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    So talking about being organic. There has been a major recall on many brands of eggs. Saminella out break. Gotta love it! Love local eggs.


    Last night DH surprised me with a full body massage (scalp massages rock!!) an incredibly yummy homemade dinner and desert. It was such a great night! Yes, I am a very lucky gal. DH has been so supportive and encouraging every step of the way through the pregnancy, delivery and now through my breastfeeding journey. He is truly an amazing man and superdad to boot. He is a SAHD during the day and works full time (and sometimes OT) at night. He prepares many of our meals, cleans the home on his downtime and makes sure I always have clean pumping gear and storage containers every morning before I head to work. I come home and Alyssa’s bath stuff is all set to go as well as her solids for dinner. No wonder he only sleeps for about 3-4 hours a night! I am truly blessed to have such an incredible family!!!! 🙂



    Kara- I hear you! DH is sooo not strict and he is not healthy at all. He eats so badly, and it annoys the crap out of me! I’ll make something healthy for dinner and he’ll start snacking after on like chips or something and he tries to give Ella some! I’m like nooooo!! Ella’s only 12 months and tries so hard to get some.. your LO is older, it must be so hard! But yes, I get where you’re coming from and i know it is hard.



    Also, my right breast has been a bit sore these last few days and I am concerned in case I have thrush. I don’t know if it’s just becasue I am new to the feeding or if it’s becasue my LO sucks really hard. She hasn’t got a red rash or white spots in her mouth, but my nipple has a couple of pale spots, but they could just be little scabs. Anyone got any experience of what I should be looking for?



    Here is Zach at 9mo, you can’t really see the eye color all that well in this pic, but its one of my favorites!




    emilees3babes: My baby’s arm shook a lot. Ped said when they are born early it can be neurological. She was 3 weeks early. She checked out alright they said it would go away.



    Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Ladies!!! YOu are all so wonderful for responding! God Bless and I’ll see you here on this forum when my new LO arrives 🙂



    [email protected], there is no such thing as having nipples that are too small to breastfeed. Or as having breasts that are too small either. You will be fine! If it’s the size of your breasts you are worried about, the milk is actually stored in the ducts, not in the breast itself, so breast size actually has no bearing on breastfeeding. As for the nipple size, sometimes larger nipples can create a bit of a problem, because the baby may have a hard time taking it all into his/her mouth, but even that can be overcome. Small nipples should not pose a problem at all. Saying that, don’t expect breastfeeding to be super easy, many women have a hard time with it at first, regardless of breast or nipple size. You may find your nipples are sore in the beginning days or weeks, but as long as your baby has a good latch, it will pass. And if he/she doesn’t have a good latch that can be corrected. Expect your baby to eat about every 2 hours at first, that’s perfectly normal, and it doesn’t mean that you have low supply, newborn babies just have tiny tummies. Glad to hear that you are wanting to breastfeed, I wish you lots of luck, and always come back for advice whenever you need it!


    hey mammas! its been a while since i have been in here..hope everyone is well..i…DS is 7 1/2 months now and bfing has been going so well, but the last week has been a little concerning and i dont know if i should be worried..he hasnt been nursing during the day but like 1 MAYBE 2 he went from 9 to 5 without a single nurse session (did have 1 jar of food, but that had never effected his nursing)..when he did eat at 5 it was maybe for like 2 mins and i was still engorged..we get home and he nurses off 1 side only and was content..i pumped the other and only got 2.5 ounces! that was one boob after AAAALLLL day of not this normal? we go in for a weight check monday and for the doctor to just talk with me about it..after seeing what i pump and taking into consideration of how long he nurses its seeming like he is only drinking like 10-15 ounces in a 24 hour period..also i think i might be slipping in supply too..what are your thoughts..should i be worried? thanks much for your advice!



    actually, i can tell you that milk thistle is fine during pregnancy… i took it for bf as well as my liver. just an fyi really 🙂 fenugreek isn’t so safe when pregnant because it can induce labour/cause contractions. it has been known to be used for natural induction of labour. i would not take it, even if i wanted my baby out now without advice from my ob/gyn. it has benefits of being very good for sugar levels and congestion and cholesterol and milk thistle is fantastic as a liver cleanser. p.s. i had cholestasis of pregnancy (liver problem) and gdm requiring insulin (i am insulin resistent/sugar intolerant when not pregnant). my mother is also an alcoholic and my dad type 2 diabetic, so i’ve done my research 🙂



    6 months and going strong! 🙂



    My milk never came in properly,i carried on trying until my son was about 3/4 months old but it still never came in.When my son was 2 weeks old he was passing stools so I took him to the hospital and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong as he was latching on and feeding literally 24 hours a day.We then discovered I had a lack of milk.I was disappointed as i really wanted to breast feed my son and so many of my friends got their milk and never bothered to breat feed.x



    I’m thinking I might wean in the month of April, I’m not making all that much lately, so I barely have enough to cover his bottles at daycare. I have a good stash in the freezer but that’s going to be for when I go TDY in a few weeks, so lil man will get formula at daycare and bm at home, he does great with either so I’m not really concerned about him not taking formula. The thing I’m concerned with will be when I get home…he is very much a comfort boob man so I’m afraid as soon as I get home he’ll want the boob since he won’t have had it for almost 3 wks. He’s like at right now when we get home from daycare, he wants me to put him to sleep as soon as he gets home, most nights he needs it to fall asleep and then wakes 2-3 times a night….guess we’ll see how it goes over the next month and a half….I wasn’t ready to wean before but now I’m very ready to have myself back to myself, be able to wear cute bras and not have to worry about getting bit anymore lol!



    phatbaby, vicks is okay while breastfeeding. be careful with otc cold pills because they havent actually been studied enough to know for sure if it goes into the milk. my pharmacist showed me in his book of meds where it says ‘probably safe, but no studies performed’ for the tylenol cold. Your best bet is to just ask a pharmacist, they know more about drug interactions and breastfeeding than most drs. also, they can decrease milk supply. kellymom has a great reference chart:

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