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    2ndtimemommmy – They come in S, M, L, XL. I’m a 40DD and I got an XL and love it. They fit like panty hose. On the back it has a size chart. As a 38DD you should be fine with an XL, no problem!



    So, I pulled out the nursing pillow, and sure enough, that’s all it took. I’m still not sure what’s going on, all I can think of is maybe teething, but it’s hard not to take it personally. Thanks for the suggestion, emmalouliz!



    Thanks Ladies I appreciate it!!! 🙂



    Had my first shark bite from my little sweetie. She bit, with her one little tooth, I screamed, she cried, I felt like mommy dearest. Next pumping session I was sore, but didn’t think much about it. Well the pump re-opened my bite mark and I ended up with bloody milk which I obviously dumped out. Anyway, she hasn’t done it since, but should I be expecting another chomp? I do think she is teething, but still, it hurt!!



    phatbaby57 – I completely agree with you! Going at it half-heartedly will pretty much gaurantee failure.



    I don’t remember exactly when the hair loss stopped, but it eventually did.. i think around 4 months for me? So it’ll be okay! I don’t think you’ll be bald lol



    Bri – thanks for the warning. I don’t know what I’m going to do now 🙁 Condoms are definitely not an option and I’m so scared I’ll get pregnant on the mini pill… ugh. To risk it or not to risk it… That’s what I have to decide now, I guess.



    Hi all- I am 6 weeks pp. I had been ebf my little one until this week. Now I pump twice a day and offer a bottle. I have to go back to work so it was important that she learn how to take from a bottle. Is it normal for ones supply to fluctuate throughout the day? I bf first thing in the morning and then pump for her second feed (after ds goes to preschool). At this pumpting session I often get 10-15oz. I pump again in the early afternoon and tend to get around 5-6oz. It seems like a huge variation.


    LUV-i started my dd on whole milk about a month before just to see if it would mess with her digestion because she got constapated alot i only did one bottle a day and went up every week till she turned one doc said it was fine.



    excited – My daughter is just over 9 months and I still have not gotten my period. Although she is not eating very much in the way of solids so that is probably the reason. Also, she usually wakes at least once a night for a feeding. Sometimes two and three times (which I just try to walk her back to sleep for those). So I am right there with ya too in the sleep department!



    didderty – I’ve had Mirena in since January… I’m not preggo, so I guess it works. But then again we don’t have sex too often, it’s still super painful for me- but that’s not due to the Mirena. I bleed for about a month and now I do spot ALL THE TIME. I just put a thin panty liner on. It totally bets the pill, I think- there is nothing to worry about daily! I only had very mild cramps for the day they inserted it. I had to go for an ultrasound 4wks later to make sure it was properly placed.



    I make my own. it’s very simple. I have Super Baby Food book to guide me on when to introduce what. It also has other great tips in it. Here’s a link to an AMazon search for it.



    haha, i am way up here in Canada, stuck in my igloo ah lol, in all seriousness it is 28 degrees here today, i dont think i am going to take Delaney for a walk today…the sun is just to warm for her.



    Someone asked in the 1 month forum why everyone chose formula and not to EBF seems there is only about 4 of us that actually BF and it seems most of the answers are that they have older children and it was taking away or they didnt want something on their nipple…This is soo annoying to me I have a 22 month old and I BF and yes she tends to act out a little bit when I nurse but why should I take away from her brothers health because she is a little more of a handful…Sorry ladies I needed to vent a little lol I am so passionate about BFing and just it is SOO good for baby wait I dont need to tell you all you already know lol



    laura, my experience is no matter what you do some kids just wake alot and need the security of mommy.
    my toddler is still like this and my newborn is cool to hang on his own right now after feedings.
    maybe have daddy put baby to sleep and see what happens.

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