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    Bri – Thank You! Yes it is.



    hi bri. thanks! i’ve been taking the reglan now for 4 days and other than being more tired than usual i’m doing good. it seems like i’m pumping a little more but not too much yet. i really hope it works.



    Good evening ladies. This is the first time I am posting on this forum even though I’ve been on the site throughout my pregnancy. My question is has anyone breastfeeding felt their hunger increase and has been extremely thirsty or is it just me?



    While it is not very likely to get pregnant while breastfeeding, it happens more than you think. I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old. I breastfed them both (still am BF 9 month old) and my dr asked me to choose a birth control method before we left the hospital with both kids because he said breastfeeding is not a very reliable method these days lol… I actually have two friends that are pregnant right now and they were both breastfeeding when they got/found out they were pregnant. I actually had that scare when the little one was four months old. I had every symptom but luckily was not pregnant bc I was not ready yet and we had been using protection. I do want one more but not quite yet lol… I have only had one period since having my little girl and that was back in june! Good Luck ladies!!



    I never pumped as much when I was dehydrated. I don’t think drinking gallons of water helps but you don’t want to be dehydrated either.



    parkersmommy – I believe it’s fine to go to cow’s milk at 12 months. But like angela said, formula can be a good fallback to ensure good nutrition if they’re not eating well. My boy goes off food really easily when he’s sick or teething so I feel much better at these times knowing he’s getting formula with omega-3s and all that good stuff. Second best to breastmilk I guess. Also, it’s easier to keep a can of formula on the bench than loads of milk in the fridge! I did the sums once and the cost was pretty similar. Also, Clem didn’t like the taste of cow’s milk to begin with, although I tried him with it again recently and he had it no problems.



    Bri I’ve had a question I’ve been meaning to ask you but always forget… I remember you said your milk didn’t save well so you would always pump for the following day. Did you ever have days where you just couldn’t pump enough? What did you do to increase your supply as your LO grew (sorry I don’t know his correct spelling so I didn’t even attempt) ? A few days ago I wrote that I was supplementing one bottle of formula during the day but I figured out that my son just needed more space between his feeding and I could provide enough for him that way. I was apparently forcing him to eat every 3 hours when you didn’t need it. So lately I’ve been listening to his cues rather than the clock and he goes 3.5-4 hours b/w feeds. He’s back to nursing from me for 4 feeds. I stopped pumping except at night for the last feed. Since he’s nursing more I’ve noticed I can’t get more than 4oz out at night where I use to pump 6oz. I like to give a bottle before bed so I can be sure he’s getting enough for the night. When he nurses he falls asleep on me (5 months old btw) so I perfer to pump for that feeding. I’ve had to top off his bottles with 2oz of formula for that feed and was curious how to increase the amount I can pump. I’m already taking fenugreek, tea, oatmeal, and pumping 5-10min after I’m emptied.. Just curious to know what you would do or have done to make sure you have enough for the next day. Thanks.



    hello all. Mara is 10 m onths now! we made it another month! lol
    i plan to stop at one year, or soon after, any suggestions on how i am too start or when to start to ween her off? i am going to miss it but one year is enough. lol
    i hope when and if i ever have another it is as easy as it has been with Mara. Hope u are all well!



    okay- i found that if i gentally rub my nipples in a circular motion with the tips of my fingers for about 15 seconds, i always feel milk come in. might seem strange but its working for me. i am getting 6-8 oz per pumping session.



    Hello everyone! The day after Michael turned 7 months, on the 9th, I got my first pp period BOOO! Well, It lasted about 4 days and was done..just as it was before, but it seems as though I’m starting again! It’s only been 2-3 weeks! I’m cramping and have started heavily spotting again. I am still breastfeeding very frequently and although he is on solids, we are still using them as ‘practice’ and have not cut ANY nursing. I am also on the mini pill. What the heck is going on with me? Should I just give my Dr. a call tomorrow?



    kebler and angie: I’m right along with you ladies!! I’m working full time and my supply recently took a big dip so now I’m working to get it back up….. just doing the best that I can without giving up. Well said campimama!



    Sunshine, I took ‘microlut’, a minipill, while in the early stages of breastfeeding. Then when Baby was like 10 months old, the clinic switched me onto ‘microgynon’ which is still fine while breastfeeding and more ‘safe’ in terms of effective contraception, than the microlut. But it’s still a minipill. There’s lots of options – talk to your doctor or clinic. I didn’t fully wean my little one from the bedtime feeds until he was 2.


    dulcianasmom: the only long feed my son takes is right before bed, for maybe 15min total on both sides. otherwise, its 3-5min per side during the day. he has been like this since about 3 months. at 10 months, he is 22lbs, so he is definately getting enough! i wouldnt worry abotu how long your lo nurses



    mommie2bsm: it is totally normal for your baby to drain both breasts at this age because he is increasing your supply. I looked on your page and noticed that your baby was late, 2ish weeks right? So more then likely he is going through an earlier growth spurt. It will take you longer then most to ‘catch’ up your supply because of that. Your mature milk is coming in now instead of just the colostrum and he needs to make it up to increase his demand. It should only be like this for a day or two and then you should notice things settle….at least until his next growth spurt!



    teilvnav- Look near the hot chocolate. That’s where I found it (malted milk powder). Also, you can drink non-alcoholic beer to get the same effect as a reg beer. If you think you are preg. that might be the reason your supply dropped too (besides the mastitis). Good luck!

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