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    my letdown is just rediculous… my poor little man gets nearly drowned in milk everytime he eats i tried letting him suck then breaking away and expressing ( which is more like my boobs litlerally spraying) the milk into a bottle then letting him latch on but i will have the same gush of milk all over agian him and i are soaked by the time the feeding is over hes getting frusterated to and is becoming hesitant to latch on sometimes because he knows whats coming yesterday i saves what i leaked and it was 18ounces …… thats a ton to leak out just durring feedings and i mean its SPRAYS out with force haha my husbands learned to keep his distance anyone else have this problem?



    nope you’re not the only one, and i’m here to tell you they will sleep through when they sleep through. my man is up to three meals a day and still wakes at least once a night to nurse. he will be 10 months on monday.



    deeyore486 – I’ve been reading up on it. They say that being small is ok if they were always small. Chris was in the 95% and dropped to the 25% within six months of weaning. I’ve kept a journal regarding his nutrition because the drop looks like he is lacking something. I hate to use the malnutrition word but he may be. We try to get him to eat but he just isn’t hungry. Sometimes he’ll eat a whole chicken breast and others only two bites. Just scary.



    Megs83 – pump in style is great. I am a SAHM and BF my boy but I pump the other side when baby nurses so I can get some in the freezer for emergencies. I have 5 kids and no time so I couldn’t imagine trying to pump with anything else!



    Just got back from a four day vacation with the family. 🙂 Didn’t have any internet access though, so I am off to get caught up with you ladies! After I get caught up, I wanted to share something with all of you about the children’s museum in Chicago! I was so excited!



    Hi ladies, looking for some basic advice. My DD is 2 weeks old today and was 5 weeks premature. We have been feeding her EBM with a fortifier to increase the calories for the past two weeks. Got the okay today to see how she does (weight gain wise) without the fortifier over the long weekend. So, of course bc the BM had to be fortified she has been using bottles…I have been attempting to get her to latch throughout the day everyday since birth and she seems to be getting the hang of it. I am hoping now that we don’t ‘have’ to give her bottles, she will be able to exclusively BF within the next few days or so and we can drop the bottles of EBM. She already is showing a prefernce to my left nipple. My questions are: Do I offer both sides at each feeding even though she falls asleep after feeding well for 10 minutes on the left? She really struggles with the right side and gets frustrated so I hate to get her upset when she is so relaxed.What is a good length of time to aim for for each feeding? Does anyone feed from one side and pump from the other? Does anyone take a DHA supplement? 🙂



    Leslie did delete her account. She says hi and thanks.


    Yes my letdown stings. From the back of my boobs to my nipple. I grab them like something bit me. It hurts no fun at all.


    mere i’m scared of co sleeping also. I’m such a restless sleeper and move around alot. I have fallen asleep a few times feeding oliver then panicked! Even my health visitor has told me its okay because i bf, and don’t drink or smoke. I was also induced witi my first at 41+5. They don’t like you going further than that in the uk. This time they were going to induce me at 40+4, because my 1st was 11lb 6oz, had shoulder dystocia and i lost loads of blood and needed two transfusions. Luckly i went naturally this time and even had a lovely labour! James was ebf and so will oliver be.



    cheysim007 – You’ve been nursing often because your body is trying to ramp up supply. It’s completely normal and because of low supply. Once your body figures things out it settles down so most women aren’t leaking anymore. Since my first weaned right before birth my body just went back into feeding mode and I haven’t leaked since 3 weeks. My breasts are always soft. I’m never completely full. After your body has regulated itself it’ll need to ramp up for grow spurts. You know those are hitting when your baby wants to feed every hour or so. Again completely normal and not something to worry about. As long as your baby is having several wet diapers throughout the day and is not fussy then you are ok. If your baby is fussy but still getting the wet diapers then it’s probably gas or some other ailment. As for mother’s milk tea, I drink it often. Because of my own doing I had low supply with my first. I’m aware of my obsession regarding supply and know I don’t have a problem but I still drink it. I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ll drink that instead. I’ve heard mixed comments regarding MMT. Some people swear by it while others don’t see any improvement. I think what works for some does not work for others. My biggest unkept secret was fermented oatmeal. I tried all the tricks of the trade and when I came across this one I doubled my pumping output. Almonds, sticky rice, fenugreek and blessed thistle caplets are also known suppliers. Just gotta find the one that works for you. But, again, you probably aren’t having a supply issue. It’s really uncommon for someone that is nursing on demand to have it. I had it because my son wasn’t latching on and I became lazy at pumping. I didn’t know better. But we over came it. I’ve known others that had it because of hormone pills or something else along those lines. Again, their own doing. Not saying they knew better…Sorry Emilee. I know that was you blond moment! Anyways, keep feeding often and that’s your best bet to build your supply. Just watch the diapers and weight gain and you should be fine.



    maddux, i wouldnt let my husband touch my breast for quite a while cause it just turned me off and they were sore, but after a while it was fine



    Kelley-my lo went last thursday and then finally did yesterday…thats 4 days inbetween..and man ol man it was a ton and stinky!!! So just be on the look out and call your doc if your worried.

    Chellebob-my lo does that too..i have found that taking them off the boob and then giving back stops it but only temporary. Its still a bit painful for me but were still finding our good feeding positions for one of the nipples..and have the other one down.



    illy2- oh man i would have FREAKED out. Especially because it was COW’s milk! That could be so bad for a 12 week old. Oh god. Who does that though? Like you just met her, first of all. Second of all, who just helps themselves into your bag and just feeds your baby? Wow. What did you do? Does nobody know boundaries?



    Hnic: I had my nipples pierced, and took out my piercings at about 10 weeks pregnant. The only problem I have is CONSTANT leaking. I typically soak through 2 super absorbant breast pads on one side, and one on the other. When Levi was a newborn, the flow out of 3 holes was too fast for her. Now she likes the fast flow though, and gets fussy if it isn’t just gushing out. Good luck!



    I didn’t know the swing could be bad for the lungs. I’ll keep trying to get her to sleep in the bassinet then. I just wish she liked it better. She’ll often grunt and squirm half the night away in the bassinet, not getting a very restful sleep (for either of us). I usually end up bringing her into bed at some point so that she’ll relax into a deeper sleep, though my bed isn’t great for bedsharing, and I’ll have to stop once she starts moving around. The mattress is pillowtop and so soft that she’ll always end up rolling towards me.

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