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    To all the working breastfeeding moms; you are doing a great job! I too am working full time and EBF my petite princess. Who knew something so natural and good for our babies would also turn into a full time job! At my house, we refer to it as ‘Making Moo’. That being said…

    I would like to pump less often and get a higher volume (if possible), but I only have time for four 15 min. pumping sessions during my work day, plus the time it takes to clean all my pumping accessoriesâ€any suggestions on how to improve upon what I’m doing already?

    I currently pump every odd hour I’m at work (7 am, 9 am, 11 am & 1pm) and only yield about 10-11 oz total. I pump at 9 pm and again at 4 am after feeding her and get another 3-4 oz total. So only 14-15 oz per day over 6 pumping sessions. I’ve been on Fenugreek for 4 months (since my baby was born) and take 9-12 pills daily and blessed thistle. I eat oatmeal every morning (and add almond milk for flavor). I’ve tried mother’s milk tea with no success. When I pump, I have 5 pictures of my baby that I look at, as well as a used burp cloth so I have something that ‘smells’ like her. I also drink about 60 oz of water each day, plus 2 or three cups of coffee in the morning. I nurse my daughter at 4 am, and pump after, then nurse again at 4 pm when we get home; I attempt at 5 pm because she is small and I’m convinced she doesn’t get enough to eat; again at 6 pm, then at 7:30 for the night. I make her stay on each boob for at least 10 minutes…longer if she is still actively sucking. She goes to bed between 7:30 & 8pm and sleeps until I wake her at 4 am. I’ve tried waking her in the middle of the night to get her to nurse, but she just latches on, and snoozes. In fact, most nursing sessions are a battle since she likes to stop sucking after about 2 minutes so I have to massage and compress my breasts, switch nurse and slightly pull out my nipple to get her to start sucking again. (So all you moms out there that say you don’t ‘enjoy’ nursing like you thought you would I am part of that club too! It has been a constant fight since birth for us). Pair that with a small baby who gains weight slowly and you have one pooped out & worried mama!

    A few of you have mentioned fermented oatmeal…do you have more specific instructions on how to make thisâ€how many oats do you add and how much water do you add? Do you actually then cook it for a period of time the next day, or do you just allow the oats to soak up the water? Do you heat before eating? I tried Google-ing it, but didn’t find a simple recipe.

    Sorry this post is so long!



    Mere- that is a great question I often wonder about that I have really large ones and was worried danny would suffocate in them. So funny I think we all sleep the same way when sleeping with baby.



    Glad to hear Emilee, I hope you feel better soon.


    Whilst feeding I don’t see my boobs as sexual, I always keep my bra on.


    Momofcash I had a milk blister for 4 weeks It was horrible. Ok so I cleared mine by soaking in a hot bath then manually popping it and it hurt bad, super bad. I also read that you can soak in a hot bath for a long time then nurse and the baby and baby will pull the blister out. I actually didn’t know that I had a milk blister because it looked nothing like the picture it just looked raw but when I actually spent some time inspecting it I could see it. When i cleared it it looked like a quarter piece of rice but the pain relief was immediate





    Mom: yes, it’s possible, and happened with me. I had broken capillaries (sp) in my boob, and Levi ended up spitting up blood twice. Is the blood brown, or bright red? If you look in lo’s mouth, do you see any blood or lesions? Is the blood in the diapers? My doc said not to worry about brown blood, but to call if she’s spitting up red blood (and I see no damage on my nipples), or if there’s blood in her diapers. Just remember to stay calm… you need to think clearly for your lo.


    Ollie has outgrown his 0-3 sleepsuits he’ll have to go into 3-6 months. He is 7 weeks.



    god-iva – Just say, ‘Well, just think how bad s/he would be if s/he had formula sitting in her/his tummy fermenting! Breastmilk is much better for babies’ tummys, even when it’s garlic flavored!’ Or ‘hmmm, garlic flavored milk, we’re just expanding her/his tastes!’



    marli – It’s cause you are spending soo much energy on breastfeeding. Just try to drink lots of water and eat veggies. Snap peas and carrots are a great healthy snack.



    Mine was in a hospital but they are soooo beyond pro-breastfeeding. They have an 85% success rate in breastfeeding. Babies do not leave Mamas side the entire time there unless there is an issue. There are LC’s on staff at all time and can be there for each feeding. They didn’t even hassle me about bed-sharing in my hospital bed. All the nurses are also trained to help new moms get it. This last time was easy for me though. It was ‘give me the baby so I can feed him!’ HAHA! Anytime someone came into the room I was feeding him. Constantly latched on. They didn’t care that I wasn’t keeping track of when he ate cause he was doing great. Lost less then 2oz in the first 3 days and was over his birthweight in a week. My linebacker loves his food! Oh but I’m in the Seattle area though. We’re all tree-huggin’, hippie freaks. HAHA!



    BTW, when I told my mom about what the LC had said about the thyroid issue, she was surprised as well! She had no idea it could influence one’s supply and Mom has read ALL the thyroid books and nursing was a ‘breeze’ for her.


    deyoree- i do, i can feel it and when i get out of the shower it always sprays. will the let down regulate on its own?

    phat- i know it ff wont help with the gas but at least hubby can help because my back and neck are aching..=/ i will try a different position to feed him.




    Hi ladies. I posted the other day about my supply getting lower and my suspiscion about it being my being on the mini pill. I have stopped the mini pill – it’s been 3 pills now that I haven’t taken. I have also started on a nursing tea I bought. So far I have been able to feel from the outside thatmy breasts feel fuller before each feed and she hasn’t needed to switch to the other side as quickly. I’ve also been able to pump, and today alone I have already pumped enough for one feed and it’s in the freezer now, and I’m starting to fill the next storage container up (as I know breastmilk is good for 2 days in the fridge I allow 2 days from the first expression to fill the containers as much as possible before freezing them). I am so glad I realised the problem before it got any worse and that I’ve begun to remedy the situation and am already seeing improvement. Getting off the mini pill also seems to have (TMI warning) settled down my bleeding from my first post partum period, which I’m super happy about as well.



    Chris is very active and curious. He also has no fear. He’ll jump from the top part of the couch without thinking about it. HAHA! He’s just very trusting in me and his abilities. He knows sleep is good though. Today I went up and put Alex down. I came back down to get Chris and he told me that it was his nap time. He then slept for four hours! Usually he tells me it’s not nap time. HAHA!

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