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    Yea, my Mom said they never talked about breastfeeding and she had no desire to breastfeed and that was in the early 80’s. Now I feel like they REALLY push for Mom’s to breastfeed. I think everyone should at least TRY it. If it doesn’t work or you don’t like it then fine, but at least you can say you gave it a go. There were SO many times in the first 6wks of my sons life where I was crying saying I’m done with this. I am SO greatful that I didn’t cave and kept with it. It is VERY hard in the beginning I believe, especially if it’s your first. But it does get eaier and I never believed people when they said it does.



    I have a question! Is it possible for my daughter to have diarrhea? and how do i tell if it is? She is almost 6 months. We haven’t started solids, she is EBF. So her poo is normal BF poop. But every diaper change there is poop, which is so not normal for her. She usually poops a pretty big one every two days. But she’s been pooping so much for the past three days or so. Is this just a new schedule?



    T3POandR2D2 – My son was 27months when his brother was born. It’s weird because now that I look at him I couldn’t imagine feeding him now because he is a little boy now. But back when he stopped I was really sad and wanted him to continue. It’s a lot of mixed feelings. I was about six months pregnant when he decided he was done.



    jacquecmsu – Sometimes is takes longer for milk to come in. Assure her that the baby is still getting colostrum and that is all they need until the milk comes in. Tell her to not give any formula, as this can and will delay the appearence of her milk. Also, tell her it is normal, some women can take a while before their milk comes in, as long as baby is at the breast and getting colostrum, they are fine and need nothing else! Colostrum IS ENOUGH for your baby until your milk comes in. That is a COMMON misconception, it is not true that baby will need a bottle because ‘colostrum isn’t enough’ the bottle will only ruin her breastfeeding relationship.



    wyattsmom – call of duty is what killing our relationship too lol… its my fault i brought it for him for christmas thinking it would be good for him to have soem tme to just chill but i didnt realise it would been on from the second he gets home from work till he goes to bed at night he is totally absessed with it….



    shazzy10feb – The rule is once it’s been heated you have 1 hour before you need to throw it out. I know it’s awful but the heat cause be a great environment for bacteria to start growing. Freshly pumped milk is 4hours, unless baby’s mouth has touched the nipple then you only have an hour. Baby’s mouth also provides a great source of bacteria to grow in the milk. Never reheat milk. If you heat it and it grows cold throw it out. Pretty much, unless baby is hungry don’t heat the milk. Or you can try with one or two ounces before a whole bottle.



    Ive had a mirena IUD since Feb. I like it so far. I bled for a few weeks but nothing since. I had cramps 2 days after having it put in, but my daughter was 8 months old so I have no idea if that had anything to do with it.



    ladies i have small breasts and i still have to hold my boob the whole time well Delaney nurses or she constantly latches and unlatches..ouch! as for nursing in public i dont wear a cover but i do wear a tank top or tube top under EVERYTHING to hide my belly. i pump once a night after Laney goes to bed and i am lucky to get 1.5 ounces from both breasts in 25 mins so i cant imagine having to pump all day everyday to keep my bubs on breast milk, but if i had to i would. i think you ladies who do have to pump and work deserve an award! good job mamas!



    I’m all alone in Tennessee. :.(



    mistyjb – That’s awful. My first didn’t have any but my second had a bit of yellow in the eyes. It never got worse. The doctors called it breastmilk jaundice. It wasn’t anything to worry about but in your situation I’m so sorry! They should have told you that if it did get worse then to contact your doctor.



    jeniwalker – Without causing issues, I wonder if a lot of the cases is not from formula but because of the moms that don’t breastfeed. For example, how many of you even think about drinking to get drunk while breastfeeding. I know I haven’t been drunk for about 3 1/2 years. Or medication, we all look at what it can do to our babies if we took it. It’s really sad. I know in some countries formula can’t even be advertised. That would be awesome! I wish the US would do something like that. Put a little more emphasis on breastfeeding.



    Yea cluster feedings a tuffy. My daughter acts like shes STARVING! My husband is always there saying she hungry, shes hungry. It happens when there is a growth spurt but it can also happen anytime. I thought my supply was just really really low in the evenings but I can hear her drink so I know shes just crankny.


    one of my favourite things the contented noises my baby makes whilst i’m feeding him.


    Ah, weight loss… well i only put on 14 lbs this pregnancy and have lost 25 lbs already, so all good for this pregnancy, if only i wasn’t carrying around another 20 extra pounds from my first! I weigh 145, I want to lose that 20lbs (I am only 4’11’ so 145 is quite overweight for me) but don’t want to diet yet since I am only 3weeks pp…



    any advice on nursing while pregnant? i havent noticed any changes in my supply except the one has always produced way less milk then the other.

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