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    babybean3 – Most definately! I did with my last and will with Alex once he starts. It’s much healthier since you know what’s going in them. Plus, baby food just has weird combinations. HAhA! I use organic veggies and fruit. I try to grow as much as I can myself too. Just make a batch on the weekends, freeze them in ice cube trays and once frozen throw them into freezer bags individually. Then when you are ready to feed it you just thaw and heat one meal at a time. Works great. Although, since I’m letting Alex self wean I’m going to probably pass the mush and just go to soft finger foods. We’ll see what he wants when it comes to that. Even with soft finger foods you can make a bunch and freeze those too.



    i am talking C thats like 80 degrees F…the humidity is also very high, and the UV.



    Okay, so I dreamed this question, lol. It felt really profound in my dream…much less profound in waking hours (if that’s what you want to call this…earlyyyyyyy!). Anyway. Breastmilk changes over time to be what a baby needs. What about tandem nursing? Is the breast milk geared towards new baby or older baby? And…if new baby…does older baby not then start needing more milk as it’s not so fatty and filling? And what about the pure colostrum new baby usually gets? Is there enough in regular milk to be as beneficial? I assume you don’t go back to just colostrum for a few days. Any. Not planning on another baby any time soon (go IUD!) but apparently I’m subconsciously curious. And, turns out, consciously curious too!



    My poor FIL gets so uncomfortable when I nurse my DD in front of him, it’s cute and funny. I cover up, so he doesn’t see anything at all, but he still hasn’t gotten used to it. DH’s side of the family doesn’t BF so it’s completely foreign to them. Used to be annoying, now just funny 😀



    seuban-i did this too until isaac was about 6 months old. i think the fear of sids had me all messed up. i would go through the whole scenario too all the way up to the divorce and me moving back home b/c i couldn’t make it by myself anymore. with all that said, i didn’t ever feel depressed and as soon as i knew he was okay a sense of relief would wash over me so if you are having other symptoms or feelings of acting on your daymares than go get help. i know you are going through more than just being a new mom right now so i’d say your risk factors for ppd are higher than mine were. besides it never hurts to talk to a doctor for no other reason than to put your mind at ease that you aren’t crazy.



    Laura- I am more comfortable when I have my boppy on and I fall asleep sitting up and he is laying across me eating but the laying down worries me. We have a snuggle nest thing to go in our bed but we have a queen and it takes up so much room. Also sometimes my 22 month old comes to bed with us and she is CRAZY in her sleep lol my hub calls her sid the sloth cause she squirms and cant get comfortable


    Bri~ the worst part is I didn’t crave any sweets while preggo this time, so it was easy to eat well while preggo. Now, all I want is ice cream, chocolate, milkshakes, root beer floats, little Debbie cakes, LOL, unfortunately my loving husband indulged me when I came home from the hospital, now the supplies are running low and I had to tell him NOT TO BUY ANY MORE JUNK! He will run onto base to returna movie and come home with a toblerone for me, which is sweet, but totally counter productive! Thankfully Asher doesn’t seem to mind when I have dairy, caffine or spicy foods. I don’t live on junk, no soda, potatoe chips, we eat alot of fish (alzheimers runs in both our families), brown rice, fresh veggies. I amhoping that cutting out my recent sugarholic tendencies will help me slowly shed somemore weight…



    number2luv – I fed my first through most of my pregnancy. There are two things that ‘can’ happen. One, supply dips. This doesn’t usually bother a baby that’s over a year because they are getting most of their food from actual food. The second thing that can happen is the hormones change the taste of the milk. Some babies self wean at this point because they don’t like it. This typically happens in the second trimester. There really isn’t anything you can do. So, I’d just keep nursing and if your child decides to wean then let him. If not then keep going. Congrats by the way!! That’s exciting. Mine are 26months apart and love it. It can be challenging at times but it’s great to see them play together. Also, chasing a toddler around can be very good for pregnancy. You don’t gain as much so it’s less to lose! HAHA!



    INTERESTING ARTICLE::::::::::::Moms pay big for other mothers’ milk Christine Bartels has spent more than $25,000 to feed breast milk to her baby. What’s free for most moms has come at a high cost for the 44-year-old Palo Alto mother, who wanted her adopted son, Milo, to have the undisputed health benefits of breast milk. So she paid the Mothers’ Milk Bank in San Jose $3 an ounce for donated breast milk. That’s nearly $100 a day. A growing number of parents are going to great lengths to feed their babies breast milk, buying it from licensed banks, accepting it from strangers and even purchasing it online. ‘I decided this was one of my top priorities. I cut back on fancy baby toys and fancy baby clothes,’ said Bartels, a single mother and analyst for Google Inc. who fed her 10-month-old nothing but breast milk for his first nine months, three months longer than the minimum doctors recommend. ‘My general sense is why mess with nature? It’s the optimal nutrition.’ ABOVE CLIPPED FROM:



    PGFirstTimer – Wikipedia and both state that that colic is found equally among breastfed and formula fed babies, though I have read elsewhere that there are more formula fed babies with it, so who knows? I did come across a good article though that I want to send to our former pediatrican who tried to make me give my daughter formula when she was exibiting severe colic symptoms. This was written by a doctor who repeatedly says that formula is not the answer! He says that it is usually from the lactose overload/ overactive letdown or a dairy sensitivity. Anyway, good for anyone who thinks their breastfed baby may be suffering from colic or reflux….


    Thats a good idea going to ask the nurse if I can feed him whilst he gets it. Hubby always came with me for James’s but hasn’t the holidays to come for Ollie’s so will have to go by myself. And try not to cry!


    Ollie has outgrown his 0-3 sleepsuits he’ll have to go into 3-6 months. He is 7 weeks.



    god-iva-i am glad you mentioned that us bf moms are so hard on our selves! I havent restricted anything I eat this time around well except alcohol lol we did have wine night friday so he got a bottle (of bm) which he HATED but ate it lol…babies can be fussy no matter what we have to be easier on ourselves lol



    Bri- sounds like you have everything you need. I just made one of these for a friend of mine, too. I made her a gift certificate for unlimited hours of help from me. I know it’s cheesy, but sort of cute, too.


    Bri- Maybe Washington is just a BF state?!? I gave birth at Northwest and St. Joseph, they both were pro-bf and they never took my boys in a different room unless they were doing test.

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