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    Kym – the only reason i said to pump after feeding is to trigger your body to make more milk. Also, when i said increase pumping, i didn’t necessarally mean at work. When i had to pump the 15 to 20 oz my son was eating at daycare i would pump through the whole day. I would pump when i woke up then feed my son, then i would pump 2 times at work, feed my son when i got to daycare at 4pm. then i would pump at 5:30pm, feed at 7pm and pump again before bed at 10pm. Sometimes i would pump 3 times at work but i was able to do it at my desk while i was sitting there working. good Luck.


    Jenmom, that engorgement at the beginning is the worst! It will get better soon, I promise! In the meantime, you shouldn’t pump unless you are stocking up, because pumping will increase your supply. My doctor told me to sit in a hot shower and let them drip, and she also told me to hand express the milk out, which is basically just squeezing the breast, to release the milk. You’ll be able to feel the glands, so you’ll know where to squeeze. I just wanted to add that comment, because no one else ever told me about expressing the milk. My doctor said it’s better than pumping because there’s no suction force drawing the milk out, so it’s less likely to cause an increase in supply. Plus, you can control how much milk you release, and you can just let enough out to relieve your discomfort. Hope that helps, I know it’s a bit strange, but I swear it helped me.



    I didn’t know chocolate gave babies GAS. i will certainly watch out for that. thanks campimama!



    3rdtimer, yeah, you’re right. There is no one solution. We should just all try to make informed choices. A bit of debate can be fun, too. Sorry if it upsets someone… didn’t mean to. 🙁



    angie (&kebler) You guys are doing awesome! You just have to do the best you can, and that is enough! If you have to add in a little formula, that’s OK. Really. In a perfect world you would be able to feed on demand and not have to pump or put your baby in daycare- but, it’s not a perfect world. Any breast milk you can give your baby is great. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the fact that you are giving your babies everything you can.


    ash, my pharmacist said tylenol cold pills can be taken. BUT, some of the ingredients in them havent had any long term tests done on them, and they BELIEVE there are no known side affects. i had my pharmasict look up every ingredient listed. i boguht them, but never did take them. your pharmacist would be the best person to ask.


    Hi ladies! My Evin is 14 months and I had him weaned down to just once per day (right before bed). I’m a teacher and I’ve got the summer off. I guess since we’re able to be lazy in the mornings now, he’s started wanting to nurse in the mornings. I let him, but he wants to nurse FOREVER!!!! He nurses for a good hour and then I have to make him stop so we can get out of bed and eat a regular breakfast and get ready for the day. He’s also wanting to nurse longer at night too. I’ve had tremendous headaches lately, too…not sure if it’s related though I thought it could be my hormones kicking up to make more milk again. Anyhoo, am I doing him a dis-service by letting him nurse when I’ll have to stop it by the summer’s end?



    My LO is a week old and suddenly wants to eat ALL the time. I feel as if I cant produce enough milk right now. I just got done nursing him on both sides and he’s rooting again. Anyone else experiencing this?



    Ladies, when should I start using a breast pump? My daughter is 3 weeks old. Some nights she has already slept for at least 4 hours straight and then wakes to only feed on one breast. She falls back asleep before she wants the other one. Then during the day she feeds every hour and a half or two hours sometimes. (sometimes she wants both breasts, other times just one). Should I always pump from the second breast if she only takes the first one? Should I be pumping every two hours at night if she’s not eating? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!



    so I’m confused. I went to the Dr for a one week follow up for my baby girl. She lost more than her 10% weight. I know breastfed babies will lose more weight, but the Dr wants me to do 12min on each breast then supplement until Monday. Is this something that I’m always going to have to do if she drops weight again? How do you ladies keep your infants plump and not raise concern for the Dr.’s/ she has wet and stool diapers after each feeding…



    I still remember back to the early weeks of crying (me just as much as the baby!) There are so many doubts especially if its your first time. I was on the kellymom website reading reading reading about all of the benefits and why I was doing it. Then I would come on here and see everyone with the same problems and the pros who had been BFing forever saying it would get easier. And now I am one of the ones ASSURING all of you newcomers that it will get easier! Once you get over the hump its the most rewarding experience. Not only are you providing the best most natural nutrition for your LOs but you are overcoming a social hurdle at the same time. Congrats and good luck!!!



    campimama: Thank you so much for encouragment and advice. I may have to try this. 🙂 I really do appreciate it!!



    Emmalouliz – it’s not every time, no. Seems to be once or twice a day lately. Usually when she’s over tired. I’m going to make an effort to offer to feed her more often instead of waiting for her to show she’s hungry and see if that helps. It’s so frustrating. Good idea though, i’m going to get out my pillow, see if that helps.



    Jessica-if i may-i would change your statement of ‘shake bottle gently’….I was always taught to swirl like a fine wine. If i’m wrong please let me know.


    Between the oatmeal I’ve been eating and the extra pumping I’ve been doing I have finally started to produce more. Last night I missed one of my pumping sessions (I passed out and hubby didn’t have the heart to wake me up). This morning I woke up engorged! I haven’t had this rock hard feeling in months! So after Alyssa’s breakfast I managed to pump another couple of ounces out. So I’d say I’m easily getting about another 4-5oz at night. 1-2 of those ounces completes her daily bottle and the rest is stored for back up or to mix into her puree’s! I’m so so happy! 🙂

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