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    I’ve just decided to start with the Mother’s Milk and oatmeal. I read that the soaked oats is better than the quick-fix stuff, but that both will be effective, so I think I’ll just make a packet of oatmeal in the mornings and drink my tea with it. I don’t know how much my LO gets when he nurses (though last night he wasn’t getting enough) but I generally pump 2oz out of one breast and 1oz from the other. Lately I’ve been really struggling to get the full 3ozs. Started the tea this morning, so we’ll see how it works. I don’t plan on making it 3-5 times a day, so it might not do anything. Still, I think it tastes good at least 🙂



    parkersmommy I moved all of mine to cows milk at 1 but if they weren’t eating well I had a can of the step 2 stuff.



    more frequent pumpings do help. and sometimes you think that there’s nothing left in your breast and so if you just try to pump about 10 min after the last drop usually before you hit that 10 min mark you’ll notice that more milk is coming out. i try to just sit on the pump even after nothing’s coming out so that my body will want to make more. i also have used fenugreek and had wonderful results! i would also try to give your LO more to eat per feeding. you might find that although she eats 5-6oz per feed she might go longer between them so then you’d make it to her before she’d need to eat again. also what you pump during they day are you saving for the next day? cuz if you pump at work then by the time you see her she could nurse from you and then you could have extra for the next day. if she’s not waking up to eat in the middle of the night you can always pump in there or try to pump right before you go to bed. i’m always paranoid about not having enough milk at daycare and i always pack extra. i send at least 15oz per day and most times have a little left. but if she’s crying after the feeding i think she probably is still hungry. everyone always says you have more milk in the morning…but i will say that i always have more at night. really wierd to me, but i never have very much in the morning…and always a lot at night. best of luck!




    I have a question for breastfeeding Moms, please answer on my page. My DD is one week old and has the NORMAL mustard yellow watery seedy stools, but has in the last couple of days passed 3-4 formed stools, they are not hard, but soft. Is it common for exclusively B/F babies this young to pass formed type stools? She doesn’t seem to be bothered by passing them, but the Dr only discussed the watery type…



    i love co-sleeping. me and Ary kicked dh out of the bed months ago. it’s just the two of us now, he sleeps in the guest bedroom and thank god, he snores! i’m getting the best sleep ever!



    i have the nuby sippy cups for julianna. they seem easy to transition with as the spout is sorta like a nipple but a spout and soft like a breast. julianna isn’t too fond of hers yet but she just hit 6 months and we’ve only tried a few times with water in it. I have heard great things about them though.



    Sunshine there’s a special kind of birth control pill that you can take while you’re still bf



    Hi girls! i have a question about how long your little ones breast feed. Mine just seems to be a speed nurser. I was conserned at first that she might not be draining me thoughorly but after a couple nursing sessions i pumped and i got nothing. She usually is on each breast 5-10minutes. Pulls off on her own. I read on the LaLegcheLeague website that most babies can develop their own technique and time and efficiently draining the breast. The only reason i was concerned (and i’m a worry wart to begine with) was that other books say how you should nurse 10-20mintues on each side. I couldnt get her to stay on me for that long unless she fell asleep! If she finishes on one side and then comes off, i burp her and then try to put her up to that breast again but usually she gets really pissed as if she knows its empty. Just wanted to get some of your experiences and feedback:) Thanks!



    Since my baby was in the NICU for over a month so I had no choice but to pump in order to giver her breastmilk. They were adding HMF and protein to it to give her extra calories to help her gain. I only would bf once a day if that…now at home I still bf once or twice a day but mostly pump because I add formula to my breast milk to make it 22 calories per ounces so she will continue to gain weight. I have had the lactation consultants at the hospital and ones come to my house that have shown me how the pump works and they gave me the right size horn. The pain eased up over the past month but since she came home the pain is horrible……


    expecting – I get about 4 oz from one boob in 10 minutes. But I have one breast that produces over double what the other one does so I only pump that one. I have Scarlett nurse on the other side to try to get that one up to the same speed. This morning, Scarlett had gone almost 6 hours between feedings (it was amazing!!!) and my left breast was about a D cup and my right was about a B! lol It was pretty funny looking.



    My LO lost almost a pound right after birth and I was told to supplement with an ounce of formula after each feeding. I followed my instincts and only supplemented about 5 feedings and stopped the formula-and she was gaining just fine and has ever since then! The ped at the hospital had told me to supplement until I had her next checkup but I felt she didn’t need it after my milk came in-and I was right because she was gaining enough weight



    campimama – YAY! Happy Birthday! That’s so cool! I cried when Kekoa turned 1. How on Earth did a year go by so fast. Now I’m looking at planning his 2nd birthday! Ahhh! It’s two months away! Time definately speeds up once you have children. Then, you also relate everything to how old they were. It’s funny my husband and I were thinking about when something happened. He said a year, and no it couldn’t be, Kekoa hadn’t been born yet. HAHA! Craziness! Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful birthday!



    talk about annoyed went brought pump while i waited for her to get up to feed then she still wont take the tit 🙁 now i have a pump she hasn’t been feeding long enough to keep going……
    Very upset atm so i guess its formula then 🙁
    has anyone expressed right from the start ? and the milk keeps coming ?????????
    I feel really angry with bf for introducing bottle made bub very lazy




    tell her to drink lots of fluids and just keep pumping as much as posible. the more she pumps the more milk she will supply. also make sure she has a Good pump. if you dont have a good pump sometimes it cn lack the amount of milk

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