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    For those of you that are exclusively pumping and already have your children. How did you handle pumping at the hospital after a medicated birth? I am a planned Csection and I wanted to start pumping right away so my baby starts with breastmilk rather than formula at the hospital. Do I need to tell the nurses not to formula feed my baby while I am recovering or can I pump before I go in for my surgery?



    msmeli – my son spits up a lot too and his dr. said not to worry coz he’s gaining weight and has enough wet diapers, etc. Why do you think he’s always hungry? How mony feedings do you give him? Three ounces @ eight feedings sounds about right. I pump too and think that’s about what he took, maybe a little less, at that age. Maybe he’s not hungry and something else is bothering him, sounds like he just likes to suck. If he won’t take a pacifier maybe he’ll take your finger to suck on to get to sleep.



    Hi ladies! It’s been a while since I’ve been here.Ayanna is 3 1/2months and has had nothing but my breast!!! I love it…but now I’d like a little bit of freedom. She won’t take a bottle or a paci, all she wants is me! It’s time to train her on the bottle anyone have any suggestions? I want to start tomorrow, but how do I do it? Since I will be giving her my frozen mik, what do I do with my milk in my boobies! I know I’ll pump but when? She gets sooo pissed off when we put a bottle in her mouth. I am using the born free bottles, and she has taken it once or twice before. Why is this sooo hard! I didn’t give her a bottle sooner cause I kept hearing not to confuse her and just give her the breast until at least 8 weeks. Now I am stuck! Any suggestions???? HELP, I NEED AN BOOBIE INTERVENTION!!! LOL



    OH and to help increase my supply i would eat a bowl of soaked oats once in the AM and then again mid afternoon.



    Ladies trying to increase milk supply- its all about supply and demand!! There are some women who have low milk supply, but this is very difficult to determine as you cannot precisely estimate how much your baby is able to take in when nursing. Babies are much more effective at draining your breast then any pump, hospital grade or otherwise!! In the early weeks when you are establishing your milk supply, pump after every feeding to completely drain breasts- its normal to only get several ounces! Feed your baby every 2-3 hours (newborns nurse 10-12x a day on average), drink lots of water, eat plenty of nutritious foods, and do not supplement with formula unless absolutely necessary (and it is necessary in some cases) in the early weeks. If you have to supplement, pump to replace that feeding! Your breasts will produce more milk in response to frequent emptying. I constantly thought I didn;t have a good milk supply every time my baby fussed at the breast but as long as your baby has plenty of dirty diapers and seems satisfied, you are probably okay. I know low milk supply is an issue for some women, but I think a lot of women, including myself, underestimate the amazing capabilities of our bodies! Who knew breastfeeding involved so much troubleshooting! 🙂



    I stopped breast feeding well.. (pumping) 4 months ago and I still have milk?! If Jack would take the boob I’d start to BFeed but it didn’t work in the beginning either. Strange that I still have milk…



    Ok, so I do think that this nursing strike is related to the fact that Maxx has started to crawl and that is all he wants to do! He only drank 2 ounces at day care today (half a day) and barely nursed after that, though I put him to the breast every hour! I am going to try to increase my supply some and was going to take Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle together, as I have heard this really helps to increase supply. I have taken Fenugreek before but not Blessed Thistle. Anyone know how much of it you should take? Any luck with it?



    When my older kids weaned themselves, the one bedtime nursing was always the last to go, and my supply was fine with only feeding once a day, for several months. I totally agree with Bri about weaning a toddler. Give him/her some say in the matter if you can. Also about people nagging you to wean at a year – it’s none of their business and why do people think cows’ milk (or goats) is more appropriate??



    Does anyone use sippy cups? Ava has decided that she does not want bottles. She hasn’t had one in awhile and we tried a couple times recently and she refuses. I am thinking a sippy cup might work for when I am away. It’s not often but there is a chance I may go back to work. She is breastfed and is 7.5 months old



    I’m glad that I am not the only one who is having issues with pumping. My daughter is 8 months about to be 9 months in a few days. When I’m ant home and nursing her I don’t have a problem. When I’m at work trying to pump, I don’t get much of anything out either. I am currently trying the mother’s milk, eat oatmeal daily, and the fungeek pills. Hopefully I will notice a difference. I have been on the fungeek pills for over a week now and haven’t really noticed that much of a difference. But I only take it while I’m at work. I’m just trying to increase my pump supply.



    lindyloo – i am naturally big breasted as well. I had DDs before pregnancy and by my 3rd trimester i was an F and stayed that way until 17 months PP, 2 months after stoping bf. I don’t know if there are less or more challenges when it comes to bf by having large breasts. But i that specifically never caused issues with me. It was hard in the beginning but after a few months we both got the hang of it and it was easy. Far easier than bottle feeding IMO. Good Luck and Congrats!



    Zaira – we’re talking about food too early, not the types of foods. Research does suggest that food when the baby’s body and digestive system is not ready can lead to problems down the line. As for peanut butter, we starting giving it to our son a couple months ago. He’s fine with it. I would encourage people to be careful with honey for two reasons. Honey contains spores that can be harmful to young babies and toddlers. Second, as funny as it sounds there has been honey trafficing. It’s crazy but honey has been harvested in China then sent to Thailand and such then over to the US. China was cutting the honey with chemicals. There was a huge honey bust here in Seattle where a dealer said he knew was Thai honey taste like because of the flowers but for the years that he has been dealing he has always had Chinese honey. I will see if I can find the article for you all. I now will only buy local honey.



    By the way I was thinking of trying alfalfa to increase milk fat as some suggested (couldn’t hurt at least!) But I’ve been looking online and can’t find it anywhere (I live in Sweden). Does anyone know of an online retailer that might ship abroad? I guess a UK retailer would be more likely.



    kebler98: I have had everyone tell me to give up as well and its time to put her on the bottle. Especially when she cut teeth and started biting… put it down to them being uneducated because if they were aware how good it was for the babies to be fed from their mum rather than given formula they would not say anything except well done. It even says on the formual tin that breastmilk is best for babies. I say well done for feeding at 8 months and your doing the best thing for you and your baby. Well done to all the mums that perservere through pain and supply issues. It is hard work and we are all lucky we have each others support on here.



    My now-five-year-old was a small-for-dates baby and the hospital insisted I give him a bottle of formula before they would discharge us from hospital. He wouldn’t take it, so I discreetly squeezed it down the sink. He’s still small (14kgs ~ 30lbs) in fact baby Penny is 7 months old and nearly as heavy as him, but yeah, people can easily undermine a breastfeeding mommy. Storm, Penny and I also cosleep and I love it!! I did the same with all my babies except the first – took a while to convince hubby it was a good idea!

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