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    Bri – I think I didn’t say it clearly, we have been trying, we have not used any birth control since Savannah has been born. I just meant that it’s nearly futile since I haven’t gotten my period yet. I do know that one could ovulate and get pregnant before the return of their period, but the chances are still very low. Also, like I said, Savannah keeps waking nightly to feed so we don’t go for long enough segments in between feedings (it should be about 7 hours and that very rarely happens with us). Oh well, hopefully soon…I swear I never thought I would want my period back haha!



    I would have freaked also if she was doin that to my little one! Danny has had like 4 bottles and this last time he was done wasnt having any of it so we arent going to be doing that anymore…My husband works nights now so its not like we could go anywhere if we wanted lol…What irritates me more is that it was a no baby wedding only babies on the boobie were allowed…given she is only like 8 weeks old she was told she could be there because of that reason anyhoo…My little guy rolled from tummy to back yesterday! They are growing wayy to fast


    I give John some after the shots if he is extra fussy. His 2 month shots I gave him some but his 4 months shots he didn’t fuss at all after.



    i just started using Breastflow Bottles and they seem to work well. she took to them nicely and still breastfeeds so far.



    Babies have immature tummies! Just think how gassy they would be on formula. For the most part it’s not what you eat, it’s just time. Alex was very gassy as a little guy and in a few months he grew out of it. Watch the poo, if it’s not the right consistancy then it may be food.



    baby723 – Yes you need to be too. If you don’t then your baby can pass it right back to you and then back again. It’ll become a horrible circle.



    lawson’s i’m friends with lauraoct on there, so maybe the laura r you have is her?



    megs83, I will put this here and on your page. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 6 years ago. VERY easy to handle! I take a supplement every morning. You want to take it with a full glass of water at about the same time everyday and on an empty stomach. It is recommended that the supplement (and it doesn’t matter which version you end up with) is taken at least 30-60 min BEFORE you eat anything. That said, I have had very little issue with nursing/pumping when at work. Last go around, when I was having some issues (ended up that the BC I was on finally killed my supply) I was talking to a LC who was surprised that I was able to nurse at all and that in the beginning I had an over supply (reason why I went on the BC to begin with…took it for 6mo without issue, then all of a sudden, no supply.) I had no idea that the thyroid could influence milk supply at all since I watched my mom nurse all my younger siblings with absolutely no issue. She ended up nursing 8 babies for at least 12mo no problems. She nursed my youngest sibling for 18mo due to some developmental issues my sister has. So, if you get your levels back up to where they should be, you should have no problem continuing to nurse, or getting your supply back.



    scarlet-i would think that same sleeper would work. if she crawls out and is in the middle of the two of you you’ll feel her and be able to place her back in. i co-sleep and my 13 month has yet to fall out of bed and we just sleep with him either in the middle or me in the middle. no railings or anything.


    My two are 19 months apart, its only really hard if James is playing up.



    Oh my lina she is such a hard 2 year old into everything so curious still wakes up 2 times at night comes into bed with us. I just don’t know what to do with her. I Love her to pieces but the girl has no fear lol


    lauraoct – my massage was great. I was pain free for about 1.5 days but she did tell me my back is really messed up and tight and recommends MORE massages (of course, right?). Honestly, I’m just going to be stretching doing some yoga and pilates to stretghen my muscles. As far as leaking… well I haven’t had that problem in some time and Alyssa eats off both sides so I wasn’t engorged or anything just before the massage.



    I think my little Carter hit his 6 week growth spurt. Saturday and Sunday he wanted to eat all the time!! Hewas doing good and draining one side in about 10 minutes, then would be done. But over the weekend he would stay latched on to both sides for 45 min to an hour. I must say I was getting stressed out. Now he has gone from every 3 hours feeding to every 2. At night I might get 3 hours at first, then its 2. One night I got 4, and I was hoping it was a sign he might start sleeping better but no such luck.
    Also I had something weird happen with my breasts. While I’m feeding him with one side, the other side starts hurting for about 30 seconds….is that normal? I just started the past couple weeks.


    I can get him to fall asleep but I can’t get him to stay sleeping once I put him down. I really don’t want to use the boob to put him to sleep but he’s teething so I feel bad. I know I’ve started something now so I’ll probably never get him in his own room.


    phatbaby- when you go to photobucket copy the HTML code.. paste it here on add comment, then scroll down to where you would see it (which u wont) click edit and repaste the code there! Hope that helps. I had to get step by step info too yesterday!

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