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    The reason I ask is my ped said not too. There has been a study it can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccination. But this is new with my dd they said too now with him they say do not plus they wanna see the fever just interesting


    Very true on the illnesses James has picked up quite a few bugs since starting nursery. We can’t afford for me not to work. Its only 16 hours a week but its still hard to be away from him. I love our days off together he goes to toddlers, musical minis, swimming classes. At the moment since the weather is nice me and my friend are taking the boys out on the trikes, with Ollie strapped to me. James calls it his ‘a bike’. We love colouring in together. Reading books, especially his song book, he makes me go through that several times a day.



    I do watch what I eat but it never fails that she has a tummy ache maybe once a week. I’ve come to the conclusion maybe its not what I eat or I cant cut out every single little thing. I give her the gas drops or help out with a rectal temp, then she’ll go. otherwise I dont know what else to do for her. I watch my spicy stuff, dairy, greens, and I have not even ate my favorite PIZZA because I am afraid of all the cheese and grease. Yumm, I would love some Pizza Hut!!



    Question for you breastfeeding ladies. My baby has oral thrush due to antibiotics I had to take after delivery. He is being treated with Niastatin, should I also be treated, Im thinking yes……



    Hi Ladies… I see everyone is putting up thier FB’s… You can find me by name Jessica Elways.. or my email [email protected].. just put your iap name so I know!!! Thanks for adding!!!



    Megs- I am currently going through relactation right now from having NO MILK at all. It’s has been a long 2 weeks but it will be worth it. I would say as long as you keep putting him at the breast and pumping so that you keep some milk you should be ok once you get your thyroid issue solved. But that’s just my 2 cents.


    My right boob is really engorged today, Ollie hasn’t fed any less than normal on it. I have went through loads of breast pads and two tops today. Expressed 7oz off it in a few mins, plus he fed on it and its still huge!



    Bri, he has now gone back to nursing the same amount of times. Those few days when i was engorged he wasn’t nursing as much, but was also constipated for the first time in his life. I didn’t worry about him not pooping, because he’s never had an issue, and I know bf babies can go a long time, and I didn’t think the solids would make that much of a difference (sorry, run on sentence). Anyway, he went 3 days without pooping, and then it was like an adults poop, not hard, but formed, and very solid. Now he’s back to mushy bf poops, (or explosions, more like!) and back to nursing just as much as usual. Maybe his poor little tummy just had to adjust. Thanks 🙂



    Bri ~ Do you use the necklace every day or just when he is teething? When did you start using it?



    Both boys wear 4’s but both can fit into 5’s. Considering Alex is 24lbs and Chris is 30lbs it works.



    jenniewren, I don’t know what it is, but my mom always gives my babies sugar water when they are ‘constipated’ but always waits until after the fact to tell me about it. I hate having to work! She tells me over and over again to push the water when they were jaundice. My MIL insists on giving it if its hot outside. She is getting better on the BF front and actually listening to what I am telling her, but I also think she jumps online and checks out what I say. If she would only do that about ALL the child rearing decisions we made! So tired of her ignoring what we tell her, but I guess if she starts listening on the BF, maybe she will start listening other places as well. She wasn’t this good with the BF last time around and was always pushing the formula, this time she is cool with nursing past a year.



    Jessica, it was 9:20 when I put Alex down last night. Nursed him at 8 and it was a no-go so we went off for a walk. That works every time! Don’t know what I’ll do in the winter time. I guess do circles around my living room.



    okay seriously i give up. i want to be in the cool kids club but unless someone wants to come give me a personal lesson i’m calling uncle. okay maybe i’ll let my dh show me when he gets home tonight. he owes me a couple anyhow after leaving me alone for three days.



    As did I…



    Thats how my oldest was-too busy playing or whatever it was to pay attention to the signals telling him he needed to visit the toilet.

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