foot ball hold he is much better at latching right away, vs the cradle hold he doesn’t seem to like anymore. So that is helping me. And I am also really guiding his head and my nipple together, where as I must admit, I was getting a little lazy with that. He was doing so well on his own I just let him do the work, but now, with more guidance again he is doing better. My SIL suggested that in the beginning he was going on instinct, where as now he is actually learning and remembering what and how to do it….

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