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    babybuka: i mixfeed my baby, i give him 2oz of formula/day. i started giving him formula when i felt that he is not getting enough from me. if your dd has not had any formula before, start giving him a little now maybe an oz or 30ml which i hope is equivalent to a scoop of formula in your place/country. i give it to him when he is hungry in the afternoon, then gives him bm when he wants some more.



    The lactation specialist that runs the breast feeding group here says that a beer (even 2) is okay once a week. Too much can make you dehydrated and actually decrease your supply. Also, you should wait at least 2 hours after to feed (so after your baby goes to bed should be fine).



    cutiedoll, I also feel my left boob produces lesser than my right..but my daughter loves to feed on my left..not sure why but whenever she is on my left, she gulps fast and come off satisfied in less than 10 mins..with my right, she never empties the boob and grunts while drinking, may be too fast for her..sometimes,its all in the mind..I guess my left responds well to baby and my right responds well to pump :)..



    I have the advent Hand Pump and i love it! It always worked great! Though if you are going ot pump on a regular basis, i would hands down recommend an electric pump. I have the medela pump in style for that.


    AnotherYummyMummy–ouch! I know you must feel uncomfortable. You probably should go ahead and make an appointment to get into your doctor just to be sure you don’t have mastitus. You are doing right by continuing to pump. Here’s a couple of other things to try. Even though it hurts like all get out, let your baby nurse on the hurt breast first. This is becuase they suck harder at first than they do later in the feeding. You need his suction to clear you out so those lumps will go away. Your baby’s suction is way stronger than the pump so he will do a better job than the pump will. Be really careful to nurse your baby regularly as sometimes the whole issue stems from irregular feedings (i.e. your body hasn’t developed a rhythm for when to make milk yet). Now, this part sounds weird but this is what my LC told me when I had mastitus and it worked. You want to aim your baby’s chin at the lumps. This allows for the most powerful suction to be concentrated on the lumps. If you have to, lay your baby on your bed and get above him on your hands and knees to do it (believe you me, I am fully aware of how strange you will look to your husband or anyone else who may be watching). My husband was so worried about how much pain I was in with mastitis that he was willing to help in anyway he could. The only other advice I can give it to keep plenty of warm heat on your breast. You can do this in a hot bath, by lowering your breast in a bowl of hot water, or I just kept a wet wash cloth on my breast, covered that with a hand towel and put a heating pad on top of that to keep the heat coming constantly. When your lumps do clear, your baby my cough or choke a bit as there will be more milk suddenly coming out at once from behind the blockage. It may even come out a bit lumpy. My LC told me that it might taste a bit salty for the baby but it’s perfectly okay. Good luck and know that this too, shall pass!



    angela- i’m the same way, i’m sick of thinking about my supply. i have to wonder if losing weight has caused my supply to have dropped a bit. i still can produce milk, but not in the same quantity that i did right after my baby was born. maybe part of it is the pumping as opposed to nursing…i wish that we could just buy the domperidone like we do fenugreek. if anyone finds a place where we can order it please post so that i can order some. i guess i’m not sure that i’d use it but at least the option would be nice….without having to go to the dr to get a prescription.



    Roz – while bf i was ALWAYS hungry and would drink about a gallon of water a day. it is very normal!



    Usually it takes about 3 hrs for what you eat to get into your breastmilk. But in saying that not all babies get upset when spicy foods are eaten. The main problem if a baby is going to have one is a dairy intolerance and then you have to drastically reduce or quit eating all dairy as it takes about 3 weeks to get the milk protein out of the body. Worse case scenario you baby may get a little gassy and you can give gas drops. Don’t just pump and dump for an in case. Now alcohol on the other hand enters pretty quickly and rule their is as long as you don’t feel anything baby won’t feel anything and all you have to do there is feed baby before you drink a glass and you should be fine by next feed. If you want to drink multiple drinks wait 1-2 hrs per drink to be able to feed. So far I haven’t found anything that really upsets my little one enough to not eat it or to pump and then dump. I hope this helps



    Another tip for increasing your milk supply is eating Pantent barley porriage. It’s not bad tasting either. All you do is take 3 tbsp of barley flour, 1/4 cup water, 3tsp sugar, 1tsp vanilla. Mix it together. Meanwhile in a pot simmer a mugful of milk then add the barley mixture into milk…stir and put back into mug and enjoy!
    This seems to work for me! Good luck!



    Hi ladies. Today is my 10 year anniversary and I had one drink with my dinner. Do I need to pump and dump or how long should I wait to feed? Thanks for your help. 🙂



    hey ladies have a question real fast I am 37 wks pregnant and can’t find the avent duo the pump i wanted here locally can you all suggest an electronic dual pump that you guys love!? I’m going to breastfeed and pump so hubby can help and then will need the dual for when i go back to work. suggestions would be helpful thanks!!!



    Lin – That’s awful and I never put people down for formula feeding. It is their right and I’m sad that you were unable to feed. Too many tears wasted. You were wonderful to try!

    Owensbaby – People in general over sexualize the breasts. It’s crazy. I’ve even heard comments that ‘I want to breastfeed but I’m worried about my boobs, they’re my husband’s toys. I feel silly.’ People need to realize that the whole point of them is to feed child. It’s why they are sensitive. Yes, they are used in sex but only because the milk producing glands allow them to. HAHA!

    Marie – That’s awesome that you were able to feed you son for long. It was what was best for your family. My son rarely eats in public anymore. He’s usually too much on the go to settle for a nurse. I’m sorry about your hospital experience though. Mine was awesome and never offered formula even though I was having troubles. I also had a section. My milk did come in late but I also had a lazy sucker. I hope this next time I will have a better feeder. Good Luck to you. Don’t let the section get in the way. If you are going to a pro breastfeeding hospital then they will help you will pillows and such. You can feel right after being wheeled from the operating room. You shouldn’t have any problem.



    8 ounces per session??? SO JEALOUS OF YOU RIGHT NOW! I cant get past 3 so im still having to substitute with formula. I would pee my pants with excitement if i got that much in one go. Is it normal for a 9 month old to only take about 3 ounces (80mls) per feed? She will only take that whether it is formula or breastmilk so im wondering if thats all i produced before i lost my supply and she is ok with it?



    mgmommy- it sounds pretty normal to me. your body is probably just trying to adjust itself back into the world with af. With the minipill you may also spot sometimes too. I got my first af when my lo was 5 months old, at this time solids were not introduced yet and she was sleeping through the night since aobut 7 weeks old. I am waiting for my 2nd af to come on thursday. I am on the minipill too. If you have unusual cramping or extremely heavy bleeding I would call.



    i agree – if your little one is hungry they will wake up. most likely they will be too upset to eat anything if you wake them up anyway and what if they are in a deep sleep having a nice dream? doesn’t seem very nice to disturb them. i never wake ary to feed her or change her diaper.

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