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    I’m an ebf for my lo of three months and I ALWAYS blame any pain/discomfort she has on something I’ve eaten… At the moment I’m wondering whether she’s sensitive to dairy. Am I being naive?


    Well Ollie seems better now


    im glad you got a ME day. On Saturday my 7 yr old and I had a girls day out. I took her swimming. Malachi and Daddy went to grandma’s house for awhile then we all meet up and had lunch and went shopping.



    Megs-I dont have personal experience in relactation but I think if you keep putting baby to breast and pumping once the thyroid is fixed it should help to go backt o nursing


    Congrats phatbaby!



    2 questions? Wondering if there is any allergy medication safe to take while nursing? Also my little girl has some kind of clock in her. She eats for 9 minutes on both sides and has since the first week. She is 3 months old now. But for the past few weeks after 6 or 7 minutes she gets really fidgety and almost mad. She still wants to eat though. After a couple of minutes she is fine. I’ve tried burping her but she won’t until the end of each side. I hate seeing her get so frustrated. Any ideas on why or any suggestions?



    About crying. I never let Chris CIO and he sleeps perfectly. He trusts that we’ll come if he needs us. He will yell for us and wait. Even in the mornings he will call for us and wait for us to get him before leaving the bed. As soon as I open the door he’ll be jumping out telling me he has to get up. HAHA! But he will wait. Sometimes if I’m in the middle of something after nap or in the morning I’ll yell ‘be there in a minute’ and I hear ‘okay!’ HAHA! A sweet little boy. Very trusting. I’m glad I did it this way. I wouldn’t have him any other way. I hear of other toddlers that I just can’t believe or I see them at parks. It freaks me out that parents would let their children misbehave. I know some children are harder then others but that just means you need to be more attached and active as a parent. Hopefully Alex will follow in his brother’s footsteps. He has been watching his brother a lot and tries to copy him so we’ll see.


    Really both the same size? James is 5+ Ollie just a size 3. Good luck with the potty training. James is a bit young to do properly but he has been a few times on it. I tend to take his nappy off for a couple of hours and he sometimes uses it then. However got new carpets last week, so nappy is staying on at the moment!!



    mere, that just happened to us a few weeks ago. Someone got my debit card info even though I still had the card. 🙁 Luckily we caught it right away and canceled the card. Ended up stopping a couple hundred dollars worth of transactions. Ends up being a huge pain inthe rear! Sorry you have to deal with it!



    Ama, yeah I saw that when it first came out about month or so ago. Really sad how materialistic the Chinese Government can be. I know we are too in this country but it just seems that there is just one thing after another coming out of that country. Very sad!



    ignorant/sad/strange story…i was at the market with Laney today, we were standing in line, Laney was making noises like she does all the time ‘mamamama bababab bababa, mamam’, well this older women came up to me and said ‘you NEED to get that baby a bottle RIGHT NOW, she is hungry! can you not here her asking for a bababa?!? i replied with ‘she doesnt get bottles, i nursed her 30 mins ago before we left home, but thanks for your concern’ she says ‘oh my god, that baby is still on the boob, what is she 10months, you will make her queer if you dont start giving her bottles’. i didnt no if i should laugh, or tell her off! i just said ‘ oh really? i think it would be pretty queer for her to take bottles’. where the heck to people come up with that kind of crap? and where do they get off spewing garbage like that to strangers? grrrr!



    Spitting up – what is normal amount for an EBF baby? Sawyer is 3 weeks old and is spitting up more and more. Occasionally (2 times this week) he seems to spit up his entire feeding! We burp frequently and he burps fine. Most feedings he spits up a little 2-3 hours later just before the next feeding… thoughts?



    shiz – Chris isn’t scared but he get so wrapped up in what he’s doing that he forgets to go and then we have a puddle on the floor. Ugh! He’ll even poo in the toilet ‘if’ you ask him. But if you don’t ask then it’ll be in the diaper. It’s so frustrating.



    hismama, i have the same problem so i started making sure i didnt lay down to feed at all. my biggest problem with laying down to feed is that i fall asleep and so does he and he doesnt get burped which in turn hurts his belly and causes him to spit up everthing he just ate. one way i keep my interest is my computer or phone. i will play games or something to keep me awake.


    i finally am training my body to go 6 hours at night without pumping or feeding- since my LO only eats once at night! phew! sleep, here i come!

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