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    1Byfaith- i have never woken my lo up to eat even in the first 6 weeks when i was establishing a milk supply. From the beginning she slept 5 hours at night and then by 3-4 weeks she was going 7-8 hours at night. She was a sleep-aholic!! When she did the 5 hours I would just let her go and when she started sleeping longer than that I would get up and pump mid way through the night and I started my special reserve supply. I think they doc’s tell you to wake the baby up if they are under a certain weight, a premie, or haven’t gained their birth weight back yet. Our dr told us that she will wake up when she is hungry and they you feed her, it makes perfect sense to me. Enjoy the sleep while you can.


    Hi ladies. My baby will be 14 months, next week. I only nurse him right before his night-time bed, and occassionally in the mornings if he wants it. So, since it is so very little, do you think I can go ahead and start back on the pill? I don’t want to compromise it, but I’m also ready to have my care-free intimacy back with my husband again. We are planning a little 4 day get away at the end of the summer without the wee one, so I will probably completely wean by then anyway.



    Hi Mommies — This morning I woke up to my left breast lumpy, but not sore. I hadn’t fed my LO from that breast since the previous afternoon. Once I fed her from it the lumps got smaller… so I’m assuming that it was caused by plugged milk ducts from not feeding/pumping for so long? I’m hoping that I’m producing more milk and that’s one of the reasons? Or could this be a symptom of Mastitis?


    Hey guys I have a question. My son ia 13 days old and i have just found out that i have mastitis i ahve been told by a couple people that i should stop nursing cause of the bacteria in my breast but i really want to continue nursing. Does any one know if i can keep nursing or if it will hurt my LO?



    jlevine – Yes you need to be treated as well. Thrush is hard. It sucks awful! I’ve had it twice. Have you been to your peds office yet? They’ll give him meds. When I had it I never had to go in. I just called and they gave me meds over the phone. You will also need to wash and sterilize EVERYTHING that comes in contact with baby’s mouth and your breast. This means all toys, blankets, anything that baby sucks on. Wash your bras in hot water. You want to kill everything that may have spread. Keep washing everything until you know for certain that it is gone. It’s a good practice to wash all toys on a regular basis anyways but you want to be on double duty. I’ve heard of it taking months to get rid of but for me it didn’t take long. Once we were on meds and everything was cleaned properly we had no more symptoms before the meds were up. I kept extra washing for a couple weeks more and it never came back.



    UGH..ok my son is 2 months and my first oeriod after being pregnant was 2 weeks ago..but now it showed up again today! is this normal??



    My son has always been exclusively breastfed and he started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. The only times he wakes up is when he is sick or teething (although he is almost one and we only just got the first two teeth so he has been ‘teething’ for a long time haha). We have always given him a pacifier and he finds it and soothes himself. Folr the older babies, maybe its more a need for comfort rather than the need to actually eat? We always gave him a big bottle of expressed milk at night (1) so my husband could do bedtime and I could have a break and (2) so he would get more milk and be content longer than he would have been if we were just nursing. He was NEVER one to put in the extra effort required to get an additional letdown.



    mom2be01- Try on the next feeding to limit the feeding to 15 min. per side. Break the latch by hooking your finger into the mouth. Give it a minute or two of fussing after feeding on the second side and see if baby settles(get up and walk around, bounce on a yoga ball,etc). If not, you can always put baby back on 🙂 You can also try letting bub suck on a knuckle or hand (or paci) to help soothe the suck reflex. It may be that baby isn’t hungry, just wants to suck. Hope that helps. It will get easier…I promise! If you can, try contacting the local La Leche group or the lactation consultants at the hospital can be very helpful. BTW, I had to limit my son’s feedings (time) cause he would eat nonstop if I let him….until he was 8 months old or so!



    hchina -awesome that rocks! You may wanna get some lannolin cause your nipples may get sore in the next few days. He is going to have to work up a supply you really won’t have much for a week. Mothers Milk or Fenugreek can help increase the milk supply. Kudos! And Good luck



    I exculsively pump and if I miss a session I become engorged I usually pump around 4-6oz. My LO will be 3months next week and I’m no way near seeing the light of ending the pumping sessions. But I would like to know how does one stop producing milk with out being engorged? What are the proper steps? So looking forward to her one year bday lol



    yeah, me too. her son is always sick and Ella hasn’t been sick in her (almost) 8 months of life! It’s great. I’m so glad that i have this site because no one else I know personally is BF!



    my baby is 5 1/2 months old and ive been working full time since 6 weeks old, so he gets bottles of breast milk when im gone. but i was off work for a couple weeks and now he has been refusing the bottle! and when he sees me all he wants to do is nurse. guess he just wants his mommy:) I LOVE breastfeeding my son he is soo sweet how he plays gently with my hair and rubs my chest and looks at me. Such a beautiful bonding experience I was unable to have with my daughter (couldnt get her to latch on and nurses did not help me). I do feel sorry for moms that have never experienced it. people say wow i cant believe you are still doing it- props to you. and im like why? is it suppose to be hard and an inconvenience??? really the only thing i dont like is when im at the grocery store or restaurant and i know that soo many people are wierded out about it that it makes me feel uncomfortable so i will go to my car or bring a bottle of milk with. wish people would just give it up already and get use to the fact that moms make milk for a reason and it is not wierd or discusting


    msbree: my dd is a month and nurses for 10min, if that, and only on 1 side. I used a manual pump and pumped just during my letdown and got 2.5oz so i figured shes getting at least that. my son could nurse for hours so this is a nice change! also, she has gained 2lb since birth



    I’ve posted this a few times, but it sounds like there are some new moms on this site that my benefit from compression pumping. Essentially, use a combination of hand expression, and pumping to help “empty” the breast during each feeding/pumping. Although I was an under producer, this technique helped me get about an extra ½ ounce each pumping…considering I only pump 2 oz total each pumpin, an extra ½ ounce is HUGE for me. Other people I know were able to get several extra ounces. Furthermore, because it helps you access more milk, it stimulates your body to produce more, which in turn ups your production. There is additional helpful info on this site too.


    charmara: try some fermented oatmeal if you’re worried abotu your supply. I did it with my first. 2 bowls of it, and my supply doubled.

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