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    ellasmommy James never tripled his birth weight by 1, he still hasn’t at 21 month. But triple his birthweight would be 34lb 2oz!



    SuperMom- Pip does the same thing, always has really, even with the scratching – drives me NUTS



    we tried to give my lo a bottle between 4 and 6 weeks it did not work she did nothing but fuss so we gave up on it…now for some reason my husband seems to think that in a month or so she will take the bottle…he also said when does she start eating solid food i said around 6 months is probably best he says good then she wont need the breast anymore..i said ummmmm no she is still gonna need that



    There is a link between all of them. Just because one baby turned out fine doesn’t mean the next will.


    leslie does she mean you and her break up? She is probably just saying things in the heat of the argument. Yes i think it does I know I feel extremally protective over my boys



    I must say, I’m glad for this site as well. When I got pregnant, I figured I would breastfeed, though didn’t really know that much about it. I even bought a case of formula while pregnant because I’d heard so many times about mothers who tried and quit BFing because they couldn’t make enough milk. I thought low milk was much more common than it is, and I can see why many mothers believe that due to how tough it is in the beginning. But I’m proud to say the case of formula is unopened. My LO is 100% boobie. Now my only concern is the biting hurdle once my LO has teeth. I have several friends who quit at this stage, and already my LO nips me once in awhile with her gums. I’m trying not to worry about it til it happens.



    Jenniewren – yes she’s on formula for 48 hours. The half life of doxycycline is 22 hours so that’s why. It’s 9am here so I’m gonna feed her formula, and then after 2 pm I can finally bf her! Will see how it goes. Thank you for ur advice! Btw SCARLET – where did u get goats milk formula? R they better than normal ones. Sorry I know nothing about formulas…



    mist2102 – I would say sex may hurt for a couple of reasons one you just delivered a baby and things may still be slightly out of place or perhaps you had a small internel tear. Also b/c you are bfing you may be a little dry. If you don’t use lube you might want to try some and see if that adds to your comfort. As far as milk production and pumping…in no way is pumping an indication of production so your baby should get 1 -1.5 oz for each hour you are way. In theory this means if you pumped every two hours and were as efficient as possible at it I wouldn’t expect you to get more than 3 oz. Most women have to pump at least one extra time than the number of bottles they need. I was an oversupplier and pretty lucky to get a freezer stash early so I managed on pumping three times a day for two bottles but in the end at exactly 12 months I used all of my extra and had just enough. I know a lot of ladies use fermented oatmeal to up their supply…1 cup old fashion oats to 1 cup water allow to sit for at least seven hours. Heat and serve with whatever you like in it.




    Trust me, the pain is only temporary. I have three kids and with all three I had such sore nipples for the first few weeks when my babies would start nursing that I would curl up my toes and hold my breath and fight back the tears. I totally understand on the painful feeling but you will notice that slowly the pain goes away and next thing you know your nipples aren’t painful at all.If you can’t handle it anymore, don’t beat yourself up over it. You just gotta remember you gave it your best and that is what counts!!



    Tish: I’ve heard of toughening nipples, too, but I think that is a myth. Although it does hurt for a while, 3 months, like you experienced is a long time for it to hurt. Did you see a Lact. Consultant? It sounds like baby was not latching properly if it hurt so bad. When you deliver, will you have access to a LC? They are really helpful with latches and you can continue to contact them if you need help. With my first, it hurt for a good 3 weeks until my nipples got tougher, with my 2nd, it really didn’t hurt too much. Bleeding and cracked nipples can be common, they have some remedies for that. Maybe find an LC prior to delivery and talk about your concerns, and maybe they can help you. Good luck with everything!!



    OMG! Am I supposed to be pumping for 20-30 minutes like it says above? I pump 15 minutes every 3-4 hours and seem to be making enough for my 2 week old each day. I already feel like I am a slave to my pump but want the best i can give to my baby. He got sick when he was two days old and had to supplement with formula until he got better and my milk camein. He’s been getting breastmilk ever since but i couldn’t breastfeed, so i pump. Should I pump more/longer? I am making about 20-30 ounces a day.



    i suppliment every night before bed and my son sleeps anything from 8 – 10 hrs at night (i noramally wae hm after 8 cos i don’t like the idea of him going 10hrs without a feed) and i’ve done this since he was 3 wks!!



    My son has terrible cold with blocked nose. Any ideas how to make it better? we put him for the night in car seat so he is upright



    Hi Ladies, I need help..My daughter Pragathi is going to be 6 months on Monday, Nov 10. I have exclusively breastfed her so far with no solids .. hurray!! (so far 2 borderline mastitis, 1 thrush, 2 blisters per breast out of which 1 is still not healed for past 2 months, she is 75% height and weight)..well, Pragy wud not take bottles whatsoever.. we tried every kind, everything but no use..I have a freezer full of milk some of which I am planning to use for making her baby food.. now, when is the good time to start introducing sippy cups? I want to see if she atleast wud take sippies as I am currently working from home for feeding her..not sure how long my office wud let me do that, so I want to train her on sippies atleast before they ask me to come to office..I am totally lost with solids as well..where to start? is cereal the only way to go or can I start with veggies? From past few posts, I understand that u feed first and then give solids..well I will follow that..pls throw some light on sippies and first foods for are all great source of knowledge for me rather than the books..thanks for all the advices on this really helps!!



    JenWVU- Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump got good reviews. So did Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump, As with all pumps the more you use it the better it wil work for your breasts. Just as you train them to work for baby you have to train them to work with the pump. The best time to pump if you don’t want to take from baby is after you have nursed or if baby takes a long nap you could pump about a hour before you think s/he will wake. the main time i pump is a few hrs after he has gone to bed for the night because he will atleast sleep 6 hrs so i know I have time to replenish before he gets up. I hope some of this info helps

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