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    seuban0 – I’m sorry you have to go through this. But, there sometimes can show something and turn out to be completely wrong. When Chris was 13 months he got really sick. At the doctor’s we took a chest x-ray. It showed a massive black spot which could be really bad. His pulse ox level was about 30 below normal as well. The doctor called a ambulence and sent us to Children’s Hospital. There they took another x-ray. It turned out that the black spot was just because Chris had moved and it didn’t read it well. Sometimes it may show something but they need to redo it to be sure everything is ok. An u/s can’t show everything which is why they was the scan. Good Luck! It’s not fun doing those. We’ve done that one before too. At least you aren’t pregnant so you can hold her still. Last summer we had to swaddle Chris to get his CT scan done. Ugh! Wasn’t fun. My husband ended up with a finger in his mouth so he could hold his head still. The head board only keeps them still for so much. I do hope Zoey is ok. I’m sure she is. No worries!



    Ok, be honest, am I a terrible mom for giving my 3 wk old a pacifier? I am sitting here watching her with this thing shoved in her mouth and feel soooo guilty about it. I just can’t seem to pacify her myself!’i’ve changed her, fed her, which I knew she didn’t need because she spit it all back up, and still couldn’t get her to calm down and now I feel horrible!



    as for more babies. i want one more. i hated being pregnant though and mine was a dream pregnancy, no throwing up, no problems, no stretch marks, quick easy labor and delivery. i really won the pregnancy lottery, but i still hated all the uncomfortableness and i couldn’t get around like i wanted, and i had to hold on to something to put my pants on, and, and…anyhow, i plan to try to get pregnant soon so more whining to come unless some doctor somewhere wants to experiment and let seth carry the next one.



    Thanks for all the info on binkies and bottle feeding. Sounds like most of your babies still do well with bf after the binky. My little girl is 5 days old and I have one nuk binky I have been tempted to slip in just to calm her down abit. She gets so mad sometimes the feeding is impossible and makes me feel horrible but if I put my pinky in her mouth it calms her down so I’m really torn as to give her binky or not. Guess I’ll just have to see. Am going to make an appointment w/lactation concultant soon so maybe I’ll wait till then if I can to see what they say.


    scarlet I definitly need to get mine booked in. I love massages, used to go regularly pre children!



    phatbaby, sounds just like Zach! Doesn’t matter what I am doing, if I am not covered, there he is! I get dressed in the bedroom after I shower and if he sees me drying off by the bed, he crawls across and pulls up to latch. When I am ready to move away from the bed, I just end up scooping him under the butt and go. Put the shirt on later!


    shoot last night i couldn’t get Clementine to bed till 2.30 AM and she was screaming in my face the whole time. i think she’s teething. On a good night she goes down between 11.30 and 12.30…no joke, but the good thing is she sleeps VERY late in the day till about 10.30 then she has second sleep at 11.30 till about 12.30. So i guess it’s fair. I’m a night owl as well so I guess she gets it from me. The only sucky part is once she’s down I finally get some ME time and go to sleep hours later.. the result is a very cranky momma. She did do the cutest thing today she was sitting up alone and moved herself into a crawling position and started rocking back and forth on all 4’s…she is so close to crawling. scary!



    phatbaby, I’m just sitting here LAUGHING! Once youget it you’ll hit yourself over the head! Ok, There are like four different links you can copy. Copy the HTML one. Mine always start with an ‘a’ for some reason. Anyways, paste it in the comment box. Then go to where you pasted it. It should have nothing but your name on the line. Click the edit button. Paste it again there and save or close whatever the button is. It should then be there.



    Leslie – Take some deep breaths! 🙁 Sorry you are having a tough time on the same day as good news…it makes it hard to enjoy the good news. Most girls are really crazy about their parents, so I am sure that it really hurt her feelings. Not sure of what their relationship is like, but most women really like to be with their parents and want their babies to be close to their parents…. she is probably just upset and has her feelings hurt. It is hard to talk about it while you are at work I am sure. Deep breaths… they really help. Good luck.



    shiz – I can’t take it because it breaks me out in a rash but it gave Chris diarrhea. It’s really harsh on the tummy but considered safe. I would ask for something less harsh, like Omnicef.



    klara-yes i would say that you should be able to resume bf with no problems. the first few days you may find that you’ll nurse more often as your supply may have dipped a bit but i’d say everything will be back to normal within a week.



    just read this on La Leche:::::::(cool that our milk gets stronger!! I felt this in my gut 2 yr old still gets one pumps worth a day and has never been sick)::::::::::::::
    More and more experts and professionals are encouraging extended breastfeeding, as there is substantial evidence that health benefits continue and increase the longer the child breastfeeds. The current recommendations of the World Health Organization and UNICEF are for all mothers to breastfeed until age 2 or beyond. Studies have shown that the antibodies and immunities in a mother’s milk are more concentrated the longer she nurses to make up for the fact that the child does not nurse as often. Recent studies also indicate that extended periods of breastfeeding offer mothers protection 9, 10 against breast cancer. 9, 10 against breast cancer Children who nurse past infancy


    I got my nursing bras at sears for 14$ a piece , i have to exchange one but the other fits great! Since im still home alot, she is a week old tomorrow night, I havent stressed about the bra I have been wearing shirts with buttons for easy access. Im not pumping yet, my lactation spec. Suggested waiting a bit to get everything settled my nipples are really sore, i have been feeding on demand, and since my milk came in we are adjusting.



    @ tish I dnt believe toughening ur nipples work either … this is my 2nd bf baby it hurt the 1st few wks only if she was latched on wrong mostly & the only other time was wen I had and yeast infection on my nipple (oouucchh) but I had to hv a lc to help me this time around & Im still going 6 mos strong , hoping to make it to 1 yrs as I did with my son … Good luck hunn



    I have been pumping for almost 8 months and always had plenty of milk, even oversupply at times but now suddenly my supply is way down 🙁 I’ve tried the mothers milk tea, the oats and would love to get more sleep but I think 6 hours is the most I can squeeze in right now…other than fenugreek any other suggestions? I suppose I could increase my pumping sessions back to every 3-4 hours…though between working and having a much more active baby that seems near impossible! Maybe I just need some encouraging words, hee hee, exclusively pumping can be a real drag huh?!

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