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    so after doing some research I think I have a clogged milk duct. I have a hard knot on one side and it hurts and I am not getting much milk from that side (10-20ccs whereas the other side I am getting 40-50ccs). Any suggestions?



    Bri- Thanks! we went to the Dr. yesterday and we were told that it was the VERY start of thrush so i caught it just in time… ive got 2 perscriptions for him and one for me.. with my first son.. i wasnt breastfeeding when he got it so i wasnt sure if this time around i wouod need to be treated.. common sence now that i think of it.. lol he doesnt have too many toys that he plays with yet.. but i have ckeaned the ones that he uses.. he still sleeps a good portion of the day!



    There is no way my baby would have nursed 12 minutes on both sides. She only ate for about 5 minutes on one side. But, she did eat constantly as well. Maybe try more frequent feedings? Also, you can buy a digital scale for pretty cheap at walmart. I wouldn’t jump right to supplementing with formula. It could interefere with your milk supply. If she’s eating and pooping and peeping, i wouldn’t get to caught up in the numbers:)



    SydneyMay2009 – I had a preemie too and I was told that I could use the preemie formula to supplement my bm for my son. I think it was 1tsp for every 45 ml (about 1 1/2 oz). If the dr wants you to supplement and you still want to use bm, this might be a middle ground or an option you can discuss w/ your dr. I know the dr’s are always more concerned about the preemie’s weight than I think they are for term babies. Its your choice, but its another option for you to try and to keep using your bm. I think they said normal bm is 20cal/oz and the preemie formula is 22cal/oz. If you add the preemie formula to your bm, it just raises the amount of calories the baby gets per oz.



    Our son will be 9 weeks old tomorrow. It seems like the time just flies by!!! Well, I finally feel like we have settled into a great routine with bf’ing. I don’t watch the clock when I feed him and I feed him whenever he is hungry. He has even learned how to deal with the forceful letdown reflex. I really enjoy bf’ing. We co-sleep so when he wakes up in the middle of the night I am half asleep but I nurse him and we go back to sleep. I have learned that he sleeps so much better on his belly. I know and have researched SIDS and I realize that it is not recommended that you lay a baby on his belly but after so many weeks of not getting sleep I did give it a try. Now he only wakes like once during the night (if that) for a feeding!!! I make sure that he has his own area in the bed without covers and pillows and stuff and then I say a prayer and leave him in Gods hands and we ALL have been sleeping better. No more zombie mama~LOL. NEway, I love bf’ing and I am so glad that I have made the decision to do it. It has been frustrating but I would say to all mommies just keep it up and don’t give up. It really DOES get easier and more relaxing. Oh, the only thing that I have to master is bf’ing in public. I have big boobies and I have to always hold my breasts away from babies nose. So I am never hands free. I ordered a cover but I don’t know if that will help, well I do know it will keep me from having to hold a blanket up. Goodluck to all with this journey it is soooooo awarding!!!



    lilli1317-thanks its been harder today though but im determined to stick at it, hopefuly another latch today wish me luck…PGFirstTimer-my littlie is doing the same thing? Im finding that when i burp him before a feed he is better so wind may be the culprit, also he has been quite inquisitive just wanting to look around when i feed him…hmmm cheeky monkey:)..anything more serious would be an ear infection????



    O and target sells a good selection. or amazon is a good place too.



    Thanks you guys, butterfly that gives me hope. What dose are you on, 25 or 50mg??



    Can I ask why can’t I just make old fashioned oats? does it make a difference if you let them sit for 7 hours?



    MyBabySuprise – Boob size doesn’t matter what so ever so don’t worry about that. Doctors will keep asking you how long he drinks but most LC will tell you not to time it. Don’t think just because he’s less then a month old he needs to drink 15minutes on both sides. He may just have that good of a suck that he can drink that much in 10minutes. Just watch his weight and wet diapers. If he’s having more the 8 in 24hours then you are doing fine. If he’s gaining weight then he’s getting the right amount of hindmilk. If you do worry about that you can always express some into the sink and then let him drink. Or you can nurse him and once he’s done burp him and wake him up some and then go back to the same breast. I’m sure you are doing fine though. Just let your baby lead you. He’ll know if he’s hungry or not. In the end, your breasts will level out their supply in a couple months or less. They’ll know how much he needs and not be so full all the time. I can’t wait to be able to not wear pads constantly. This evening I took my bra off and it felt so darn good. I nursed on the left side but didn’t realize until I was burping Alex that I had a letdown on the left side. My shirt was soaked, so now I’m back to having a bra on. It did feel good for all of 20minutes though!



    Bri- I know when my son decides to wean I’m going to be so sad! I get sad just thinking about it. 🙁



    Wow T3PO thanks alot! That answers all of my questions! I think i am slowly getting the hang of this seems like I have never done it before haha. Everything seems so new yet so familiar at the same time.


    ok i had my son 11 days ago i am breast feeding full time he has never had a bottle or binkie but i was wondering when will he latch on and it wont feel like my nipples are on fire lol. the left side isnt as bad the burning feeling gose away after alittle but the right side OMG it hurt so bad i dont want to feed him on that side but i do . i am not engorged or anything its just my nipple.



    i haven’t gotten my period back yet either, and Ella is 8 months old. She eats 1-2 solid meals a day, and has been sleeping through the night since 2 months old. I’m lucky! Except that we wanted to try to conceive again, and that’s not really helping in that department.



    I also have mirena m it has caused me no problems at all. Did have mild cramping the day of m after bc my cervix wasn’t open enough to insert n he had to dilate it manually 🙁

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