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    my husband only makes 8.50 an hour mon thru fri and im a sahm. we count on things like wic and food stamps to eat. w/ out them we couldnt afford groceries. i also got a medela dbl electric breastpump and b/c i am bfing i get more food. all of which are whole grain so really good for me. i bf in public for the FIRST time a min ago. its not really n public b/c i was at home but we had the youth pastor over for supper and i put a blanket over us and fed her. im pretty sure my husband got mad but IDC!!! it felt nice not to have to go n the bedroom. baby steps.



    also i have a question. you’d think as much as i hated/hate to pump i’d stop, but i don’t know how. weird, huh? so how do i wean myself from this stupid thing. at the rate my son is going he’ll be weaned and i’ll still be pumping.



    having issues with the clothing to suit best . May be you could check out at . GEt yourself something comfortable . Maternity is tough as is it lets make the maternity clothes easy 🙂


    11oz pumped already and it is only 445, I am going to pump once more b4 bed…



    crystal, as they get older, they do become more efficient at getting the milk out of the breast, which makes for shorter nursing times. Also, I wouldn’t be concerned about the baby only having 2 large bm’s per day, her body is just beginning to regulate itself. Just think, you don’t have to change so many poopy diapers now… but look out for the explosions, they get messy! lol
    About being engorged now, could she have had a growth spurt recently, and now she’s slowed down a bit? I always find I’m engorged after Braeden finishes a growth spurt, and sometimes for no reason at all. Actually while I was sick I was engorged the whole time… i think it was because I was drinking so much more water in an attempt to make my throat feel better!



    Bri – Man, I wish Savannah would react like that to her shots! She shrieks like it is her intent to make all within a 5 mile radius deaf, haha! Then her face turns purple and starts crying which then makes me cry because I cannot stand to see her in pain. Please have Alex teach Savvy to take these things like shots and such more lightly and laugh ;o)



    I dont know if block feeding would help, I could try. everything is so messed up. feeding for 10 minutes every hour or 10 minutes every 2 hours. then today she eats at 9am and its almost 3pm and she hasnt ate! Could that not happen maybe at night time? at night she is like ‘ oh, i moved,let me eat for 10 seconds, oops, I pooped let me eat for another 10 seconds.’ I gave her a pacifier last night just to try to not have to put her on my boob for an atleast an hour.



    that’s awful 🙁 I hope she gets to see him soon, and spends every moment she can with him!



    Well, Alex has been moving around for a while. If he’s sitting he can pull himself to standing. Well, today he has now figured out how to go from tummy to sitting to standing by himself. Life will never be the same! HAHA!


    Ollie seems to be going the same way but he is a summer baby and James was winter so having to buy new clothes.



    lauraoct-have a nice vacation!. Are you flying or driving? We went to visit family today and it was an 8 hour car ride. I think Derek and Julia did pretty well with it. I hope you have fun!



    haha deeyore I was trying to figure out how to explain it but I hate it just along with CIO so I am no help sorry Noahs


    None bf related question. At the moment I feed Ollie and he goes to sleep then I put him in his chair, then he goes into his moses basket when we go to bed. When did people start putting lo in wherever lo sleeps as soon as they were asleep for the night? Can’t remember when we did this with James, you wouldn’t think it was only 21 months ago.



    I had severe night terrors. I used to look at my mom and scream I don’t remember at all. So I just pumped and Dan normally takes both sides the side he ended I got hardly anything but the side he started I get an oz out. I am waiting about an hour I am just trying to build a small freezer supply every time I get ahead I use what I have its so odd to me because my dd was in the nicu so I had a huge stock this time I don’t boo. Oh well



    Question… My 19 month old is still nursing. He only nurses before nap times and bedtime so my milk supply is very low. I am now 3 months pregnant. When the new baby gets here will my milk supply replenish or remain the same? Does anyone know?

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