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    Hi ladies! I wrote into my month forum but didn’t get any response. So I’m trying it here. I’m very upset. I’ve been pumping and dumping for 48 hours, because of antibiotic (doxycycline) I was prescribed. I had to take them otherwise I would be risking getting lyme disease and that’s treat with antibiotics for a month! So there. Doxycycline is not recommended while bf and my dd’s pedi said I can’t bf at least for 48 hours. My dd was ebf until now. I was so proud of us. Now I’ve been giving her formula. I have to. Well, my question is what do I do with my supply? I haven’t been able to pump much, maybe because I’ve cheap pump and no experience, I thought I would never need to pump! I’m sahm btw. We have one more formula feed ahead of us and then finally back to ebf again. I’m worried my milk has dried up. I so don’t want to give up, I love bf. Will my supply increase naturally if I just keep bf her? Even if it’s low now? Thank u for any input ladies…



    natalieelayne-i work full time and still nurse my 27 month old. i say when you’re around let him have it and when you aren’t give him cow’s milk and solids. The one year mark is great b/c it’s stress free breastfeeding from here out. No more worries about supply issues and the such. Anyhow, if you do decide to wean go slow and drop one feed at a time. Use distraction as much as possible. Most babies aren’t really ready to wean until after the 2 year mark so it’s quite likely to be a fight unless you wait.



    Thanks you ladies! Did either of you have trouble switching from bottle to breast? I’m terrified he won’t go back to breast after he has a bottle for the first time, he’s 4 weeks old. nursing bra topic does anyone know if theymake 32 bras? I was a 32D before getting pregnant, and nursing, I’m still 32 around, but have no clue what my boob size is. I would also like to keep it cheap! right now i’m using a hand-me-down that’s 36D, way too big around, but I have nursing tank tops that I LIVE in.



    Hello everyone. I am 14 weeks pregnant and have a few questions about breastfeeding that I am hoping to have cleared up. 1st I’ll giv eyou some back ground. I have two daughters. My first I breast fed for about 3 months before I just couldn’t do it anymore…meaning, my nipples were bleeding, scabbed, baby had pieces of scab in her mouth…I literally cried during feedings. My second I was determined to try and took a class in preparation. I had planned to concur the breasfeeding. However, she came out tongue tied and she could not latch. In fact she needed special bottle nipples it was so bad. I pumped for about 6 weeks before my milk just stopped. It was never enough for her but I wanted her to get as much as I could give her. Alright, so now for the new information I heard and the question? I recenlty heard that you should be preparing your nipples for breastfeeding prior to baby arriving. I have never heard of this…I hear that this is why I had such a difficult time/painful time with my first. Anyone have ideas on how you ‘prepare’ for breastfeeding and toughen up your nipples?



    Okay, so I finished the last leg of my qualification process to become a breast milk donor today. A lab technician actually came to my job to draw the blood. Now I just have to wait a couple of weeks to get the okay to ship the milk off. I know a lot of mothers have problems keeping up a supply for their own babies, but if you have an oversupply and your baby isn’t drinking it, please consider signing up to become a donor. I’ll be the first to admit that it is not an easy process. You have to have both your doctor and the pediatrician sign off as well as have blood drawn and do a DNA donor sample, but to me it’s worth it. I’m giving mine to the International Breast Milk Project. 75% goes to preemies here in the States and 25% goes to children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. If anybody has a lot of stored milk and is thinking about throwing it away, please consider volunteering. They need all the help and support they can get.


    Hi Ladies…here’s the coop on my EBF with my DD. Lately she has been fussing at the boob. She unlatches and so I squeeze my boob a bit until I see some milk coming out then relatch her and she’s fine for a bit and then fusses again. I’m concerned that my milk is starting to deminish. She’ll be 4 months on the 26th and she’s still waking up every 2-3 hours at night for a feeding…’s really getting to me. I’m pissed cause I really want to nurse her only but I just don’t think i’m producing enough to keep up with her. She’s a big baby so she must be gaining weight well but maybe I just can’t keep up? Soooo I might try the night time supplementing. If I do that, will my milk totally go away? Like how long were you able to nurse her during the day and formula feed her at night until your milk totally dissapeared? I just don’t want to have to end up ONLY formula feeding. And will doing the switch upset her tummy? I’m hoping I could mix half breastmilk and half formula cause then she’ll still be getting some of the good stuff at night. How do I really know if i’m producing less at the end of the day? Sonmetimes I can pump 4 – 5oz and other times only about 2oz. But we all know a baby is a better pump then any pumping gadget. And if I go to formula at night…WICH FORMULA DO I USE?? Any suggestions??



    No worries, I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that there are times when it’s needed. I got a lot of s*** for it when he was really young. Women on this site just couldn’t believe I waking my 1day old, 2 days old, etc. They just didn’t understand that he did not wake up on his own for feeding. He slept about 22 hours a day for the first month of his life. It was crazy. I have no photos of him being awake when he was really young because if he was awake we were feeding him.



    What is the difference in soaking your oats verses just cooking it when you are ready to eat some? What brand of oats do you usually buy Bri?



    aubrey-I read your question about your baby’s arms flailing while breastfeeding. One thing that helped with my girls was to put them to the breast as soon as they woke up, or as soon as I saw them rooting. If you wait until they are crying, they are frustrated and do not know how to calm down enough to eat. Also, (and this may not be an issue) make sure they are tummy to tummy with you instead of the baby having to be in a position where they have to turn there head towards the breast. Just a couple of thoughts – don’t know if they apply! Good luck!



    Lizzie’ I think Bri is right. If you have to feed another baby a bottle you will have to stop to do it.
    Breastfeeding is usually quicker anyway. If you have the convenience of working from home then you should keep up the breastfeeding. Im sure she would still need at least 2 feeds throughout that time. You could always express instead but that might take some explaining to older kids,



    My baby is 7 weeks old and still nursing about every 2 hours, is this normal?



    So I’ve been breastfeeding for 3 months now.. my baby just recently started sleeping through the night and eating bad… I think he’s getting too distracted now. I’m scared I’m not producing enough and want to keep my milk supply up. Does anybody drink Mother’s milk tea? How often do you drink it? And how many fenugreek should one take each day?



    Babylug-Massage your breast while baby is nursing …this will be painful! Also, try pointing babies chin toward the clogged duct. Feed on that side first. Massage it in the shower with warm water running over. Hot compresses right before a feeding. All these things will help. The sooner you break it loose, the better you will will feel. If you start getting a fever, call your doctor. It is not fun, but you can get through it. I have had it about 5 times, I feel your pain. Just remember that when the pain is at it’s worst, that’s usually when it breaks free! Good luck! mamabear- It really just depends on the baby but the general rule of thumb is 10-15 min. per side. Babies get the most during your letdown and if they are nursing for 30+ min per side it’s for comfort after the first bit. As babies get older they will become more efficient at nursing also. Happy bf!



    Hi everyone! Michael is now 7 months old and for the past day or two I have been very lightly spotting and cramping. He is on solids, but has not dropped any nursing sessions and still feeds frequently. Do you think that this could be the return of AF? I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative, I am going to take another here in a week or so. Any opinions?


    i havent been on for a very long time. Parker will be 7 months on saturday, and we’re still breastfeeding! my goal was jsut to make it to 6 months. Now, my goal is to make it until I have to go back to work the beginning of July. My dr told me no cows milk before a year, he will be 11 months then. I’m thinknig of weaning him then because when I go back I will have nowhere to pump. After a year, do they still need breastmilk or formula, or can they 100% go on cows milk?

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