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    angela – I use Quaker old fashion oats but I’m sure the generic old fashion oats would work too. I’m not sure how it works and some ladies are getting results without soaking them but I find that I get almost double when I soak mine. Months ago someone was saying fermented oatmeal, except I don’t think there is anything in oatmeal that can ferment. Maybe there is? All I know there is something that is released when soaked that has helped me continue to pump for work.



    how much do the manuals cost?
    I got an electric medela one for pumping one at a time, it was 80 bucks, but it does the trick. I also have the free style, and that one is really nice. It only takes me five minutes for both breasts. I am only making 2 oz so far, but I really like it so far.


    cowgirlygirl–You will need to pump every 3 hours, around the clock until your baby is able to nurse from you directly (and then you’ll nurse every 3 hours until he’s a few months old). I know lots of books and women say it’s not painful at first, but I think that’s a load of crap. It is uncomfortable and sometimes a little painful until you get used to it. BUT, I promise, you will adjust and it won’t stay uncomfortable forever. The colostrum was good for your baby but if you can stick it out, your milk will do wonders for him as well. Most pump manufacturers say to pump for 20 minutes at a time–that’s what I stick to unless I can still see milk coming out and then I keep going until it stops. Good luck, you’ve given your baby a wonderful start so far!



    how often do you change the little rubber membranes on your pump? i’m wondering if that makes a difference in how much you pump.



    thor – I HATED the swing pump. It barely worked if at all. I returned it! I love my medela double breast pump but the swing was just awful. You would be better off with a hand pump!



    I have a question about ‘pump and dump’. I am a 1st time mom and was wondering if I ate something spicy or something that I think may not be easy on baby’s tummy and I am breastfeeding, Is there a time frame to pump and dump or how do I know when it is safe to go ahead with her being able to take the milk? For example, I ate some spicy food but then remembered that I hadn’t pumped in a while so as soon as I finished eating, I IMMEDIATELY pumped-should it be ok for her to have? or should I wait a certain number of hours then pump and dump???



    Is there a difference in the instant oatmeal and the whole oats. My Breastfeeding buddies at work told me to try the oatmeal, but I have been eating instant. They said it was something in the brown sugar that helps increase your supply. Does anyone know the difference between instant and whole oats?



    armymom: I have thought the same thing every time i have had a problem that maybe it is time to stop. If your going to stop then the best advice i could offer is to make the decision to stop when your not having any problems and then do it slowly. Drop feeds one at a time. I made a ash decision a week ago that i now regret. As soon as the mastitis cleared and the bite wounds healed i wanted to feed again. It is so easy to make the wrong decision when your in pain or suffering the stress of low supply. The only way i can keep a supply is to take motilium. That took the stress out of worrying if i has enough all together but i dont think its available in the US. You can get it shipped from mexico though. Good luck and just be prepared that if you do decide to stop feeding it is an awful feeling of depression and emotions. Do it slowly but goodluck. If i can make it this far absolutely ANYONE can i am sure if that. 🙂


    Hey its been a while since i have been on here….. I def need to be on more 🙂 A great support group to go with is La Leche League. They’re an international breastfeeding support group, and the leaders are trained to be lactation consultants (and they dont charge to come help!) I know the group I go to is great not just for breastfeeding support but is also a great support group mommy to mommy… and it helps you realize your normal 🙂 Def check it out! La Leche League!



    samlib has she already started skipping any feeds or going longer in between because of solids? Usually when moms start the weaning process they usually get rid of like the mid morning feed or after a nap feed. BM or formula still needs to be the main source of food for the first year so just don’t go too quickly.



    YEAH!!!! I know it isn’t much but I got 8 oz today. (that is total combined from all 3 of my pumps.) That is only half an oz more than usual but hey I gotta start somewhere right?? I am so excited it has been months since I have gotten that much. That makes RJ getting 2 4oz bottles on Monday!!!! YIPPE!!!



    I agree debate is good. I just know from experience that when you are told it’s easy, it’s natural. I would cry because how could something that is instinct go so so wrong. I just think sometimes we need to think about that before making comments that could hurt others confidence. It just like in the TTC forum. There are ladies that come on and say ‘stop trying and relax, then you’ll conceive.’ It frustrates many there too because several had been trying for months or years with no avail. Relaxing isn’t going to change fertility promblems.

    storm, that’s funny and sad. Poor husband! I loved sleeping with my son but we didn’t start out bedsharing. He would join us in the wee hours of the morning because I was too tired to nurse while awake. My husband loved sleeping with our son too until he got too out of control. Kekoa is all of the bed. My husband was literally kicked off the bed one night and I almost went off too. So, we don’t bed share unless we have to anymore. Now that we bought a four bedroom house we don’t. Thank God!



    I found this blog very useful in terms of breastfeeding and latching:—a-handy-guide-for-the-new-mothers



    I have tried to have him latch again to see if it was possible he is 6.5 weeks now and he will get on for a min or 2 and i will think we did it! but then he comes off and he will start screaming and is not even intrested in trying it again, same thing when i use the nipple shild he will only stay on a few minutes and i can tell he is swallowing… Any tips?
    And what kind of pumps are you guys using? Now that i started paying attention i think mine says ‘getting milk’ too lol!



    DulcianasMom: For the 1st 9 weeks my daughter took an hour to feed each time then all of a sudden she went to literally 5 minutes a side and it stayed that way. They can be very good at draining you in a very short time. I wouldnt be worried. If your little one is content and comes off when your empty she knows what she is doing. Having a fast feeder sure frees up your day from one that takes an hour!

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